BREAKING: We have an indictment. I repeat we have an indictment.

Gordon Russell has the skinny for the Times Picayune.  It seems the Old Gentilly Landfill connection to the River Birch saga is beginning to manifest itself.  We’ll see if the whore hopping V man, Diaper David Vitter’s name pops up down the line on this general topic.

This could well be the evidence of another crime Team Letten referred to earlier in a pleading before Judge Ginger on the River Birch search saga.

This is not a good sign for Teams Ward/Heebe IMHO as I have little doubt who was making the payoffs.

Another politician that is likely keeping a very concerned eye on these events, especially the prospect of low-level crooks like Mouton turning state’s evidence is John Alario.


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  1. Oh my…Tele didn’t I just recently read a post by you lining out the story?
    Or was it someone else?
    Please advise so I can go re-read it

  2. Hey Sop, I think I’m coming down with a real case of the Heebe-Sneedies wondering who the unidentified landowner might be….Hmmmmmmmmmmmm !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. oo oo…
    Governor Murphy Foster appointed the Indictee.

    Murphy Foster Jr joined Brezeale et al and suddenly Baby Butler and River Birch had a permit…of course Murphy Jr was paid $100,000 for his ‘work’ if memory serves.

    So if this ties into anyone involved with River Birch or Hwy 90 or Heebe or Ward do we have Co-Conspirator A?

    1. Wasn’t it Foster as Gov that broke the regulatory logjam at the DEQ for Team River Birch? I remember they got a new hearing officer back in the day after the first one turned them down.

      Also it was Foster that pushed Fred Heebe hard for US Attorney back during the baby Buishie adminsitration.


  4. Hence the cancellation of the Jefferson Parish council today for their Grand Jury testimony. Mouton’s indictment is yet another indication that at least two major political shockers are cooperating with the Feds and will plead guilty in the very near future for a lesser sentence. My advice to someone testifying before the Grand Jury is to lawyer up quick and strike the deal while its hot.

    A very important facet to the Mouton indictment is the wording “Mouton accepted $463,970 in payoffs” but read that sentence in its broadest definition. He accepted it but he did not keep all $463,970 dollars. In other words he was a good bag man.

  5. With Mouton’s plea we can now move on to Wade P. Scott the former owner of C & D Landfill.

    How bout that sub-standard BFI West landfill on Hwy 90 now? C & D Landfill in Killona (Tia-Kilona LLC) still think we have too many landfills?

    One last question is Wade P. Scott related to Loren Scott the internationally acclaimed garbage economist?

    I wonder how well Coastal Cleanup LLC & Triton Land Development are doing these days?

  6. Page 16: Illegal campaign contributions from “STRAW CAMPAIGN CONTRIBUTORS” to disguise as contributions. If you received a campaign donation from Ann Dangle and others you will be indicted is the basic premise here. Hint Hint Hint.

  7. 8 counts
    All Level 4 Felonies
    1 Conspiracy to receive illegal payoffs
    3 Receipt of illegal payoffs
    4 Making false statements to Federal Agents

  8. Ok p 16 # 74 “…so we can disguise a contribution…” he wrote this in a FAX to co-C “A” and then he collected the check, and delivered it to Federal Congressional campaign for a in or around April 24, 2006.

    Who was running for US Congress then and did they know it was a contribution from a straw contributor to disguise a contribution?

    Help slabbedNation…need your collective memories.

  9. Signed by Letten, Jan Mann, Perricone, another Mann, Klebba, Kennedy et al

    Western District U S Atty only came in because Mouton wrote to him trying to keep Gentilly Landfill closed.

  10. Derrick Sheppard ran for Second congressional district in 2006 along with Bill Jefferson & Troy Carter.

  11. Going to be interesting to see if the ‘disguise’ was because they were hedging their bets and funneling money to their candidate’s opponents and didn’t want their guy to know OR to their candidate with his knowledge…hmmmmm

  12. I’d be extremely surprised if the other (one of?) canary singing were none other than “tiny tim” whitmer. Tim, fast rising grass cutter that he was, was groomed and used by coulon then broussard, for the Ward/Connick/Butler “Troika” to be a fall guy, “the bagman”.

