CLUE – the Grand Jury version

According to the Times Picayune, the invitations sent  “while I was out” were “another sign that the federal investigation into Jefferson Parish government corruption is heating up”.

SLABBED kicks off the week of this “grand” event with CLUE® – the Grand Jury version.  Unlike the River Birch version, this game is all questions.

It is not altogether uncommon for subjects or targets of the grand jury’s investigation, particularly in white-collar cases, to request or demand the opportunity to tell the grand jury their side of the story.

The Times Picayune confirmed the following invited guests would be attending – Jefferson Parish Council members John Young, Chris Roberts, Elton Lagasse, Cynthia Lee-Sheng, and Tom Capella. Council members Louis Congemi and Byron Lee had not responded when the story published.

If you’d like to play, the rules are simple. Players guess questions the Grand Jury will need answered in order to have a CLUE about the role one or more of the “present” Parish leaders played in questionable events related to the Broussard administration.

Questions may address any aspect of the Broussard administration and are not limited to a Council member’s role relative to that of Broussard, his former assistant Tim Whitmer, former Parish attorney Tom Wilkinson, or Broussard’s ex-wife Karen.

Ready? The dice are rolled and the first player to ask a CLUE question will be….

32 thoughts on “CLUE – the Grand Jury version”

  1. Examination of witnesses, 101.

    Mr./Ms. ______________. Were you a member of the Jefferson Parish Council during any of the years 2006-2009?

    Is it true that at virtually every council meeting during this period of time, the Parish Attorney, Tom Wilkinson, was present to advise the council and the Parish President, Aaron Broussard?

    Isn’t it also true that as a member of the council, you would cast votes on departmental structure and compensation?

    And of course, during that period of time, you knew Karen Parker Broussard on a personal level. In other words you knew that he was the wife of the Parish President, not just some nameless face working for JP Govt.?

    And it’s true that you knew Mrs. Broussard was working as a paralegal in Mr. Wilkinson’s legal department?

    So certainly you had knowledge that Mrs. Broussard was being compensated as a paralegal?

    And you had her compensation at your disposal, as did all council members?

    So Mr./Ms._________, it’s fair to say that you knew that Mrs. Broussard was being compensated as a paralegal when she really was not one? (If the answer is “no”)

    It would have been very easy for you and your 6 colleagues to have been aware of the fact that Mrs. Broussard and several others were being compensated as “paralegals” when none of them had the requisite schooling or training for the job?

    So what you’re asking the ladies and gentlemen of this grand jury to believe is that despite the fact that she was the wife of the Parish President, neither you nor ANY of your 6 colleagues on the council had any clue that Mrs. Parker-Broussard was being paid as a paralegal when she really was not one?

  2. QUESTION: Mr. Roberts, considering the fact that Eddie Price, the former Mayor of Mandeville, pled guilty to a count of illegal expenditures of $8,000 thousand dollars from his campaign fund on such matters as membership dues for a Mardi Gras Krewe and golf cart expenses, for which Mr. Price received a prison term of 42 months, could you please explain to the Grand Jury your spending $190,000 thousand dollars from your campaign fund in a non-election year, 2009, for such items as these, but not limited to:

    1) a Mardi Gras float

    2) a tractor to pull the Mardi Gras float,

    3) maintaining an antique Fire Engine

    4) an elaborate sound system for the Mardi Gras float

    5) beads and favors to throw from the Mardi Gras float

    6) rental of golf carts in Las Vegas

    7) rental of limos for private parties

    8) a sno-ball stand

    Please be advised that there will be follow-up questions after hearing your answer.

  3. Mr. Capella: Several questions Sir, first
    1. Did you attend a seminar conducted by Louis Gruntz and presented to parish employees where Record Management, Record Retention, Public Record Responses, Litigation Holds and related topics were discussed? and, the related question:
    2. Has your office stopped destroying official Jefferson Parish documents?

  4. Several citizens called and sent e-mails to the council , including Ron Maestri, telling them that Broussard’s April14, 2009 proposal for expanding executive pay raises would increase the paralegal supervisor pay of Broussard’s wife. See Paul Rioux’s article at to consider increasing salary levels/2986

    As of April 14,2009, all council members and staff knew all about Karen Broussard, her fake job title and therefore refused to grant Broussard’s proposal for all employees with less than 7 years of JP service (‘service’ regarding Karen here is an oxymoron ).

