Follow the bouncing Broussard……..

Here is a bit of background courtesy of Anne Marie Vandenweghe:

I received three responses to my PRR 441-10 for all Parish Attorney Organizational Charts from 1990 to present.

  1. Mary Galley’s response ( Her title is listed SECRETARY TO PARISH ATTORNEY); Certification dated 03/04/2010
  2. Chris Gillen’s response ( His title is listed ASSISTANT TO PARISH ATTORNEY); Certification dated 03/04/2010
  3. Peggy Barton’s response ( Who at the time was ACTING PARISH ATTORNEY); Certification dated 03/05/2010

At the beginning of January 2010 as the paralegal issue flared up Val Bracy had requested the same thing and in gathering the responses for Val’s PRR I discovered that one day after the PRR came in Peggy Barton had revised the chart by removing the paralegals from under her supervision. The box(es) with Karen Parker Broussard had disappeared. Barton did not supply any other chart(s) in response, just the one she had manipulated.

OK folks, I’ve seen all three PRR responses. Mary Galley’s response had all the org charts contained in Gillen’s and Barton’s response. Now flip through the Scribd embed following and follow the bouncing Broussard until poof, she disappears.

[scribd id=49005940 key=key-2jhlkqhzuki96sr79uxz mode=list]

I’d like to know what Mrs Barton knew about Karen Parker Broussard and when did she know it. She was under Barton on the chain of command for quite a while until poof, she disappeared.

Perhaps this is sort of stuff Judge LaDart was worried would leak out if they gave AMV her emails back.


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  1. Well Mr. Young…what do you have to say now that we all know (meaning the world, literally) that Peggy Barton not only was a co-conspirator in payroll fraud with her former troglodyte boss Wilkinson, but a principal in a collateral conspiracy to alter the public records. Payroll fraud is a felony; altering public records is a felony.

    And to think, this unlawful conduct as cited above is only the tip of the iceberg…we haven’t even begun to examine the magnitude of payroll fraud related to Non-Elector Asst PAs hired over the last 14 years by Wilkinson and supervised by Barton…we are talking in the Millions of Dollars illegally paid to lawyers hired contrary to the mandate of the JP Charter !

    Mr. Young…why is Peggy Barton still an Asst PA being paid with taxpayers money ?

  2. July 2005 to May 2009: no change, always in the same mini-square box of 2-3 persons under Barton (including 2 other, apparently real, paralegals (including one who just posted here)).

    Then July 2009 KPB is just dangling all by herself like a participle.

    Then, January 2010: nada.


  3. And why isn’t that pus-sucking parsite misbegotten bastard Connick not filing charges?
    Hope his Federal “target” letter is in the mail!

  4. A comment REITERATED and for good cause:

    Again I am at a loss: AMV filed a whistleblower claim exposing wrong doing by Public Officials, including Barton’s alledged role in the payroll fraud of para-legals under her supervision is FIRED; BUT Barton IS STILL the interim Parish Attorney in possesion of AMV’s personal property ! Is it me, or is this Connick punk Young really the politico thug he has been demonstrating himself to be these last few weeks ?

    It is my belief that Young is in violation of the following criminal statute, LaRS 14:122 as follows:

    Public intimidation and retaliation.

    A. Public intimidation is the use of violence, force, or threats upon any of the following persons, with the intent to influence his conduct in relation to his position, employment, or duty:

    (1) Public officer or public employee.

    The best evidence of Young’s criminal conduct is the direct threat to each and everyone of the ‘at will’ employees in that their failure to sign the resignation document would result in their being fired. These facts are proof positive that the employee’s signature was involuntarily extracted.

    The only law that applies in all states that would excuse an employee to act as demanded is that an employer cannot compel an employee to commit a crime, nor fire him/her for refusing to do so. An employee who signs would necessarily become a co-conspirator with Young in his criminal activity.


    There are at least two full time Ass’t Parish Attorneys who are presumedly NOT ELECTORS of Jefferson Parish, a prerequisite required in the Jefferson Parish Charter to be employed as an Asst. Parish Attorney, part time or full time and they are: TIFFANY PEPERONE and JEREMY DWYER. Prior to the dismissal of several part time Asst Parish Attys these individuals appeared not to have been electors of Jefferson Parish: ALVIN J. DUPRE, CONNIE FISCHER POWELL and SUSAN POWELL.

