BREAKING: Anatomy of a sex crime coverup Part Deux: Jane Doe, on behalf of her son sues Grand Isle, Mayor Carmadelle, Police Chief Dubois and self confessed pedophile Jerry “Captain Jay” Dantin.

Team Jane Doe, lead by the mother of the molested child is suing Grand Isle, the police chief and Mayor along with the molestin’ Jerry Dantin  for the deprivation of her son’s civil rights related to the attempted coverup of her son’s molestation by police chief Euris Dubois, at the behest of Mayor Carmadelle, on behalf of Carmadelle’s step dad Jerry “Captain Jay” Dantin. This part of the complaint for damages had several very good nuggets including:

While all of this was happening, Mr. Cannadelle was crying hysterically and uncontrollably, at times lying on the floor. At one point during this traumatic event, Mr. Cannadelle thought he was having a heart attack and EMS was called to the police station to check out Mr. Carmadelle. He was not having a heart attack.

Panic attack sounds more like it. Is Captain Jay a repeat offender? According to the boy’s maternal grandmother: Continue reading “BREAKING: Anatomy of a sex crime coverup Part Deux: Jane Doe, on behalf of her son sues Grand Isle, Mayor Carmadelle, Police Chief Dubois and self confessed pedophile Jerry “Captain Jay” Dantin.”

Gay Bashing Christian Fundamentalist Preacher caught jerking off at Metairie playground.

Wankering Reverend Grant Storms. (JPSO mug shot)

It’s official folks, the gay hating Reverend Grant Storms is an alleged public wanker with what appears to be strong pedophilic tendencies. (Hat tip a reader and the T-P commenters.)

When it rains it pours.  😉


Hmmm, descendents file suit in federal court to reassert ownership of Last Island

“Descendants of an 18th century French settler have filed suit against the federal government to reassert ownership of the Isles Dernieres, a once-solid chain of barrier islands off the Terrebonne Parish Coast that are also known as Last Island,” according to a story reported in today’s Times Picayune.

A reader who recalled Ashton’s effort to reassert ownership of O’Dwyer family property sent the link to this story.

Since the 1840s, the descendants of Jean Voisin, who was given an “order of survey” in 1788 to what the family claims is Last Island, have fought the federal and state governments and an oil company to regain title to the island, which they claim was illegally sold out from under the rightful heirs.

The Courier of Houma reports the most recent lawsuit was filed in federal court in New Orleans Feb. 16.

Family members say they are optimistic that years of historical research and a solid legal argument are on their side…

Last Island was once a solid land mass about 25 miles long and a mile wide, famous as a leisure spot for Louisiana’s pre-Civil War plantation aristocracy and wealthy New Orleans families. A catastrophic 1856 hurricane killed some 200 vacationers there and leveled the growing Gulf resort.

“This time we’re asking the federal government to acknowledge the fact that Last Island does belong to the Voisin family,” said Jeanette Voisin, who lives in Charenton. “We’re not asking them for money, we’re not asking them for anything else.”

One can only wonder how often this happens.

In an amazing act of hubris, State Farm asks Judge Senter to certify seal to the Fifth Circus (a Rigsby qui tam update)

Judge Senter’s Order denying State Farm’s Motion to Dismiss the Rigsby qui tam case was Breaking News on the 24th of January. In a different sense, it was also breaking news at State Farm – news that broke the Company’s front line defense.

Shortly thereafter State Farm filed a Motion asking the Court to allow the Company to throw the allegations at a different wall – a motion to certify the seal to the Fifth Circus claiming the Court’s “denial of State Farm’s motion to dismiss due to the Rigsbys’ violations of the seal order presents a controlling question of law, that an immediate appeal would materially advance the ultimate termination of the litigation, and that there are substantial grounds for a difference of opinion as to this question”.

