Yeah, it finally happened – ODC tags Lightfoot with Orteous!

Until the Recommendations of the Hearing Committee appeared in my email inbox today, I had no idea the Louisiana Office of Disciplinary Counsel was a functioning body. Apparently, it’s just a little slow. Nonetheless, it has now done what many felt should have been done before the Impeachment of Judge Thomas Porteous – address the conduct of the Respond, Claude C. Lightfoot, Jr:

The undisputed factual account of the events that led to the current charges against Respondent are these: In or around the summer of 2000, former United States Court District Judge Gabriel Thomas Porteous, Jr. was experiencing significant financial difficulties, and therefore contacted the Respondent to explore means by which he may manage his debt, including the possibility of bankruptcy protection. The Respondent met with then Judge Porteous and his wife and determined to deploy initially a nonbankruptcy “workout”, whereby the Respondent would contact each creditor and ask them to consider a reduction in the debt owed to allow then Judge Porteous and his wife a means of retiring the debt without filing for bankruptcy.

To that end, Respondent mailed letters to each of the creditors, setting forth his representation and inviting each creditor to consider a workout proposal. Thereafter,
Respondent followed up his letters with telephone calls to the creditors in an effort to get then Judge Porteous and his wife some relief. This process proved to be futile, as the majority of the creditors did not respond at all, and the few that did, knowingly or unknowingly, responded with a lawsuit and a subsequent rejection by their counsel of
Respondent’s proposal on behalf then Judge Porteous and his wife.

As a result, Respondent again met with then Judge Porteous and his wife and recommended a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy. In addition to recommending the filing, Respondent, on his own volition, also recommended that then Judge Porteous and his wife essentially falsify the petition. Specifically, Respondent recommended that his clients agree to allow him to purposefully misspell their names as “Ortous, G.T.” and “Ortous, c.A.” Additionally, Respondent counseled then Judge Porteous to obtain a P.O.
Box and recommended that his clients agree to allow him to purposefully use that P.O. Box as the debtors’ mailing address.

Respondent’s reasoning for this deception was supposedly to protect then Judge Porteous and his wife’s identities from the press and the public. Apparently, during this
time the local newspaper, the Times Picayune, would publish the names of all those persons who filed for bankruptcy. The data used to compile the information for these
publications were solely the initial petitions.

Thus, Respondent’s plan, which he solely concocted without any prodding from then Judge Porteous or his wife, was to purposely falsify the initial Petition, have the Times Picayune publish the false names, and then amend the Petition to properly name then Judge Porteous and his wife and put their proper address. Respondent sold this plan
to his clients, and they agreed to allow him to proceed with drafting and filing the initial petition as indicated.

Respondent’s plan worked flawlessly. The falsified initial petition was filed and the Times Picayune published the “alias” created by Respondent. The very next day, Respondent sought to amend the initial Petition to properly name then Judge Porteous and his wife, and also put their correct address. To accomplish this amendment, however, Respondent sought the permission of Bankruptcy Trustee S.J. Beaulieu. When questioned relative to the need for the amendment, Respondent indicated that there were
“typos” that needed to be corrected. Trustee Beaulieu testified that had he been truthfully advised by Respondent of how the false name had been included in the initial
petition, he would have recommended dismissal of the bankruptcy petition as having been filed in bad faith.

The bottom line:

Although the baseline sanction for this conduct is suspension, there are various mitigating factors present in this matter, which leads this Committee to recommend a reduction in the degree of discipline imposed, First, Respondent has no prior disciplinary action against him, The Louisiana Supreme Court has consistently considered the absence of a prior disciplinary record as a mitigating factor…[citations omitted]…Also, full disclosure to ODC and cooperative attitude toward the disciplinary process are mitigating factors…[Citation omitted]…

Given the mitigating factors present in this matter, it is the recommendation of this Hearing Committee that Respondent be suspended from the practice of law for a
period of six months, with all but thirty days deferred.

h/t SLABBED reader (and a big “thank you” too)

25 thoughts on “Yeah, it finally happened – ODC tags Lightfoot with Orteous!”