    Karen Broussard at the time of her husband’s pay hike proposal had worked as a fake paralegal supervisor less than seven years being hired in 2004 after Broussard was elected president.

    Any councilman answering before the grand jury that they did not know about the Karen Broussard payroll fraud is committing perjury.

  5. To: Tom Wilkinson (former Parish Attorney),John Young (former Councilman and now Parish President), Tom Capella (Councilman) and Elton Lagasse (Councilmen): Gentlemen: Each of you acting in concert with others have enabled and facilitated CRIMINAL TRESPASS on batture property owned by my Family since 1945, with an unbroked chain of title, which has always been public record, on which we have dutifully paid taxes since 1945. You, your co-conspirators and surrogates have allowed approximately 12 illegal structures to be erected on our property by “squatters and trespassers”, who have no title to the land and who have NEVER paid taxes on the land. I will focus on only three for the moment, namely “Scott Campbell and Miriam Schramm” and “Stephen Schweitzer for Shannon River Camp”. Please refresh your recollection regarding the UNANIMOUS Council Resolutions on November 17, 2004 and June 24, 2009, and state with precision what proof of their ownership of the land you demanded of Campbell, Schramm, Schweitzer and Shannon River Camp, before you resolved to instruct the Department of Inspection and Code Enforcement of Jefferson Parish to issue these “squatters” and trespassers” building or construction permits. In lieu thereof you may attach the “proof of ownership” you were provided. If your answer is that you did not demand any proof of ownership of the land prior to voting in favor of the said resolutions, please explain your answer and how it squares with your oath of office. Also, please deliniate what you have done to ensure that the current occupants of my Family’s batture property are complying with the provisions of “The Clean Water Act” and of “The Refuse Act”. If your answer is “I haven’t done anything” or words to that effect, then state what you intend to do in the future. Lastly, since you are appearing before a Federal Grand Jury, state whether you are familiar with the provisions of 18 United States Code Section 1001 and felony liability for being deceptive or misleading in connection with responding to Federal inquiries, orally or in writing. Thank you, and have a nice day. Ashton O’Dwyer a/k/a “The WHITE Henry Glover”.

  6. Isn’t it true Karen Parker once worked for Al Donovan?

    How did she come to work at Jefferson Parish?

    Isn’t it true that Karen Parker once worked for Bob Evans?

    And that she was to be fired for poor performance?

    And then she was sent to speak with Broussard?

    And then she was working *for* Broussard?

    And then she was handling instructions for Broussard and speaking for him at meetings and in the course of business when he was present and when he was not?

    And then she was made the second chief aide to Broussard when he already had one (Cherie Gauthier)?

    And then she was the highest paid employee in JP?

    Isn’t it true that her being hired by the JPAO and at that high salary and (later, or to start?) with no real duties was not the first of such transgressions but actually the last in a long line of such?

    What happened there, exactly?

  7. Karen, Aaron, Peter Butler (when he’s asked to appear, and he will be one day), Lagasse, Capella, Roberts, Lee, etc., etc., etc.:

    According to the 7/22/01 TP, Peter Butler was an investor in at least one of the (unidentified) properties at Trout Point Lodge, Nova Scotia, as were Wendell Gauthier and Aaron Broussard.

    Were you, and/or was anyone named Heebe, Sneed, Ward, Butler, and/or any JP public official, aide or employee or their relatives, invested or themselves in any way investors in any of the below entities, and if so in what amounts, which percentages and which entities and for what periods?





  8. You can add the name Connick and/or the names of any person holding any interest in any JP contract as to the above named entities.

  9. I can honestly say that after driving up the levee, in back of Aqua Marine Boats, and seeing the homes built on Ashton O’Dwyer’s batture property that these rich bastard squatters must have had a lot of confidence in stealing his property to erect such expensive 2-3 story mansions.

    The ‘head’ atty at the JP Code Department on June 24, 2009 was no other than the renown hard ass , Debbie Villio, whose salary was raised by tens of thousands of dollars so she could accept the job of terrorizing owners of blighted properties and boats in front yards .

    The grand jury needs to ask Ms. Villio how such a thorough, hard ass atty. missed the true title to Ashton’s property and issued a rare building permit on river batture property to certain well connected persons. And to ask what other low level employees in permits participated in this political land grab conspiracy.

