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  1. Actually, I think it took a while to report but Namer, Melancon and Friedman were all let go at the same time, right around January 1st or shortly before or after. No?

    Loren Marino was in charge of west bank code but supposedly got moved over to another area?



    There may be some debate re: what is JPAO and what is not?

    It used to be that code enforcement was Legal / JPAO, no?:


    Now it is shown outside of Legal:


    Same goes for at least two of those now in Bureau of Administrative Adjudication – Sister Pacaccio and Crystal Heine – both had been in Legal, now not. “Judge” Cusimano is also resting comfortably outside the org chart there.

    When was Susan Thomas let go? Anyone know? If you look at the org charts on Scribbed I think it’s interesting she was the lone paralegal under a group of (1) Barton, (2) Gillen, and (3) Gruntz. Gruntz and Barton are compromised, Gillen was in charge of paralegal oversight (right?). Thomas was the only one let go out of that group.

    Also, when does Jennifer Van Vranken show up on the current org chart? Kriss Fairbairn (Fortunato) is Public Information Officer, but Van Vranken is supposed to be CAO of what again exactly?


  2. Tele:
    There is a section in PAO that prosecutes Code cases
    Friedman was in charge of that until he was fired ( oops his conditional termination was accepted)
    Tiffany Wilken got his job despite being in violation of having an outside practice but her aunt Linda Roy is big in Code and Debra Miller Yenni is Wilken’s daughter’s godmother.

    AMV was Hearing Officer for Code until Crystal Heine decided she wanted it and WJ Leblanc told Whitmer, Wilkinson,Villio et al to make it so. Heine was one of the PAO’s splitting fees with her boss Wilkinson for work he flipped her way. She was rumored to be girlfriend of Rock Hebert’s son and had office space in the Hebert Bldg just a few doors down from Wilkinson on Gretna Blvd.
    Sue Thomas was another faux paralegal under Peggy Barton and Chris Gillen’s supervision.

    Chuck Cusimano took Anthony Messina’s job as Terry McCarthy was getting Anthony’s wife’s job with Mortgage Authority for more $ and fewer qualifications. Cusimano already has 24th JDC full retirement and is Justice of the Peace and now gets $ to hear Code Cases.

    My what a tangled web we weave when first we endeavor to deceive.

    History/genealogy lesson over for now.

  3. Ps
    Loren Marino wife and daughter-in-law of Marino &Marino Criminal Defense lawfirm was Asst Parish Atty, then Animal Shelter Director and now I believe took Bobby Bourgeois’ spot in the Young Administration

    Seems to me an awful lot of East Bank folks have been kicked to the side and lots of West Bankers made the cut. Odd that considering Young is an East Banker. Maybe the whole battle is just faux posturing to throw everyone off. Connicks ( who are rumored to be puppet masters in all things political) are originally West Bankers as are their in-laws the Rittners. First generation Old Metairie just like Julie Quinn. You can take the Gretna-ite off the West Bank but you cannot take the Gretna Mentality out of ’em.

  4. Telemachus – good research on Org charts, unfortunately wrong conclusion. Code Enforcement was alway a seperate part of Dept.of Inspection & Code, never a part of PAO.

    Code Enforcement, on PAO chart refers to the section of asst PA’s who handled code issue question & who represented Insp. & Code before judicial courts (and now also before BAA hearing officers). Similar section naming convention for PAO ass’t attorney representing Purchasing dept, even though Purchasing Dept. itself is also not a part of PAO.

    All critical thought employs both known facts and reasoned conjecture….and either category is grist for the mill of the “hidden flaw”. Hang in there Telemachus; I am a fan!

    Both Crystal Hiene and Loren Marino were at different times Ass’t PA’s assigned WestBank Code issues. Loren was made temporary Director of Insp. & Code when Debbie Villio resigned (2nd time). Earlier Crystal replaced AMV as BAA hearing officer. East Bank Code legal issues were handled at various times by Matt Friedman, John Luck, and earlier A.J. Gardner (harahan Don Gardner’s nephew). Now Tiffany Wilkin is back for “another tour” after a hiatus being a Harahan City Councilperson.

    Apologies for being bothe pedantic and boring!

  5. Kidd, thanks, these were question marks for me so thank you very much for the answers and information.

    Unslabbed thanks as well for filling in some blanks for me.

  6. I spent a while going through the JEDCO website. The JP council describes itself as being “separate but complimentary”…
    There are real estate listings & a section on insurance which I avoided, lest my head explode & upset my glass of vodka! I hate when that happens.
    Also a brilliant marketing strategy called “The JEDCO Edge”.
    The edge?
    The edge is having the entire council admit & advertise their collusion with JEDCO to use their political power to assure that the goals they (JEDCO & JP PIGS) propose are met….

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