  1. While this had to happen, I hope that The SLABBED Nation realizes that this is “treating the symptom”, instead of the disease. Until someone in State Government attacks the CORRUPTION embodied in Catherine D. Kimball (the Chief “Injustice”), her “pimp” Charles B. Plattsmier, Jr., and his “asshole buddy” Gregory Tweed (Tweedle-Dum, Tweedle-Dee), then the Louisiana Judiciary and Lawyer Disciplinary System will remain CESSPOOLS. If SLABBED wishes to run a series on this subject, I will be happy to provide some material evidencing CRIMINAL conduct. I kid you not. Ashton O’Dwyer a/k/a “The WHITE Henry Glover”.

  2. There are times I would rather be blind, so I couldn’t read; and deaf, so I couldn’t hear…

    Lightfoot, a co-conspirator with a Federal Judge, Porteous (and wife) committed a CRIMINAL ACT OF PERJURY…a crime so egregious under the circumstances, that any reasonable person would conclude that Lightfoot be disbarred…but is paddled with a SIX MONTHS SUSPENSION !

    Skip the guillotine… Platzmier and the members of the ODC should be racked and quartered…a stake put up their ass and burned !

    You want to wonder why the Louisiana Bar is the laughing stock of the United States…this is why.

  3. I wholly concurr whitmergate up to the punishment: I would rather the drawing with hands tied behind them, and secured to that burning stake by their own drawn entrails. To whit: Eat your own guts like the pigs you are, or die !

  4. So, let me get this straight. You knowingly file a false pleading with the Court to subvert the judicial process and you essentially only get suspended for 30 days. What a joke! This guy should have been given the ODC death penalty – permanent disbarment.

  5. Perhaps now is the time for all to come together and demand that the ODC and Plattsmeir be sanctioned.

    Plattsmeir is complicit in the continued corruption and should be charged with failing to perform his sworn public duties.

    Serial selective prosecution subverts the very system put in place to stem the tide of corrupt practices in the legal field.

    Once again it is not WHAT you know but WHO you know.

    Prosecute Plattsmeir. And let’s hear HIM sing his lungs out. Betcha he knows a lot of interesting songs.

  6. Not bad. Just admit that you and your client committed a felony and fraud upon the court.

    Your client is impeached from his position as a Federal Judge, in part because of your felonious actions.

    Bankruptcy expert after expert testified along with Dane C. that this conduct was grossly inappropriate and Plattsmier approves a 30 day suspension?

    I guess the $100,000.00 (with additional incentive) paid to Wilkerson/Gardner to get rid of the judge will not even warrant a hearing by the ODC.

    Chopin wined and dined the judge more than anyone and took him on expensive hunting trips while having cases in his court. Chopin writs letters and filed pleadings with the Federal Court praising the good character of Mr. Porteous all the while using Porteous as his whore? I guess this will also go unnoticed by Plattsmier.

    Thirty days not bad at all.

  7. If this is what we can expect for Dick Chopin, Joe Mole and the others then I’m not sure why Plattsmeier wastes the time. He also needs to give Mssrs Amato and Creely their law licenses back. What a joke the La ODC is…..


  8. To be accurate, that was the recommendation of the hearing committee; Plattsmier acts as the prosecutor, the the committee reports out a recommendation, as in this case. He can agree with that or challenge it. It then goes to the Disciplinary Board, then the Supreme Court.

  9. I disagree about giving anyone their licenses back. But all of these “lawyers” who attempted to pervert justice should receive no less harsh of a penalty than Amato and Creely. Why do they lose their licenses and Claude the Fraud gets 30 days? The essence of the offense is the same: perversion of justice.

  10. Incongruous judgments. Porteous is impeached over bankruptcy fraud and Lightfoot is sanctioned for 30 days for same.

    It really is true it isn’t what you know its who you know.

    Lightfoot’s old man was a mason who cleared the political path in Bankruptcy court for his son. Could Lightfoot also be a mason with connections to other high level masons in ODC ,its committee, Plattsmier or Supreme Court. Is old man Lightfoot still living.

  11. To understand the disciplinary process you almost must be directly involved with Plattsmier to understand his complete arbitrary and selective nature and haw and what he tells you up close. Notwithstanding the utter psychological state you may be in at the time he tells you he will move the Supreme Court to strip you of your license within 24 hours if you do not agree to immediate surrender subject to future disciplinary action by him as the head of the ODC. You have to immediately consider the continued future humiliation to be brought down upon your family, name and colleagues you work with. This does not include the cost to defend against a vindictive bastard like Plattsmier to the tune of $250,000.00 plus.

