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  1. Unslabbed, I detected a fair amount of stubble on Chris Roberts’ procine, jowly chin last night’s news when asked about the subpoenas.

    This guy speaks for the Council *every *single damn *time.

    He is de facto jefe de junta, aka for all practical purposes the real Chairman of the JP Council.

  2. Yes Tele: I too saw fear on the fat boy’s face…and in the final segment where the reporter discusses the River Birch federal investigation where he says he thinks the Feds will have more questions and that they have all been cooperating and answering all the questions…Freudianly he did not say the council was answering ‘truthfully’.

    Another observation from the peanut gallery: Anyone else think it is a bit odd that it was not until Lettenemgo was out of the way that anything started happening?

    Is he afraid to be on the Big TV in front of this one? Afraid it might hurt his post-retirement cush job at a big firm? Maybe Houghtaling’s?

  3. Carnac, here is envelope #2…… Carnac having never seen the question inside will give the answer….

    Carnac holds up envelope to his turbin….. then gives the answer….. ‘sweet and sour shrimp’.

    Carnac tears open envelope and reads the question… Give a description of a moody Chris Roberts.

  4. I’m back, too, and can’t believe it took so long to resolve “glitch” that keep me ‘wireless” (literally)…will catch up as I can – but with so much happening while I was “off'” …

  5. Oh really ?…. Arrogance + stupidity = Young, Lagasse, Roberts, Lee, Capella, Sheng-Lee

    “The council members and Young said they consider themselves witnesses, not targets. Such is not the case for Parker and Broussard, along with Broussard’s top aide, Tim Whitmer and former Parish Attorney Tom Wilkinson”.


    These JP Politico Thugs are lawyering up as I type…

    And we get this ‘conflicted’ quote from Hairy Rosenberg, a partner at Phlips, Dungmore, the firm hired by these same Politico Thugs to SLAPP the whistleblower Anne Marie Vandenweghe whose factual allegations of this very same payroll fraud that were made public in her suit filed with the JP Personnel Board in Feb. 2010:

    “It’s still hard to know what the government’s doing,” former U.S. Attorney Harry Rosenberg said. “The target letters suggest that the government is going to move forward with official criminal charges, but it doesn’t always.”

    Well we know that no one in Jefferson Parish government did anything and we know that DA Connick did nothing…are we being told now that the Feds will do nothing too ? That Jefferson Parish White Public Officials, whether elected or appointed, are above the law and are immune from criminal prosecution ?

    Is that what you’re telling us Hairy ? Will we be seeing partners from your firm being hired by Young and the Council of Clowns ? No conflict here though, just like your firm representing TheRiot individually at the taxpayers’ expense…is’s just about the money, right Hairy!

  6. Hairy has been at the JP Public Trough since WAAAAAAAY back … he was instrumental in the redistricting lawsuit when the black majority district was created in 1990’s under federal mandate.

    Hairy is the Sycophant of all Sycophants.

    Hairy : Where were you when Mr. Simon was suffering the Heil Hitlers and excrutiating anti-semitism of Kerlec, Clem Donelon and the rest of the Jew Baiters in the Parish?

    You cannot sit this one out Hairy pretending your attorney position exempts you from responsibility and culpability: If your eye offends pluck it out.

    Are YOU complicit in aiding and abetting unethical and possibly illegal activities in Jefferson Parish over the DECADES you have represented them?

    When you meet God how will you explain your abandonment of Mr. Simon? How do you explain it in synogogue now? Presuming you go and presuming you tell your Rabbi about your misdeeds.

    The Shame Harry Rosenberg. Your mother would be mortified to show her face if she knew what you allowed to happen to Mr. Simon and even now that Kerlec is still employed at Jefferson Parish.

    The Shame.

  7. And BTW
    Mr. Simon deserves a PUBLIC APOLOGY from the Jefferson Parish Administration/Council on air at a Council Meeting.
    He deserves to be reinstated into the Retirement System long enough for the Parish to buy him enough time to retire at Kerlec’s rate of pay.
    Kerlec needs to be prosecuted under the Civil Rights and Anti-Defamation laws after first being fired and having his retirement denied to him…LET HIM SUE FOR 5 YEARS…attorneys will still make lots of $ only this time for doing the RIGHT THING by making Kerlec suffer.

  8. In advance of the Grand Jury proceedings scheduled for Friday the 25th, here is one question I would like to proffer for the most serious consideration by the US Atty’s Office in his preparation for the appearance of JP Council Members and Parish President:


  9. XXX Trash…a Menange a Trois Orgy:


    1) Wilkinson, Barton and Gruntz…payroll fraud and cover up payroll fraud…

    WILKINSON, both as a lawyer and Parish Attorney hired uncertified para-legals, most notably Karen Broussard. His rationalized excuse: he was told to hire her and others. That’s not an ethical or legal defense. The Rules of Professional Conduct, together with Parish and State law demand that Wilkinson should have just said NO. But being the political whore that he is, he further facilitated and became a principal in a criminal conspiracy to commit payroll fraud.

