Not long ago on Slabbed, Longshanks said the American people were in reality slaves…

And when you read the Rolling Stones article on Wall Street being completely above the law you’ll understand why you see names like Brooksley Born, Judge Jed Rakoff, AIG and crooked CEO John Mack in our archives. And sadly, I’ve concluded Longshanks is probably right, we are becoming economic slaves to financial interests and that the sheeple are too self-absorbed and ignorant to understand that basic fact. It also explains why I have little respect for sham regulators like Jim Donelon and Mike Chaney or the rest of the corporate do bitches that populate the Republican party. The Democrats aren’t any better though their rhetoric doesn’t come across as quite so clueless.

Perhaps this is why discriminating bloggers call folks like House Speaker John Boehner a dumb fuck for talking about repealing the weak financial re-regulation bill that passed last year. Meantime the Hollow One, $tung by critici$m about being too hard in Wall Street, is now genuflecting before CEOs like John Mack $pit $hining their $kin flute$.  Ain’t 2 party politics swell!

Hat tip to Editilla and Dambala.


Denial – Biggers’ reaches decision on Zach Scruggs’ Motion to Allow Discovery

This morning’s not altogether unexpected rise-and-shine news is Judge Biggers’ denial of Zach Scruggs’ Motion to Allow Discovery.  h/t  Y’all Politics

Time will tell if Biggers’ you’ve-already-had-discovery decision means Zach’s Motion to Vacate is doomed. While the Court had discretion to decide the motion, the next decision is a matter of law – and the point of Scruggs’ motion was no discovery would be needed if the Court followed the law. Biggers’ Order is here (another h/t to Y’all)