2 thoughts on “and the cat in the hat is…UPDATED”

  1. Not exactly crowd control but I do get a chance to catch up with my friends in the local law enforcement community as a liason for the Krewe. My face is very sunburned as the day was absolutely gorgeous.

    The Sun Herald did run a short story today on the parade.


    Worth noting is today’s soundoff including one from a culturally clueless resident.


    I’ll add Michael Grimm is as genuine in person as he appeared on AGT. As I’ve traveled this journey to middle age some of my most favorite people came from nothing, a couple literally from a dirt floor in BF Mississippi. You get an education in life few born into wealth and privledge, or even the middle class ever receive. The degree you get on the other side includes humility, drive and empathy.

    Humility coupled with drive is a combination of character traits that wear well on life’s journey. I couldn’t get a picture of his face pre parade because he was literally bent over shaking hands with the crowd almost the entire time before ther parade rolled but you could tell he was almost embarrassed by all the attention he was receiving.

    There was a lot of love for the hometown boy made good yesterday.


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