From the mailbag: Angela from Kansas City requested an interview. A stupid is as stupid does update.

Well, it got so that every piss-ant prairie punk who thought he could shoot a gun would ride into town to try out the Waco Kid. I must have killed more men than Cecil B. DeMille. It got pretty gritty. I started to hear the word “draw” in my sleep. Then one day, I was just walking down the street when I heard a voice behind me say, “Reach for it, mister!” I spun around… and there I was, face-to-face with a six-year old kid. Well, I just threw my guns down and walked away. Little bastard shot me in the ass. So I limped to the nearest saloon, crawled inside a whiskey bottle, and I’ve been there ever since. ~ Jim from Rock Ridge

Angela from Kansas City would like a further word with the Slabbed Nation:

Slabbed–still don’t know who runs the show here,but, hey . . . I was pleasantly surprised to see you post my response, although disappointed that you still hide behind a pseudonym. I do have to admit, I can see why you do this. It must be somewhat addicting to see your words generate such strong emotions from so many people. ~ Angela from Kansas City

This, in reality is a two part question so I’ve taken the liberty of breaking it down.

First the use of an internet handle or as Angela puts it, hiding “behind a pseudonym”.  I will admit to getting kinky once or twice with an antonym. That said I neither admit nor deny the specific allegation, which in my opinion is a lazy person’s attack on a blogger.  That said and despite the fact that Angela is too lazy to find the information she desires on her own, we’ll give her a steer by linking this.  I will add, unequivocably that in the interim, my respect for Wayne from DC has increased a good bit as further elements of the microcosm of society that is the Slabbed Nation has manifested itself through time. 

One other thing and the reason you see Sop here on Slabbed is that the Sop brand carries a certain gravitas in certain financially savvy circles.  I was pleasantly surprised to learn just this morning that someone would indeed capitalize on the name similarity to take our Scott Walker coverage to an international finance forum.  Those people up in Wisconsin seem mighty pissed off these days. Gives ’em something in common with the good folks in Libya to boot.

The second part of the question: The addictive power of using art of the written word to move people to comment with such emotion. 

I’ve always said that sometimes when asking questions, a poster/commenter will reveal something about themselves and I think that is true here.  It is clear IMHO that Angela is descended from Sigmund Freud as she so freely opine on what might motivate one to blog, especially in this area of the country.  For those that are tuned into the human psyche and the art of communication, the fact that Adolf Hitler frequently ejaculated during his speeches is commonly known, for example, so I guess it is a fair question albeit one that I can only address on my behalf.

The blogging is a means to an end. Eyes on the prize.

Hopefully our own Carnac reads this and chips in as we’re more into the paranormal down here at Slabbed.  You know Angela, voodoo and stuff.  If any of our readers have any questions for me or Nowdy please send them in by emailing me or using the contact box.  As always we thank you for your support.


10 thoughts on “From the mailbag: Angela from Kansas City requested an interview. A stupid is as stupid does update.”

  1. Angela dear, ah maybe an idiot but at least ah am not stupid.

    Oh and honey, baby, doll: ah hope you freeze in the dark when we shut down the Mason-Dixon line.

  2. Carnac, I present to your Majesty, the all knowing, all seeing sooth slayer visitor from the far East, envelope #3, pneumatically sealed and kept in a mayonnaise jar under guard on Funk and Wagnall’s porch since noon today, for you to foretell the exact answer to the question inside without ever previously seeing the question before…..ever…..never seen

    Carnac, holding up the envelope to his feathered, satin turbin, slowly announces…’Bleached blonde hair, ripped blouse, wet panties and permanent opened legs’.

    Ed repeating the answer for all the world in amazement to hear……….”Bleached blonde hair, ripped blouse, wet panties and permanent opened legs’.

    Carnac, smiling confidently over his precognitive answer, opens the envelope and reads the question…What will Angela of Kansas City have from sitting on a flag pole for 10 days waiting for the waters of the Mississippi to recede after the BIG quake hits home ?

  3. Angela’s “Responsible Development” is another communist soundbite for “State Farm” to absolve itself of it’s misgivings. Get it? “Communist”/”State Farm”?

    It’s setting up the same type of excuse as this one — “the gun did it; not the shooter.”

  4. Thought you might be interested in a news article from Florida….seems Mississipians aren’t the only ones tired of subsidizing beachfront property owners…nor is Angela from Kansas the only who thinks there should be some limits on future real estate development. By the way, could you point me to the part in Angela’s article where she said she thought everybody should move to Kansas…or said she though that Kansas was doing everything right??? Instead of taking her article for what was intended (which is, simply, that future development in high risk areas should be limited), ya’ll have twisted it every which make yourselves feel better, I guess. Like the kid who broke his neck by diving into the shallow end of the pool because “everybody else was doing it” your logic for opposing restrictions on future development on the MS Gulf Coast is because Kansas is continuing to build in wetlands and peoople are still building along the New Madrid?? Geez!!

