6 thoughts on “We have a mistrial. I repeat we have a mistrial.”

  1. What a colossal waste of taxpayer money. The best they had on her was that Mose bought her a fur coat with tainted money and that he gave her $3,500 from the ICANLEARN deal. Give me a break! While no fan of hers or of those admitted criminals, The Jeffersons, I would suggest that Jim Letten focus on the other Jefferson…..Parish! There is a wealth of criminal conduct there that could be prosecuted till the cows come home.

  2. Pardon me for being obtuse, but I am confused. I thought that Lemelle “secretly” changed the jury charge so that a “hung jury”, which would result in a mistrial, was REMOVED from the jury’s perview with the instruction: If you cannot unanimously agree, then you must acquit (or words to that effect). So it would seem to me that Fawer is already preparing his motion to preclude re-trial on anything, and to ask Lemelle to direct a verdict of acquittal on the grounds that the jury could not unanimously agree, and that the jury charge should now be implemented. I’d welcome some Comment from a real “criminal” lawyer. Ashton O’Dwyer a/k/a “The WHITE Henry Glover”.

  3. I made similar complaints (above) about Lemelle on NOLA a few days ago and my post lasted @30 minutes before it was removed! This is pure bullshit. What is the truth? Did the charges get altered? Mike F. says no but the US Attorney says yes. If this cannot be figured out we are in trouble.

    Who said what to who?

    If the charges were altered it requires and investigation. If Lemelle altered the charges impeachment is now defined. He should be removed, and given a 30 day suspension from the practice of law like Lightfoot!

  4. Bayou…Let me give you a road map…

    “Dollar Bill” Jefferson = Calvin Fayard = Judge Lemelle = Gill-Pratt = Moses Jefferson

    The alpha and the omega…got it now…

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