  10. To: Tom Wilkinson (former Parish Attorney): You, Sir, are under investigation for committing or conspiring to commit obstruction of the orderly administration of justice. In that regard, admit or deny that, in your capacity as Parish Attorney, you were informed by your Counsel with Burglass & Tankersley, or even “other” Counsel who routinely represented the Parish who were also present, namely one or more Partners with “Gaudry, Ranson, Higgins & Gremellion”, that at a Status Conference in the “Victims of KATRINA” litigation (“low number” 05-4181, “Maureen O’Dwyer versus The United States of America, et al”, in Federal Court in New Orleans) on March 24, 2006, your brother, U.S. Magistrate Jay Wilkinson, recused himself from that portion of the referenced litigation which involved claims against the Parish and Parish President Aaron Broussard, due to the Magistrate’s real or imagined “conflict of interests” involving you, his brother. Assuming that you answered in the affirmative (your Counsel can be subpoened to testify, your file and their files can be subpoened, not to mention your computer hard drive(s) and blackberry), explain what action you took later, when it was brought to your attention that the Louisiana Supreme Court had appointed State Court Judge John L. Peytavin to preside over the State Court proceedings against Broussard, the Parish, and others, given the fact that you knew that Judge Peytavin’s son, Michael D. Peytavin, and his law firm, Gaudry, Ranson, Higgins & Gremillion, routinely represented the Parish, and had earned hundreds of thousands, if not millions, over the years, and that both Mr. Peytavin and his firm continued to receive business from you and your colleagues in the Parish Attorney’s Office. Did you consider the conflict of interests involving Judge Peytavin and his son to be more or less significant than the conflict of interests which caused your brother to recuse himself on March 24, 2006, and please explain your answer in detail. Lastly, please disclose by some identifying characteristic each of the matters assigned to Michael D. Peytavin and/or the law firm of Gaudry, Ranson, Higgins & Gremillion during your tenure as Parish Attorney, and state what was paid to Mr. Peytavin and/or to the firm in each such matter in both attorney’s fees and costs. Thank you. Ashton O’Dwyer a/k/a “The WHITE Henry Glover”.

  11. QUESTION: Mr. Young, it would appear that your firing of AMV, and/or any other employee, for not signing a letter of resignation as you demanded was in direct violation of:

    LaRS Title 18:

  12. How many have been called to testify in one day?

    This tells me something.

    There is not enouhg time in one day to question all of these people.

    So it is set up for game/show or to just let each take the 5th and the day is over!

    Could the Government have immunity order(s) in hand for a few or just one? The rest be screwed, if this the case.

  13. QUESTION: Mr.Roberts, please describe to the Grand Jury the circumstances of your discussion(s) with Larry Sisung to have Steve Theriot appointed interim Parish President In violation to the open meeting’s law. Please be specific as to the time, date and mode of communication and location pertaining your conduct alluded to herein.

  14. QUESTION: Mr. Young, given the fact that Peggy Barton is a principal participant and co-conspirator, along with Broussard, Whitmer Wilkinson and Parker concerning: 1) payroll fraud relating to Non-Certified and overpayed para-legals, ie Karen Parker; and the hiring and paying of salaries unlawfully to non-elector Asst Parish Attorneys, and 2) altering of public records in attempt to cover up by such deceit, the fact that she was the 1st Deputy Asst Parish Attorney appointer by Wilkinson to have supervisory capacity over both Para-leagls and Asst parish Attorneys, WHY is Barton still employed in the Jefferson parish Attorney’s Office ?

  15. Ok, new theory here:

    – The feds came out with the target letters and subpoenas only now because it was only after going through all the material found in the RB raid that they realized they had really hit paydirt.


    Diane HOLLIS is a subpoenaed witness, but Maestri is NOT?

    And Whitmer does not have a letter?

    Does this mean that Maestri & Whitmer are both cooperating? Do we have some pancakes flipping?

    By the way was it Charlie Chan or maybe Nick Charles who would get all the suspects in a room together and see who flipped out first??? This is reminiscent.

  16. Whitmer gave them a road map. He is not going to let his wife go to the pen. The children need someone to raise them. Many felt they would put the squeeze on the weakest link and that is Whitmer. He has his finger in all of the pies and can nail Coulon, Broussard, Wilkerson, Parker, Barton, Roberts, Lee and the RB gang.
    Just remember

  17. Thought y’all might enjoy this:

    “Resolution #98993 – recognizing and commending Karen Parker for her
    extraordinary service as a ******dedicated public servant upon the occasion of her departure from the position of Administrative Assistant to the Jefferson Parish Council Chairman.” – 8/6/03 Resolution.

