4 thoughts on “Ashton O’Dwyer would like a word with the Slabbed Nation”

  1. It looks as though Ashton is trying to re-litigate something this court has already denied. Hopefully that will not affect the outcome of the appeal as to whether the e-mail was a threat, which I don’t believe it was, but I don’t think whining to the court is going to get him anywhere with his turmoil at Camp Amtrak. I would think that would have to be a whole different matter.

  2. Freakin illegals with criminal records loiter in front of businesses, drive and have traffic accidents with false licenses. Since they are not citizens they are not required under the law to even have motor vehicle insurance and are freakin released from petty crimes to live illegally again. Respectable professional citizens, who only demand their constitutional guaranteed rights, get their homes searched without warrants, their legally registered weapons seized , are arrested and then tortured on false charges. Man, freakin something wrong here bro when wrong is right and right is wrong. Maybe few of those Egyptian rebels will sneak across border and bring some freakin justice here.

  3. Ashton:

    You were unfairly treated in the aftermath of Katrina.

    You were deprived of several constitutional rights and trampled upon by your opportunistic law partners of 35 years.

    Your family property on the river was unfairly taken away by JP idiots.

    Many prosper while you feel deprived.

    What is your recourse, if any?

    If none you have your life, your intellect, family and gift of words to expose the thugs that put you in your position.

    Fight with your God given talent (with some moderation) your gift of words and intellect.

  4. Ashton… you were morally, ethically and legally wronged … the victim of egregious conduct of such an extreme degree…an effrontery to one’s personal dignity of such magnitude that it surpasses the bounds of our concept of what is socially and civilly acceptable…in fact governmental action that is absolutely unconscionable… and all of this is a factual truth…

    However Ashton…the heartfelt truth, the spiritually sustaining truth is… only through the grace of our Savior will you be set free of the hate that continues to consume you…and not Caesar’s courthouse !

    My prayers continue on your behalf…


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