    First step in the long-term setup was to convince “tiny tim” he was an administrative genie-us..not a hard sell. And then to funnel all authority to the peons through this genie-us administrator: to make the sell to everyone else. Common word had whitmer “really” running-the-parish!

    Second step was reward! Paycheck and commissions – but NO OWNERSHIP POSITION (hell he’s being used, not adopted)!

    Step three; when the shit hits the fan…throw this raw meat to the dogs, and run, hide!

    “Tiny tim” is not a dumb as they think; ’cause he just might keep walking after his singing!

    Of course this show’s not over yet, so I’m still watching; ’cause I surely may have misjudged the plot!

    1. “Doug you look tired”. Client to Sop less an an hour ago.

      This thing called Slabbed truly is a labor of love.

      I’m on my second martini tonight. I drink not to celebrate what is coming for certain folks but simply to celebrate the fact the justice system still works on occasion.

      I’ve done the criminal defense CPA thing before. I wouldn’t wish what is coming to certain innocent family members on my worst enemy. Tis the nature of the beast however.

      The pressure on some is immense. Remember Aaron Broussard melted down on NBC after Katrina. I hear he is crawling the walls these days.

      I’m told Tim Whitmer was in denial until he was shown the indictment against him very recently. The denial could well end up taking Dawn down too.

      Wilkinson was shown his indictment too. And the FBI is now chasing allegations of document destruction that were reported here months ago.

      The JP council is lawyering up and rightfully doing so. Byron Lee and Chris Roberts have the most to be concerned about.

      So yeah I work Disgusted. It is why you’ve seen all this dirt on JP posted here because no one can get an angle on me to buy me off. Any other questions?


  13. Hey disgusting: Do YOU have a REAL job?? I mean one other than monitoring blogs that disgust you – for people who disgust us???

  14. I just look at all the comments and wonder how the few people here can focus so much time daily conjuring up conspiracy theories and really wonder why. You must all be self employed. Otherwise, you are spending an enormous time wasting your employer’s money instead of trying to focus on your profession.

  15. Ah feel your pain buddy

    Third Jack on the rocks.

    Lots of collateral damage on all sides. Let’s remember the people the bad guys hurt, some we know and some we may never know.

    Not very celebratory more a sense of relief that someone other than just us gets the significance of it all.

    Never would have happend without Slabbed. Thank you Sop and Nowdy

    Never would have happened without Slabbed Nation.

    Never would have happened without Val Bracy and the Divine M & M Sisters and the Whistleblowers

    Well done my good and faithful servants. Amen.

  16. disgusted, you’ve touched apon a peeve of mine: The concept that is common, and wrong, is that an employer by paying a wage owns the employees time.
    It is perfomance of labor that is bought and sold; compensated at a rate for the time available for that perfomance. time is not for sale. Neither slavery nor indenture is a legal or moral condition.

    That being said, I’ll take a up second issue youve touched. Observations are not theories; and there is no time taken to “conjure” obervations. By your comments I would surmise you’ve either led a cloistered life, or have a remarkably deficient grasp of the obvious.

  17. Oh and DISGUSTED : stay and visit and report. Just because you have a day job doesn’t relieve you or anyone else of the responsibility to be Good and Faithful servants.

  18. THE BROTHERS GRIME: Elton Largeass’s BARRY BORDELON and his brother GUS…a two piles of garbage, PURE GARBAGE…

    If these two POSs are not part of this indictment, then you will know once again, that Letten’s “let ’em go” one more time; rat whores always seem to be Letten’s pets and cohorts.


    THE BROTHERS BORDELON = JohnstonControls… Morial… Barre… Coulon… Whitmer… Largeass…Roberts…Lee…Cassange…Wilkinson…Butler,Jr…Normand …West Jefferson Medical Center and all the rest of the corruption garbage associated with Jefferson Parish !!!

    The Government needs to bang these two reprobates’ heads together and send them straight to prison ASAP. Yesterday would have been more preferable !