    Anyway…here’s the article:

    “A coalition of Florida charitable and business groups is pressing the state to eliminate assessments charged all policyholders to subsidize the state-backed insurance provider and hurricane claims fund.
    Business groups, led by Associated Industries of Florida, and nonprofits including the United Way, Florida Wildlife Federation and Florida TaxWatch, signed the letter.
    Citizens and the state Cat Fund have to issue new debt to pay claims after hurricanes. To service this debt, the state levies hurricane taxes on the insurance premiums of businesses, charities, schools, churches, renters and drivers across the state. Yet, many of these policyholders being taxed do not gain any of the benefits of the taxes that go to subsidize coastal property owners.

  5. “nor is Angela from Kansas the only who thinks there should be some limits on future real estate development.”

    Again you and Angela fail to see that goals you desire cannot be meet via the private sector. NFIP does restrict development in high hazard areas. This is something the private sector cannot do because the private sector is not the sovereign. If you actually want to control where development goes than the government is the only way to go.

    However here is where the rubber meets the road. Most environmentalist favor having federal subsidies of infrastructure such as water and sewage in land that does not percolate IE swamp land. This is where big developers and environmentalist have an unholy allegiance. Big developers want to build on land which has the attraction to high end consumers and environmentalist want to prevent raw sewage from being dumped into the sensitive eco systems.

    Take for example a failed subdivision which was built in the swamp. The developer did not place water and sewage in the subdivision. It was built prior to current environmental regulations which would preclude the destruction of swamps enmass and replacement of such with man made canals. Infact, the subdivision really should have never been built because it is unsafe and way too low in terms of elevation. For many years the residents built on small lots and used septic systems which all failed due to the thick soil IE wetlands which lay beneath their homes. The fecal matter in the man made canals went directly into the rest of the eco system with shitty results.

    Along came the enviromentalist who got legislation to prevent new development. Land prices crashed and new development haulted. A victory for all. Insurance wins because we were no longer building in the highest risk area. Environmentalist won because no new shit producers were coming online.

    If it ended there Katrina would have wiped out the subdivision and the rebuild permits could have been denied. Total victory. The place could have been returned to nature and all would be well.

    But did it end there. Of course not. 15 years before Katrina the federal government at the urging of environmentalist place sewage in the subdivision to help the enviroment. New housing boomed. State Farm and others wrote policies freely knowing they would use the concurrent clause to escape payment if anything big came. Land prices in this swamp mushroomed. Developers even began to upgrade parts of the subdivision with fancy new street lights and better streets. Then Katrina came and wiped the whole thing off the face of the earth.

    Don’t worry. New water and sewage was run to replace the damaged pipes. Than came news the a federal agency wanted to buy the entire development out. Ah AFTER the fed’s just placed new sewage and water in the subdivision. Mmm. Confusion to say the least. NFIP shut down a few people who didn’t conform to new base flood elevation requirements and they were the only force of reason in the whole mess.

    Now you can go 10 miles up the road from this failed flooding subdivion and find some high and dry land. But guess what. Prior to Katrina nobody could get the federal government to provide any economic package to run sewage in the area. Why? Their land percoated. There was not a large enough minority population in the community. Etc Etc Etc. Now after Katrina sewage is being placed in this area but without the level of federal help in the swamp. Oh anouther area got a lot of federal help for sewage. This area was totally wiped off the face of the earth. It had two things going for it to get federal help for sewage. Minority population was high and land elevation was low. Swamps that is where you can get federal sewage money. High land that percolates. Not so easy and not so much of a match in funding.

    If you want to fight the fed’s help for developing where people shouldn’t. Start with the sewage and water issues. But you don’t here environmental people doing that do you. Why. Because they care about the environment and want sewage in the low lying areas where it can end polution of sensitive environmental areas.

    The same environmental groups line up to oppose any programs to help develop a viable insurance program because it might spur new develpment. So people on the coast have no vehicle to prepay for their risk needs outside a high priced state run program. Meanwhile up in the Madrid Fault folks don’t even pay a nickle toward the risk they create. Not a nickle. If we could get away with not having to pay for insurance we’d probably do it just like those folks in the the New Madrid area and in California. Unfortunately the fed’s require us to buy insurance to get loans. They don’t for the risk those folks face. Instead those people rely on the insurer of last resort for their policies. The unpaid federal government. They also tend to come on message boards and cluelessly discuss how they are tired of being the people who have to pay for our risk needs. Hell your not even paying for your own risk needs, let alone ours.

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