A sign of the times? Maybe – it’s definitely the ultimate coverup!

So the story goes, “The sign is at La. 24 and La. 648, as La. 24 leads into Thibodaux from Terrebonne. It is on the median, or neutral ground, closest to a left-hand turning lane”.

When first reported, Terrebonne Parish had “A shiny new sign … with a glaring grammatical mistake…”Thank you for visiting Terrebonne Parish,” is fine. It’s the line below it — “Put litter in it’s place,” that is the problem.

“It’s” is a contraction for “it is,” rather than the possessive.

Terrebonne officials notified the designer and manufacturer…who had the apostrophe painted over. The space between the letters, giving the appearance of the misused contraction, still appears.

Enter the Parish problem solver Linda Henderson of Keep Terrebonne Beautiful and…

“We used four 3-gallon containers,” Terrebonne Planning and Zoning Director Pat Gordon said. “David Luke in the Public Works Department chose it, he takes care of landscaping. We have made an investment for the future and hope it will continue to bloom in the future.”

Terrebonne Community Problem Solver Linda Henderson, who helped secure the signs for the parish, came up with the shrub solution, Gordon said. Grammarians were incensed by the error, claiming it reinforced stereotypes about illiteracy in Louisiana and reflected poorly on Terrebonne Parish.

Since no mention was made in the most recent article, it’s probably safe to say the error remains on the Internet site of an anti-litter campaign – and the moral of that story is be careful of what you copy.  h/t Slabbed Reader

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