The Rigsbys recently filed a Response. However, before taking a look at the State Farm Memorandum and Rigsby Response in Opposition, a little stroll down memory lane is in order. In his Opinion Memorandum, Judge Senter recognized the significance of the partial lifting of the seal that took place on “January 1, 2007, to allow the Relators to make certain disclosures in judicial proceedings in related but independent litigation in Alabama”:

The order partially lifting the seal does not specify that the judicial disclosures themselves be made under seal, and this order could therefore be reasonably interpreted to authorize these judicial disclosures in pleadings and other documents distributed to the litigants and their attorneys in the Alabama litigation. This type of disclosure would effectively make the original seal of the qui tam case moot. In these circumstances, I consider the relevant period of the seal to be from April 26, 2006, (the filing of the original FCA complaint) through January1, 2007 (the partial lifting of the seal)…and the stay was fully lifted on August 1, 2007.

Judge Senter obviously didn’t think it necessary to provide supporting evidence or he would have mentioned a particularly significant event that took place between the date the seal was partially lifted and the date it was fully lifted some eight months later – the May 30, 2007, Motion to Compel that State Farm filed in McIntosh v State Farm: Continue reading “In an amazing act of hubris, State Farm asks Judge Senter to certify seal to the Fifth Circus (a Rigsby qui tam update)”

Waste Management drops more nukes and files amended counterclaim. “The cat is out of the bag.”

Rut roh. But look at who the Judge and Magistrate are. Lemelle, who could fuck up a one man rock fight, and Roby, whose husband reportedly has been under investigation by the FBI, which is why she has recused herself from federal criminal matters.

I’ll let our readers identify the nukes including who has been left out and why that is important. Fire 1, Waste Management’s counterclaim, which could “cost Jefferson Parish millions” according to the consensus of the Slabbed legal team, especially as more of the shit house details come out on how the River Birch “fishing expedition” was conducted.

Fire 2: Like the FBI, Waste Management is firmly grabbing hold of Team Heebe’s balls.  Here is the River Birch motion to quash a Waste Management subpoena of their records.  I for one, would love to see the contents of the Dutchie Connick file identified in the Government’s filings in the related criminal investigation. Time will tell what River Birch is trying to hide from Waste Management in the civil case.

We’ll be doing a couple of follow-up posts as time allows.


A sign of the times? Maybe – it’s definitely the ultimate coverup!

So the story goes, “The sign is at La. 24 and La. 648, as La. 24 leads into Thibodaux from Terrebonne. It is on the median, or neutral ground, closest to a left-hand turning lane”.

When first reported, Terrebonne Parish had “A shiny new sign … with a glaring grammatical mistake…”Thank you for visiting Terrebonne Parish,” is fine. It’s the line below it — “Put litter in it’s place,” that is the problem.

“It’s” is a contraction for “it is,” rather than the possessive.

Terrebonne officials notified the designer and manufacturer…who had the apostrophe painted over. The space between the letters, giving the appearance of the misused contraction, still appears.

Enter the Parish problem solver Linda Henderson of Keep Terrebonne Beautiful and… Continue reading “A sign of the times? Maybe – it’s definitely the ultimate coverup!”

Tangling over Branch – a Rigsby qui tam update

In late January, SLABBED reported Double Vision – Rigsbys and State Farm each file Notices citing Branch as “Intervening Authority”. Not content to let the two positions stand, a week later State Farm filed a Motion for Leave to Submit Supplemental Memorandum on three motions – the Rigsbys’ Motion for Reconsideration of Scope of Proceedings, State Farm’s Motion for Summary Judgment, and State Farm’s Motion for Summary Judgment on the Claims of Cori Rigsby.

In light of the significance of the Branch Opinion – a significance acknowledged by both sides to this litigation – State Farm believes it would assist the Court to have a response from State Farm to the matters briefed by the Rigsbys in their Notice.

Judge Senter quickly followed with a text-only Order granting State Farm’s Motion and setting the date for the Rigsbys’ Response.  Time will tell if State Farm’s motion “assisted the court” but it definitely assisted the Rigsbys. Continue reading “Tangling over Branch – a Rigsby qui tam update”