    In addition to all of this he down right lies. He misrepresents the facts of other cases and how they are applicable to your situation when they are not, but he will argue they do and, thus, further humiliation.

    This punishment given to Lightfoot only encourages others like Wilkerson, Chopin, Barton, Mole, Gardner Levinson, Cline and the JP-APA gang including Brousssard and other politician lawyers to do whatever they want because they can. If Plattsmier wants to screw around with you for whatever reason he will because he can! He only does this sparingly and when a matter becomes to politically charged for him he cannot let it slip away and people forget about the matter. People have short memories and he plays upon this concept out of sight out of mind. Lawyers under indictment are even overlooked by Plattsmier.

    The focus of so many questions from the House Committee and Senate Committee to impeach Porteous was to the effect that NO disciplinary action was taken against any of the witnesses but two who voluntarily threw in the towel. The Committee’s were amazed and this is a reflection of the entire State of Louisiana Bar Association.

    I would love to hear their comment on the Lightfoot discipline and the lack of discipline on the others who testified or were deposed. I think I may write them, but they probably don’t care anymore.

    Remember Plattsmier can take action against anyone he wants justified or not at any time. He calls the first shot! So keep building his kitty with the yearly dues you pay and look to a continued substandard ODC.

    Other States are moving to a more

  12. Pardon me for re-visiting a subject already addressed by The SLABBED Nation, but I am really DISGUSTED with the legal and judicial systems (I hope everyone isn’t “distracted” by the Commander’s Palace embezzlement, and by the River Birch indictment: Why are we only hearing of Henry Mouton NOW?). Anyway, here goes: The recommended “suspension” of Claude “Littledick” (I mean “Lightfoot”) is a slap in the face of the law-abiding citizenry.

    So WHY, and where does this ARROGANCE come from? My answer is that Chief “Injustice” Kimball, who pulls the strings of her “pimp” Plattsmier, the Chief Disciplinary Counsel, as well as a number of highly placed Federal Jurists, constitute “The Illuminati”. These people rule the roost, and anyone who deigns to ask questions or to chip away at their power DIES, sometimes swiftly, sometimes slowly, but DIES. Forget a minute that Claude “Littledick’s” (I mean “Lightfoot’s”) suspension for 6-months versus 30 days (just what the hell IS the recommendation?) is within the State Court System, through the Louisiana Supreme Court and its “puppet” organization, the Office of Disciplinary Counsel, headed by “Plattsmier the Pimp”.

    But if any of us have paid attention to the writings of a regular contributor to SLABBED, namely Barbara Ann Jackson, we would see that “Littledick” (I mean “Lightfoot”) has very STRONG ties to “The Federal System”. I don’t have personal knowledge, because bankruptcy was not my field, and I can no lnoger practice law, but if I am reading Ms. Jackson correctly, then “Littledick” (I mean “Lightfoot”) has served in a Federall-appointed capacity in Chapter 11 matters and as counsel for the U.S. Trustee in Bankruptcy. WHERE IN THE HELL ARE THE FEDERAL JUDGES WHO WERE SO QUICK TO DISBAR ME when I reported to them that Stanwood R. Duval, Jr. and his “close personal friend of long-standing”, Calvin Fayard, had CORRUPTED the “Victims of KATRINA” litigation? Is my disbarment more important that disciplining a lawyer who counseled his client, a Federal Judge, G.T. Ortous, to commit PERJURY in his bankruptcy filings, and worse?

    Why isn’t there a parallel “lawyer disciplinary proceeding” pending in Federal Court against “Littledick” (I mean “Lightfoot”)? ANSWER: Because “The Illuminati” are protecting him, and by protecting him, they are protecting themselves.”

    One last point: I also have been summarily (that means without any hearing whatsoever) suspended, INDEFINITELY, from practice in State Court. The papers were served on me while I was rotting away in solitary confinement in the St. Bernard Parish Jail. The papers informed me that the Louisiana Supreme Court (doing what Chief “Injustice” told them to do, of course) had determined that Ashton O’Dwyer “poses a substantial threat of serious harm to the public” and would be summarily suspended indefinitely by Order of the Court, citing Rule XIX, Section 19.2(A). To which I reply: But not as “substantial” as the threat posed by Lemelle, or Duval, or Fayard, or “Littledick” (I mean “Lightfoot”), or Wilkinson, or Mole, or Chopin, or… This subject makes me physically ILL. Ashton O’Dwyer a/k/a “The WHITE Henry Glover”, and apparently STILL “a substantial threat of serious harm to the public” (notwithstanding the fact that the Federal Government confiscated all of my guns).