    BARTON, First Deputy Asst PA, who was assigned by Wilkinson the tasks of Supervisor of both Para-legals and Asst PAs, became a principal participant in a conspiracy to commit payroll fraud, by not saying NO. She too, as a lawyer, breached The Rules of Professional Conduct, together with intentional conduct in violation of both Parish and State law. It is Barton, who in furtherance of the payroll fraud, additionally committed the crime of Altering Public Records, by changing the Parish Attorney’s Office charts. A intentional deceit designed as a misrepresentation, that Karen Broussard, along with others would not appear to be under her Supervision, which in fact they were !

    GRUTZ, another First Deputy Asst PA…KNOWS EVERYTHING that has illegally transpired and that has been colluded to between Wilkinson and Barton. Gruntz has failed and/or refused to report any criminal misconduct to the proper authorities. He too, along with Wilkinson and Barton, failed in his duty under The Rules of Professional Conduct and should be prosecuted for several counts of Misprison of a Felony and Obstruction of Justice. Period !

    And it should be noted that the same conspiracy to commit payroll fraud, and in fact violate the law prohibiting such criminal conduct applies collaterally to the hiring and paying salaries to Asst PAs who WERE NON- ELECTORS of Jefferson Parish; a requirement mandated by the Parish Charter to be employed as Asst Parish Attorney is that one be AN ELECTOR OF JEFFERSON PARISH !

    PART II soon to follow.

  10. XXX Trash…a Menange a Trois Orgy:


    Barton, Grutz and Theriot conspired cover up the scope of which individuals were principal participants in the payroll fraud, including Barton and Gruntz themselves; their objective was to obstruct justice in the investigation of the para-legal payroll fraud by the La Legislative Auditor How ? Simple, put AMV on administrative leave without cause or a hearing. Slander…defamation of character…DUE PROCESS ? Your an at will employee, Clem “the liar” Donelon says; Gruntz chimes in that unless you are Timmy ” the grassman” Whitmer and have Aaron Broussard crying about your constitutional “right to due process” your fucked, the JP Human Resource’s style.

    Man I can’t wait for the CLASS ACTION SUIT against the Parish of Jefferson, and these politico thugs: Junior Mendoza, Clem Donelon, Louis Gruntz and Ted Nass to be sued personally for yelling that illegal party line for all these years… “you’re an at will employee and are not entitled to a hearing”…Thank you Mr. Broussard ! Yes, each and every at will employee who has been fired should join in as a class; and sue all of those mentioned and recover not only from the Parish but seize these MFs’ personal property and retirement accounts in the process ! MFs… just a bunch of arrogant retirement junkies is all they are…

    BARTON, now knows that AMV has identified her alterations of the public records, namely the Parish Attorney’s organizational chart, which absent Barton’s changes, would show that the para-leagals Broussard, Trahan, Thomassee and others were under her supervision. That being a fact would make her as culpable as her boss, Wilkinson, in on going conspiracy to commit payroll fraud, which she is ! Not only has she breached The Rules of Professional Conduct, she has committed yet another felony by altering the public records. To aid and abet her in this unlawful conduct she has elicited the help of Deano Bonano and JPSO Knopp.

    GRUNTZ, the Politico thugs’ grunt, now goes into action to do what he does best, SUBTERFUGE ! Acting as though he was unaware that AMV was to be put on administrative leave, he assures the Legislative Auditor of his and Barton’s full cooperation. No need to talk to AMV, the sole person who brought this illegal payroll fraud to light by the filing of her WhistleBlower suit, and to him prior to that action. Grunt assures the Legislative Auditor that he and Peggy will make sure they are given all the information they need. And that’s exactly what Gruntz and Barton did. In the Legislative Auditor’s report, which subtantiated AMV’s truthful allegations of fact concerning the para-legal payroll fraud, and now the US Atty’s issuance of target letters to Aaron Broussard, Karen Broussard and Tom Wilkinson, it would appear on the surface that Barton and Gruntz have deflected their involvement in this conspiracy…I DON’T THINK SOOO… SAYS A LITTLE PIGEON WHO CARRIES NOTES TO ME …

    THERIOT, the illegally appointed interim Parish President…Larry Sisung’s whore, who failed to hold the fishing line for Heebe…to host the River Birch fish-fry. However what he did do was to further retaliate against AMV, hosting a meeting of the seven eunchs of which he presided, and present ample fraudulent evidence to frame AMV. Suspend her without the performance of due diligence of a thorough and impartial investigation of the allegations made in her WhistleBlower suit. After all, TheRiot is there to protect the status quo: to kill the messenger ! IN the meantime, he, along with the Council of Clowns (Young included) vote to spend yet again tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees for outside campaign contributor lawyers to ‘DEFEND THE INDEFENSIBLE’; hire Phlips, Dungmore to SLAPP the victim of harassment and retaliation, AMV. Like TheRiot and JP Council of Clowns, they commit an egregious act of malpractice by also failing to perform due diligence by conducting a thorough and impartial investigation of the factual and truthful allegations of AMV’s WhistleBlower suit. The lawyers have become the client ! And if this circus of incompetence wasn’t enough to entertain you, they (TheRiot, the Council of Clowns and Phlips, Dungmore in concert) file a suit against the blogasphere and become the laughing stock of not only the N.O. Metro Area but the entire Nation. Several of the Council Clowns, Roberts and Lee-Sheng in particular, declared that the suit was indeed directed toward AMV…say what? The suit was dropped by TheRiot and the Clowns, but not without considerable expense to the taxpayers for this unnecessary foolishness.