    “Resolution #98765 – appointing Mr. Robert C. Bourgeois, Jr. to the office of administrative assistant to the Council Chairman, effective on August 1, 2003, replacing Ms. Karen Parker.” – 7/16/03 Resolution.

    Yaknow, if they on the JP Council knew they were replacing her (and look who replaced her) wouldn’t it stand to reason they knew where she was going, i.e. the JPAO?

  18. Its the Jefferson Clowns versus the Jeff taxpayers. Score is 2-1 taxpayers favor in bottom of ninth with two Clowns’, Broussard and Whitmer, strike outs. Sneed is on third after taking a walk, stealing second and then taking third when catcher overthrows second. Clowns’ Capella coaching at third base appears to be calling for a trick squeeze play to score Sneed and tie game. Fast baller Mann pitching for taxpayers in relief of Letten with Margie Baird now catching. Inspector general warming up in bull pen if needed later.

    The Clowns’ have the old expert bunter Maestri on the bench who is called up to bat to squeeze in Sneed. Will Maestri, who previously played for taxpayers, bunt and squeeze as directed by Capella. Or will he defy Capella and in good conscience swing away on his own. While time is called for the Clowns’ conference meeting here’s some network advertisements by local sponsor, the River Birch Dump. But stay tuned for the power matchup of Mann vs. Maestri which could determine the outcome of game.

  19. QUESTION: Mr. Roberts we are back on the subject of your rather exorbitant campaign fund expenditures. I had previously ask you to explain the spending of $190,000 thousand dollars in 2009, a non-election year. It appeared from that report, you, like Eddie Price, are a fanatic of Mardi Gras and riding Golf carts.

    Now let’s fast forward, and have you try and explain your expenditure of some $177,000 thousand dollars in 2010, another non-election year. Considering the fact that we all know that Mardi Gras and golf are year in and year out occurrences, as reflected in your 2009 expense report, can you tell the Grand Jury if there is any item payed for in 2010 from your campaign fund, that has anything remotely to do with a political campaign ?

  20. QUESTION: Mr. Young, as you are most probably aware, Ray Davezac, was a protege of B.K.Sneed (father of Jennifer Sneed Heebe, and who donated $5000 dollars to your campaign fund in 2010) in the JP Public Works Dept. This is the same Ray Davezac, who pled guilty in the Hubbard extortion scandal, that has also contributed thousands of dollars to your campaign. Mr. Young, could you tell this Grand Jury the nature of your relationship with Mr. Davezac, including the time span of your knowing him; any business endeavors that you may have had or have presently with Mr. Davezac; and any legal representation that you performed on behalf of Mr. Davezac ?

  21. QUESTION: Mr. Roberts, could you please give the Grand Jury the names of the FBI agent(s) and/or Federal Authority(ies) who you consistently refer to as giving you alerts to Federal Subpoenas being issued but not served; who is and is not being served; and as to your assertion, being told that you are not the subject of a Federal investigation ?

  22. Question: Mr. Lee
    What exactly was the nature of your relationship with Chris Roberts and the Sisungs at the time of the donation of property by the Sisungs to you or any entity with which you were associated? Follow-up:
    What exactly is the nature of your relationship , if any, with Chris Roberts and the Sisungs? Please include any monetary or in-kind donations in addition to any business dealings you have with either or both .

  23. QUESTION: Mr. Roberts, we now know Lafitte’s Mayor Kerner, whose action was directed by you and on your behalf, attempted to arrange a meeting with your opponent in the JP Council-at-Large race, Mr. Tim Baudier, a Councilman for the City of Harahan. It is further understood that the purpose of this meeting was to ‘persuade’ Mr. Baudier to withdraw so that you could be ‘anointed’ by forfeiture; to avoid spending money you no longer have as a result of the $380,000 thousand dollars you spent from your a campaign fund in 2009 and 2010, for Mardi Gras stuff, golf carts and other items that had and has absolutely nothing to do with any kind/type/form of legitimate political campaign expense.

    Could you tell this Grand Jury what you expected Mr. Baudier to agree to, or take from you or accept from you that would be sufficient bribery to accomplish your illegally seizing public office without opposition ?