  19. Never implied you were bought off Sop. Its easy to rehash the issues that brought many people to face justice and many deservedly so. Most had their time coming well before Slabbed’s hero, MVW all of a sudden became some beacon of integrity. I as well as others will evaluate you super sleuths when one or more of your targets is proven innocent by the “justice system that works on occasion” and review your comments. I would truly love to believe your 3rd and 4th points. But your historical posts, as well as others, are so condesecnding, sarcastic, and, frankly downright hateful it makes me wonder if this is site is just an outlet to let people spew venom at others with no true consequence to the damage they may impart. That inspired my Name on this blog. Would love to discuss in person over a martini… “shaken, not stirred” of course.

  20. Dear Disgusted,

    I have been counting the days that you would once again appear spewing your childish crap.

    It’s obvious you lack the mental capacity to understand what is happening around you and what is in store for the rest of your retirement junkie friends; or, if I am wrong on that account, then it is surely the GretnaMentality arrogance that your ingrained with that motivates your meaningless allegations as it relates to why we post.

    The other commenters here are being much to kind toward someone of your ilk…fuck you and your blow buddies Whitmer and Wilkinson. I could only pray that you would be prosecuted with the rest of your corrupt JP entitlement mafioso MFing friends.

    Have I left anything out ?

    With that said, glad to read your back…and with a target on your forehead…a picture of mini-me…how could I miss !

  21. Oh puhleeze Disgusted.
    Post your comments here in the light
    Don’t hide in martinis and unrecorded ( at least on paper) comments.

  22. I am self-employed. Slabbed is one of my hobbies and I enjoy it. I also enjoy fishing. I’ve never made a penny from the Parish, in any way shape or form. I know many of the people dicked up in this broad based “conspiracy.” This means I also know how many of them have used their political positions for personal, financial gain for many years. I also know several Parish contractors who have benefited to the tune of millions by greasing JP politicos. Don’t tell me I don’t know what I know.

    Read how the law defines conspiracy, disgusting. I’m sure many of your filthy political pig friends will be charged with (and likely convicted of) some form of legal conspiracy. So, contrary to what you might think, the term “conspiracy theorist” should not carry a negative connotation in this context.

    You are correct that there is lots of sarcasm here. There is also lots of hate directed to political pigs, who are self-servants, as opposed to public servants. But what cannot be denied is that this blog is collectively well-informed and poses a huge threat to the corrupt. Slabbed cannot be bullied or intimidated; ask TheRiot. And should someone try legal action as TheRiot did, I suspect slabbed has some pretty effective lawyers ready to do battle with the Phelps Dunbars of the world. And I’m talking about real civil trial attorneys, not the caliber of the JP parish attorneys.

  23. Disgusted,

    For your information I don’t work…and I have all the time in the world to rebut your nonsense…

    As to conspiracies, they do exit, and your corrupt MFing buddies are being indicted on the same as I write…and in the the very near future your oyster partner, PEGGY BARTON, will join them…

    And the next time you see Larry Sisung, Jr., tell him I appologize for not mentioning him in my previous comment concerning the Bordelon Brothers…he is their mentor, along with every other corrupt Public Officials in Jefferson Parish, elected or appointed, for the last 30 YEARS !

    On a lighter note, I hope Butch Ward’s mini-me, Sissy Roberts, recognizes you in the parade of his one man Mardi Gras Krewe and throws you some of his Chinese beads and favors…I can only imagine that you and the rest of the GretnaMentality mafioso will be rocking to his $40,000 plus sound system…and be prepared, you may be asked to volunteer, aiding the Antique Fire Engine crew to put out the fire on the float caused by an electrical overload…but not to worry, refreshments will be provided from Sissy’s sno-ball stand and hot dog cart…take pics to send to him in prison…


  24. Now that I’ve had a few Rebel Yells, and mon cousin, Pelican, is here to help refresh my memory and pour the bottle, here’s a story that needs retelling, and for good reason.