    The fact that these non-electors of Jefferson Parish are and have been employed unlawfully and contrary to the Parish Charter with the the knowledge of former Parish Attorney Wilkinson and then deputy and now interim Parish Attorney Barton make them culpable of the crime LaRS 14:38 Public Payroll fraud and they and others who had such knowledge that these individuals listed above were not electors of Jefferson Parish should be charged also.

    It is reasonable to conclude that Young by continuing to have Barton working in his administration has himself become a co-conspirator in Public Payroll Fraud in violation of LaRS 14:38.

    I am forwarding this information to the FBI Office here in New Orleans because I know this:

    1) the don of this Jefferson Parish politico thug mafia, Jefferson Parish DA Paul Connick, Jr. will absolutely do nothing, and

    2) this La Atty General like all others in the past NEVER do anything about corruption in JP

    POST ADDENDUM: Peggy Barton is still on the taxpayers’ payroll as of today…her presence is inexcusable and Connick’s punk Young needs to fire her tomorrow morning…

    The Feds may want to ask Young during his appearance at the Grand Jury, what is it that Barton has on him to keep her this position…and particularly, her being the named Asst PA in the Waste Management litigation re River Birch !

  5. And while the Feds are asking, they might want to ask THE OTHER Assistant Parish Attorney, Louis Gruntz, WHAT he knew and WHEN he knew it.

    Reliable rumors ( and AMV’s Whistleblower claims) show he knew plenty ( how could he not having been there 30+ years) yet he stood silently by allowing the corruption to go on.

    Rumor has it his head was once on the chopping block under Wilkinson/Whitmer but Gruntz had his buddy Debra Miller Yenni ‘intervene’ for him. Wonder what that cost him?

  6. Unslabbed, that Steve guy had a great post a while back about the mentality of those who stay in the JPAO and elsewhere in the administration. Something about wanting to be the Big Dog one day but getting too drained out before they ever got close. Read like it was insightful stuff.

  7. Open Letter on behalf of the Citizen/Voter/Taxpayer of Jefferson Parish, by your most humble myself, Whitmergate:

    ATTN: Mr. Chris Cox

    Newly appointed Jefferson Parish COO,
    Continuing liasion with the US Atty’s Office,
    Very JP connected through Dad,
    Former Law Clerk to Impeached Judge Porteous,
    Worked for the “Don” DA Connick,
    Has had previous ‘work’ record with Young,
    Alleged to be Squeaky Clean and a good guy ?

    Dear Chris,

    I’ll cut to the chase…apparently your boss, Connick’s punk Young, is having problems, both with reading and hearing as it relates to the person of Peggy Barton, who to this day remains in the Parish Attorney’s Office, ‘Pegs’ as we prefer to call her, is in deep shit over this payroll fraud as it concerns those departments which she was designated supervisor by her heretofore blow buddy boss, now resigned and disgraced former Parish Attorney Tom Wilkinson.

    Pegs was responsible for both para-legals and Asst Parish Attorneys. It seems as though, she along with her former reprobate superior Tommy “fuck ’em let them sue” Wilkinson, conspired to pay people taxpayer money they were ineligible to receive, as in the case of non-elector Asst PAs; and para-legals who were not certified in fact as para-legals.

    Now that AMV’s factual allegations of this payroll fraud scheme, as set forth in her WhistleBlower claim(s), has not only been attested to by the La. Legislative Auditor, your boss has made it a point to deal with it, but only as it concerns the low level peon employee.

    Something’s fucked up when your boss fires the person, AMV, who had the courage to make this criminal activity public and document the same…but continues to employ a person, Barton, who has been a principal participant and conspirator with Wilkinson, in criminal conduct of not only payroll fraud, but altering the public record.

    I have a suggestion…draw a picture of Peg’s behind bars…maybe then he’ll get it.

    I want to thank you in advance for any consideration and/or action in this matter that you deem appropriate…like, save your ass,


    PS: Now that you know Chris…does Misprision of a Felony ring a bell ?

    PPS: And just for the purpose of this discussion, even if Pegs was co-operating with the Government to try and save her ass, do you think that she should be rewarded by keeping her job, when AMV had her job taken away ? This goes to the very heart of the matter: an honest Whistleblower gets punished, but the rat gets the cheese !

    PPPS: Pegs I will not rest until you, like your troglodyte former boss, Wilkerson, are brought to justice and pay for the injustice AMV has had to endure as a result of the continued harassment and retaliation still to this day, summoned by both of you respectively.

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