  24. QUESTION: Mr. Young, being a critic yourself of the illegal manner in which your colleagues blatantly disregarded state law requirements concerning public meetings relating to the appointing of Steve Theriot as interim Parish President, and having such knowledge of the criminal activity conspired amongst and between Council members (Roberts, Capella, Lee, Congemi, Lagasse and Lee-Sheng) and further knowing that it is mandated by the Jefferson Parish Charter and the accompanying Code of Ordinances that any acts of wrong doing be reported and investigated, could you please tell the Grand Jury:

    Why you failed to report such criminal conduct to DA Paul Connick ? Or for that matter to the office of the La State Atty General, Buddy Caldwell ?

  25. We’re back to the game here again fans with The Jefferson Taxpayers leading the Jefferson Clowns 2-1.The Taxpayer fans are now booing the advertisements by sponsor River Birch Dump displayed on scoreboard and the excessive conference meeting between third base coach Capella huddled with all the Clowns. Pitcher Mann finally voices objection and meeting breaks up. We had a mike in on the meeting and it seems Maestri is going to take the first three pitches of Mann before he honesty hits away. Mann winds and throws a hard breaking ball which stops over lower outside edge then asks – Ron did Broussard or any top administrator talk to you about voting in favor of the River Birch contract ? Maestri starts to swing at the big fat stationary ball but remembers his instructions and checks his swing- BALL ONE. Maestri seems to be talking to himself saying why am I being questioned now. Mann gets signal from Margie ,pumps and throws a wicked slow curve which stops on inside edge then asks- Ron did you know before you left the council in 2009 that Karen Broussard was not a paralegal but making the salary of a paralegal supervisor? Ron doesn’t flinch an inch on that pitch – BALL TWO. Margie gives next signal to Mann who with a full windup throws a screw ball at Ron’s head which stops just inches short of his nose then asks-Ron if I throw you a straight fast ball down the middle next pitch will you commit to honestly swinging at it? – BALL THREE. Ron, ducks and appears visibly shaken from the pitch to his head and looks at third base coach Capella for instructions. Ooops, sorry fans time for another scoreboard commercial from River Birch Dump. Capella calls time out and you should see the livid Jefferson Taxpayer fans now throwing hot dogs at Sneedie on third. Stay tuned, its getting exciting.

  26. What did you know and when did you know it? And BTW did you overhear any juicy conversations while you attended functions or visited with folks with your deceased husband, former State Senator, Ken Hollis?

  27. QUESTION: Mr. Letten, you have previously been apprised of the exorbitant amounts of money, $190,000 thousand dollars, that Mr. Chris Roberts spent from his campaign fund in 2009; the majority of monies spent on Mardi Gras related items (a Mardi Gras Float, a tractor to pull the float, maintanence of an antique Fire Engine to put out fires on the float, tens of thousands of dollars of elaborate sound and visual equipment to entertain his minions, thousands of dollars of Chinese beads and favors to throw from the float, and a sno-ball stand). I introduce into evidence the Louisiana Ethics Commission link for Roberts expenditures 2009:

    Now Mr. Letten, let me draw your and the Grand Jury’s attention to Mr. Roberts’ 2010 expenditures from his campaign fund for 2010, and I will now introduce into evidence the Louisiana Ethics Commission’s link relating to the expenditures in question for 2010:

    Mr. Letten, here is a list that identifies a number items, but not all, that Mr. Roberts paid for out of his campaign fund. Please take a few minutes to review the same.

    7909 Citrus Blossom
    Land O Lakes, FL 34639 video advertising 1/26/2010 $11,500.00

    7858 Country Lane
    Santa Fe, TX 77517 deposit – train 7/30/2010 $9,000.00

    7858 Country Lane
    Santa Fe, TX 77517 deposit – train 7/30/2010 $9,000.00

    661 NW 118th Street
    North Miami, FL 33168 Hot Dog Cart 2/19/2010 $5,800.00


    , Misc exp pd by campaign that were reimb from Chris Roberts 12/31/2010 $3,730.49

    121 Industrial Avenue
    Jefferson, LA 70121 Mardi Gras Campaign Cups 1/5/2010 $3,715.94


    , 1984 sign truck 4/19/2010 $3,600.00


    , faceplate – photo booth 3/16/2010 $3,600.00

    740 Rosemary Drive
    New Bramfels, TX 78130 mobile advertising 12/4/2010 $3,200.00

    R & D
    4476 West Bank Expressway
    Marrero, LA 70072 golf cart 5/7/2010 $3,060.95

