Efficient, well timed and executed: The power of the written word. (Alternate title: Allstate – Clueless at the top)

Here is the deal folks. The social media is getting credit for bringing down middle eastern despots in nation after nation yet here in the US old line PR guys and clueless insurance companies just don’t get it.

Richard Marsh had been challenged to shoot a puck through a tiny hole in a cardboard cut-out over the goal at the Pepsi Coliseum in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Before attempting the shot Mr Marsh decided to donate the potential winnings to St. Vincent’s Cardiovascular and the American Heart Association.

Mr Marsh then stepped up and fired his effort the length of the ice, through the bottom of the cardboard cut-out and into the net.

However, his success was later ruled to be void because he was standing in front of the designated starting line.

The money would have been donated by insurance company Allstate as part of a special “Hockey for Heart” night sponsored by St. Vincent Heart Center of Indiana, and hosted by the USHL’s Indiana Ice.

But the USHL stated that due to Mr Marsh’s starting position, the company voided the award due to him “standing in the wrong place”.

Later, the Indiana Ice owners, Paul and Cindy Skjodt, made an undisclosed donation to the charities in recognition of Mr Marsh’s accomplishment.


This made the Huff Po which ran a story and a correction which did clarify the reason Allstate didn’t pay was the shooter was DQ’d by the USHL for being “over the line.”

Damn that sucks, kinda like Allstate’s behavior here after Katrina but I shan’t digress.

Allstate had plenty of time to come to their senses and make good. And while the dim bulbs flickered in PR @ Northbrook some of us on the outside wondered if all insurers viewed non profits as little more than dupes to be fed stock in insolvent subsidiaries a la Kingsway Financial Services, another one of those “triumphs” of state regulation the fossils at the NAIC don’t like to discuss.

And then timing, venue and opportunity come together, when the force allows a worthy yet humble Jedi Knight to affect positive change with just one finger (well maybe 2 fingers)……

Very well said. Just because a third party can be the fall guy does not change the fact that Allstate put it’s name behind the contest. To the extent the guy made it clear in advance his shot was for charity, Allstate still could have honored the goal, despite the 3rd party saying he was over the line, gaining mucho good will for doing something they didn’t have to. I guarantee you it also would have bought more goodwill than a $50,000 TV commercial featuring certain washed up hispanic actors with the clap ever would.

Didn’t Wilson recently announce another billion dollar share buy back? He could have farted out the $50K.

Clueless does not begin to describe this bunch running Allstate.


Now you would think they would at least thank me for clarifying the issue in such a way that even the highly recruited MBAs that populate the shops at places like Edelman PR and Allstate Corporate could grasp and understand. Nope but I did get a reply a couple of days later:

Story from Indy’s WTHR.com on Sunday:

Indianapolis – The Indiana Ice have announced they will donate $50,000 to charity for a shot made by a fan last weekend.

Richard Marsh made the miraculous shot from one end of the ice to a small hole in a board in front of the goal at the other end last Saturday. But officials who sponsored the attempt said it didn’t count, because Marsh was across the designated starting line.

Before the shot, Marsh, who is a heart bypass patient, said he would donate the prize to St. Vincent and the American Heart Association if he made it. The Ice originally announced they would make a donation to the charities, but confirmed Sunday they would donate the full amount.

“We just figured it was the right thing to do, the guy made the shot,” Skjodt said.

In addition, Allstate will donate an additional $50,000 to the United Way of Indiana for Marsh’s shot.

The Ice will honor Marsh and present him with the check next Saturday during their “Pack the House for Charity” game at Conseco Fieldhouse. The video of Skjodt’s shot has been viewed more than a million times on YouTube in just over a week since it happened.


There you go folks. The Ice is giving 50K to the hospital & the insurance company you love to hate is giving 50K to the United Way.

The shot was made at the Pepsi Coliseum… since Pepsi put their name on the stadium, shouldn’t you criticize them just like you did Allstate?

Yes, that statement is ridiculous. And so is the hate you guys spew on Allstate over this incident when THE REAL BAD GUYS are some BS company who insures charity contests & then refuses to pay!

Isn’t it bad enough that Wilson and his band of idiots have destroyed literally billions of dollars of shareholder value over the past couple of years they actually get indignant when they get solid, albeit free advice on their Yahoo investor board. There are just some folks you just can’t satisfy I reckon.


ps. Sad gut true, Esai Morales has the clap.

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