    Some years ago, a lawyer by the name of Gerald P. Webre owned a plot of ground, past the Airport off of Airline Highway. The property was used for a dump, and had been operating for some time. One day Mr. Webre gets a call from our esteemed reprobate and now resigned Parish Attorney, Tom Wilkinson.

    Mr. Wilkinson proceeds to shout out the riot act as to why this site needed to be shut down. Mr. Webre tried to explain to the troglodyte Wilkinson, that all he needed was one more year in operation to pay off the mortgage on the property; what would he (Webre) have to do to conform to all of the violations Wilkinson was ranting about so he could stay in business, operating for that one year period.

    So what did Tommy say…fuck you, sue me…I’m sending Code out to shut you down (Hmmmm…did he mean his kneebender squeeze Villio ?)…and shut Webre down Wilkinson did.

    I forwarded this information to Val Bracy…who, to her credit being the professional that she is, finally traced this rather ‘aloof’ character down. The bottom line of her very brief conversation was, and I paraphrase what Mr. Webre said: ‘…It was a long time ago and I don’t want to talk about it’.

    I subsequently forwarded this info to the FBI. There is no reason for me to believe that this information has not been made part of this investigation that resulted in Mr. Mouton’s indictments.

    The relevant importance of this story is simple: Tom Wilkinson, while the Parish Attorney of Jefferson, abused his authority and played a major role in facilitating and participating in a criminal conspiracy, along with other JP Public Officials, elected and appointed, together with the principals of River Birch, to AWARD AN ILLEGAL LANDFILL MONOPOLY in favor of River Birch (HEEBE and WARD).

    Wilkinson is a criminal, who not only needs to be prosecuted and imprisoned; he should be disbarred NOW !

    deBrief…donnez-moi un autre verre putain, s’il vous pla

  25. On the other hand, maybe Sirmon is there to “take care of” the St. Charles Parish council or wheoever else over there is in need of such…. he is a former St. Charles Parish councilman. Defeated by Snookie (yes, “Snookie”) Faucheux in 1999.

    07.23.03 TP:

    “””The St. Charles Parish Council added another 15 years to a contract with a Jefferson Parish landfill in hopes that the long-term deal will save residents money.

    The council voted unanimously to push back the end-date of the contract with River Birch Inc., set to expire in 2009, to 2024.

    The changes to the 10-year contract, originally approved in 1999, take effect Aug. 1. The changed contract decreases the amount the parish pays for dumping trash for the first few years.

    The amended version lowers the current disposal rate of $29.57 per ton to $21 per ton effective Aug. 1. That rate will increase to $26 per ton effective Jan. 1 of next year, $28 per ton on Jan. 1, 2005, and $30 per ton effective Jan. 1, 2006.

    On each Jan. 1 after that, any increase will be tied to the consumer price index, with a cap of 5 percent annually.

    The final rate should be around $49.37 per ton at the end of the contract, assuming that the CPI will grow about 2.4 percent a year, Finance Director Lorrie Toups told the council.

    Based on estimates, the parish will save about $250,000 in its first year of the contract, $125,000 in its second year and $75,000 in its third year, Toups said in a memo read by Councilman Brian Fabre.

    The original deal was also based on the CPI, with annual increases capped at 7 percent.

    Toups estimated the parish will dump about 30,000 tons of trash into the landfill a year.

    Luling resident Bill Sirmon , who works for River Birch, talked before the council and said other area parishes, such as St. Bernard, are signing 20-year contracts.

    Councilwoman Darnell “Dee” Abadie said she had reservations about signing such a long-term contract.

    “Twenty years can be good. Twenty years can be bad,” she said, adding that the long-term contract is good if the price continues to rise as it has historically, but it will be bad if the parish finds a cheaper way to get rid of trash.

    Fabre said he

  26. Tele: LORRIE TOUPS?!!! She works(ed) for Jefferson Parish. In Finance Department as Budget Director maybe? If memory serves she is related to Charlotte Burnell, formerly Aaron Broussard’s CAO in Kenner? Heard Toups and Bolotte were always at each other in JP so wouldn’t be surprised if Toups was axed in the recent past.

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