    1700 Westbank Exp
    Harvey, LA 70058 inv 16330 9/1/2010 $2,591.50

    999 N. 9th St.
    Baton Rouge, LA 70802 Rent 7/22/2010 $1,830.00

    950 Southeast M St.
    Grants Pass, OR 97526 float fleur de lis fiber optics 1/29/2010 $1,673.29

    215 Bienville
    Gretna, LA 70056 float 7/7/2010 $1,500.00

    215 Bienville
    Gretna, LA 70056 Rex float 7/16/2010 $1,500.00

    1601 Westbank Expressway
    Harvey, LA 70058 camera for Mayor Kerner – to be reimb by Kerner 5/25/2010 $1,438.60

    640 N. Capitol Avenue
    Indianapolic, IN 46204 float materials 2/8/2010 $1,279.26

    209 Moss Bayou Lane
    Kenner, LA 70065 Float 8/2/2010 $1,200.00

    3342 Esplanade Avenue
    New Orleans, LA 70119 Insurance for parades 1/26/2010 $1,071.00

    215 Bienville
    Gretna, LA 70056 float 10/13/2010 $1,025.00

    215 Bienville
    Gretna, LA 70056 float couchon du lait 9/20/2010 $1,000.00


    , deposit sign truck 4/19/2010 $1,000.00

    225 Westbank Expressway
    Gretna, LA 70053 Deposit on Mardi Gras beads. 1/3/2010 $1,000.00

    999 N. 9th St.
    Baton Rouge, LA 70802 Rent 1/5/2010 $890.00

    3342 Esplanade Avenue
    New Orleans, LA 70119 Italian-American parade 3/25/2010 $714.00

    94 West Bank Expressway
    Gretna, LA 70053 train insurance 11/22/2010 $630.00

    225 Westbank Exp
    Gretna, LA 70053 Mardi Gras beads 2/2/2010 $605.00

    950 Southeast M St.
    Grants Pass, OR 97526 float lighting 2/15/2010 $600.00

    215 Bienville
    Gretna, LA 70056 float 8/10/2010 $575.00

    102 Alpha St.
    Belle Chasse, LA 70037 top for snowball trailer 8/20/2010 $523.80

    716 Barataria Blvd.
    Marrero, LA 70072 chrome plate for golf cart floors 12/14/2010 $460.00

    32 Smithway
    Gretna, LA 70053 scooter mobile trailer 5/17/2010 $450.00

    P. O. Box 1562
    Metairie, LA 70002 dues 3/21/2010 $435.00

    2205 Old Philadelphia
    Lancaster, PA 17602 hot dog machine-couchon du lait 11/9/2010 $420.40

    4836 Constitution Avenue
    Baton Rouge, LA 70808 office Christmas lunch 12/23/2010 $411.20

    225 Westbank Expressway
    Gretna, LA 70053 Saints parade throws 2/8/2010 $366.36


    , Gobo projector 3/17/2010 $345.00

    201 Louisiana St
    Westwego, LA 70094 Cabbage for St. Pat parade 3/18/2010 $343.20

    1000 S. Clearview Pkwy
    Harahan, LA 70123 items for float 2/24/2010 $326.24

    1527 MacArthur
    Harvey, LA 70058 Hot Dog Trailer repairs 8/30/2010 $300.00

    62 Westbank Expressway
    Gretna, LA 10301-0 float materials 12/20/2010 $255.98

    3535 Severn Avenue
    Metairie, LA 70003 parade fees 3/8/2010 $249.00

    Hurrican Fogger for streetcar 12/15/2010 $247.90

    1351 Manhattan Blvd.
    Harvey, LA 70058 items for float 1/31/2010 $235.89

    4836 Constitution Avenue
    Baton Rouge, LA 70808 Sen Heitmeier Arthur Lawson-dinner during session 4/26/2010 $231.69

    2136 Hampton Dr.
    Harvey, LA 70058 dues 1/31/2010 $225.00


    Shelton, CT streamers for Saints parade 1/29/2010 $218.31

    Mr. Letten it does appear, does it not, that Mr. Roberts, like Mr. Price, has a proclivity to spend monies for all things Mardi Gras and golf carts. However Mr. Roberts’ seems to have out spent Mr. Price, some $380,000 to $8000 or 48 to 1.

    Now having reviewed the above Mr. Letten, could you tell this Grand Jury why you have failed and/or refused to prosecute Chris Roberts for the illegal expenditure of campaign funds, counts of criminal activity very similar to your prosecution of Eddie Price, who pled guilty and was sentenced to 42 months in prison ?

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