    PART THREE waiting to be edited.

  11. XXX Trash…a Menange a Trois Orgy:


    Barton, Young and Foshee…and the continuing payroll fraud coverup.

    BARTON: So far, the the scope of the Federal Investigation into unlawful payroll fraud seems to be limited to the para-legals hired by former Parish Attorney Wilkinson, designated as such and put under the direct Supervision of First Deputy Asst PA, Peggy Barton. That Barton altered the public records in an adulterated attempt of eliminating certain individuals’ names listed as para-legals previously shown to be part of the Parish Atty’s Office, does not negate this fact…Karen Broussard, Ken Trahan, Antoine Thomassie and others recently fired, lacked the necessary certification to be hired and paid as a para-legal in the first instance. Wilkinson, even prior to his resignation, professed that he was told to hire people, and that was just honkey-dorey as far as this political whore was concerned. Facilitate and accommodate was Wilkinson’s tour de force; competence and professionalism was not Wilkinson’s desired goal. In Barton he found someone he could mold to achieve his ends, and without question. Barton in effect, became “Wilkinson in drag”.

    And that persona, Barton as “Wilkinson in drag”, became most pronounced during her tirades directed towards the M & M sisters (CFGG) as they persisted in their questioning THE LEGALITY of the RFP process concerning River Birch. Given those facts, it would seem warranted to question why Peggy Barton is not only still in the Parish Attorney’s Office, BUT WHY is she the designated Asst PA of record for Jefferson Parish in the Waste Management lawsuit ? Obviously ethical conflicts of interest are of no concern to Barton…or the Parish President…or the Council of Clowns…no surprise here.

    I have heretofore, I believe, laid out the case of Barton’s willing participation in a combined criminal conspiracy of public payroll fraud as it concerns itself to date with para-legals under her direct Supervision (the Non-Elector Asst PAs’ payroll fraud is finally being investigated); and equally, her altering of Public Records in an attempt to conceal her involvement in the Para-legal payroll fraud.

    But it is the persistent rumor of her personal conduct relating to payroll fraud that is disturbing as well. For some years now it has been “talked about”, both in the Parish Attorney’s Office and the 10th floor of the Yenni Bldg alike, that Wilkinson told Barton that it wasn’t necessary for her to take leave time when going to visit her husband in Korea for weeks at a time. He (Wilkinson) assured her that all she need do, was send a few e-mails that pertained to her duties as Supervisor of the Asst. PAs and para-legals and that would suffice. Do I believe Wilkinson told her that?…absolutely, positively, yes. Do I know that Barton did not file for leave time that would have been required under the terms of her employment, I have no idea. There is only one thing required to dispel this rumor, and that is for Barton to produce her passport in order to correlate the dates with Parish payroll records… Period. Mystery over. One way or the other such information would be dispositive of yet another instance which raises a question of payroll fraud on behalf of Barton.

    YOUNG: A simple and direct question: Mr. Young, given the fact that Peggy Barton is a principal participant and co-conspirator, along with Broussard, Whitmer, and Wilkinson concerning: 1) payroll fraud relating to Non-Certified and overpayed para-legals, ie Karen Parker; and the hiring and paying of salaries unlawfully to non-elector Asst Parish Attorneys, and, 2) altering of public records in attempt to cover up by such deceit, coupled with the fact that she was the 1st Deputy Asst Parish Attorney appointed by Wilkinson to have both Supervisory capacity over both Para-leagls and Asst Parish Attorneys…WHY is Barton still employed in the Jefferson Parish Attorney’s Office or with Jefferson Parish in any capacity ?

    It is not a question of how long you have or continue to act in concert with a conspirator to be made a part of the conspiracy, but the fact that you do an act at any given time, before or after the commission of the criminal activity that the conspiracy was designed to achieve.

    A logical conclusion would be that Young, having knowledge of Barton’s criminal conduct as it relates to her facilitating payroll fraud and now alteration of Public Records, and all the while he sat as Councilman-at-Large for 6 1/2 years , and now as Parish President for the last 5 months, is that he (Young) is a willing participant in these conspiracies, and in addition should be charged with several counts of Misprision of a Felony.

    FOSHEE: As the newly appointed Legal Officer of Jefferson Parish, JUST SAY NO ! NO more cover ups…NO more facilitation of corrupt deals…NO more accommodating of unethical or illegal acts of the Parish President and the Parish Council, or by any one in Parish Government…NO more harassment and retaliation of employees who report wrong doing…NO more degradation of the Parish Attorney’s Office to suit the purposes of the Political Elite…NO more compromising of legal ethics and professionalism…NO MORE BULLSHIT !

    So you, Ms. Foshee, should know what needs to be done…so do it ! Your self-respect, your obligation to the Bar and your future reputation is on the line…do the right thing…NOW !

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