  13. The Times-Picayune article says that Lightfoot’s sanction now goes before the full Attorney Disciplinary Board for a hearing to get approval or REJECTION.

    This is when all attorneys and citizens of this state should object and write letters telling the Attorney Disciplinary Board to REJECT Plattsmeier’s ODC recommendation and demand Lightfoot should lose his license just like Porteous lost his judgeship and law license. A copy of all letters should be sent to Jindal also.

    Lightfoot was a U.S. Chapter 7 Trustee but was removed by the Justice Dept. after his perjury with Porteous’ bankruptcy case.

    I don’t believe in the ILLUMINATI Ashton but I do know the Masons are a group which take care of their own and Lightfoot’s father was one, a lot of the federal system including the judges are Masons and Claude could be one also. This is part of the system that is protecting him.

  14. The wino told me today Plattsmeir will be fighting the recommendation of the Board. This was not his recommendation and the wino wanted me to make that clear.


  15. Sop, next time you see the wino ask him if he knows what is Plattsmeir’s disciplinary recommendation and when is the Attorneys Disciplinary Board scheduled to meet.

    A bottle of Thunderbird in a brown bag could massage his memory.

  16. Closed hearings are bad. What on earth could Lightfoot testify to that C-Span did not publish to the entire United States live and in color on at least one prior occasion before the US Senate? The Porteous impeachment, including the Lightfoot testimony by deposition and before the US House of Representatives was made a public by a daily/weekly column in the TP for years.

    If Plattsmier was not happy with the conclusions of the Lightfoot hearing where is he on the other many names mentioned in depositions and testimony before the Committees to impeach?

    He is absent without leave!

    Change the system. Have public Due Process hearings before an administrative law judge (hopefully independent) who can make rulings and recommendations to the Supreme Court! Independent ADL(s)..

  17. Unfortunately the Times-Picayune editorialized today that Lightfoot should be suspended and did not go further to recommend his disbarment. Perhaps they will need Lightfoot’s tricks in bankruptcy court one day themselves.

    The Attorneys Disciplinary Board review will certainly approve of the 30 day vacation for “Claude the Fraud”.

    The public will once again be victimized by future scams of Lightfoot as he is in real tight with all the federal judges of the eastern district which explains why he was called on by Porteous to help him in bankruptcy court to cover up his bankruptcy case.

  18. I remember one of the bankruptcy experts who testified at the Porteous Impeachmnet trial stating, and I will paraphrase it something to this effect: ‘…the very foundation of the bankruptcy law is that people will disclose the truth…and without the truth,
    the very essence of what was intended by the enactment of these laws, to protect creditors and debtors alike, the result would be a legal fiction facilitating fraud…”

    Since the people and institutions responsible to address “Claude the Fraud” Lightfoot’s egregious act of committing perjury, along with his clients as part of a criminal conspiracy designed by himself, refuse to give him his just punishment, DISBARMENT…maybe one day while he is walking towards the courthouse steps, preferably the Federal Court House, EDLA…God will send a bolt of lightning up his ass and remove this criminal from our midst; a scum bag who has and continues to contaminate both the bar and the our legal institutions as well !

    Oh, and God forbid that lightning might strike the executive offices of the Times-Picayune during that storm of retribution…

  19. Do we have any masons at the Times-Picayune who would want to spare “Claude the Fraud” from permanent unemployment or retirement at a premature age.

    One of Claude’s classic statements of arrogance was when a Senator in disbelief at Porteous’ impeachment hearing asked him if he had been disciplined and the Fraud quipped, “I hope not, I’m too young to retire.”

    Yes Claude, your slime will probably live on to grow bigger and for you to do more future “Claude the Fraud” scams. Maybe some other people with knowledge of your many past scams will write the Attorney Disciplinary Board and La. Supreme Court and put you where you belong- OUT OF THE BANKRUPTCY SCAM BUSINESS.

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