John Young fires 3 unqualified paralegals (finally). Where the heck was Peggy Barton and her blowbuddy Lil’ Pup this whole time?

Channel 4 updated a long time subject both here on Slabbed and elsewhere in the payroll fraud in the Jefferson Parish Attorney’s Office. Here is Mike Perlstein’s video report:

[vodpod id=ExternalVideo.987551&w=425&h=350&fv=]

I loved this quote from Perlstein’s piece:

Rafael Goyeneche, president of the non-profit watchdog group Metropolitan Crime Commission, was among the people who brought the problem to Young’s attention, although several parish employees said the situation was hardly a secret.

Hardly a secret indeed.

Naturally the good folks at the Citizens for Good Government would have an opinion as they too have been all over this. Following is the text of a letter they sent to John Young today:

John F. Young, Jr.
Parish President
Joseph S. Yenni Building
1221 Elmwood Park Blvd., 10th Floor
Jefferson, LA 70123

SUBJECT: Officials who perpetrated the paralegal fraud should also be fired

Dear President Young,

Citizens for Good Government is happy that you have taken further action in the paralegal scandal by letting non-certified paralegals go. Interim Parish President Steve Theriot had previously fired individuals who were hired with the title of “paralegal” without the proper credentials, but were not even working for the Legal Department.

However, you have apparently not taken any action yet against the officials currently holding positions in our Jefferson Parish government who were actually responsible for the paralegal scandal by hiring or supposedly supervising unqualified individuals, and having them paid out of the Legal Department budget, while they were actually assigned to other departments. In our opinion, these government officials are even more guilty than the individuals who merely accepted jobs offered to them by these public officials, in some cases because they were friends or were politically connected.

According to Louisiana Revised Statute 14:138(A):

Public payroll fraud is committed when:

(1) Any person shall knowingly receive any payment or compensation, or knowingly permit his name to be carried on any employment list or payroll for any payment or compensation from the state, for services not actually rendered by himself, or for services grossly inadequate for the payment or compensation received or to be received according to such employment list or payroll; or

(2) Any public officer or public employee shall carry, cause to be carried, or permit to be carried, directly or indirectly, upon the employment list or payroll of his office, the name of any person as employee, or shall pay any employee, with knowledge that such employee is receiving payment or compensation for services not actually rendered by said employee or for services grossly inadequate for such payment or compensation.

Hence, public payroll fraud was committed not only by the individuals who received pay for work they were not doing, but by the Jefferson Parish officials who were responsible for hiring these individuals. In addition, the officials who were supposed to be supervising the paralegals who were not actually working for them, but were assigned to other departments, are also apparently guilty of public payroll fraud, since they permitted these individuals to be carried on the payroll of the Legal Department.

President Young, you have made it clear that you want a transparent, honest administration, and Citizens for Good Government is counting on this. If you really mean what you say, then you will follow through on the paralegal scandal to its just conclusion by taking the appropriate action against the perpetrators of the paralegal scandal who are still in our government. These individuals need to be punished—there would have been no paralegal scandal without them. They should not be a part of our Jefferson Parish government any more than the unqualified individuals who were hired as paralegals.


Margaret Baird
Chairman, Citizens for Good Government

Margie Seemann
Vice-Chairman, Citizens for Good Government

cc: Deborah Foshee, Parish Attorney
Chris Cox, Chief Operating Officer

You go girls.


43 thoughts on “John Young fires 3 unqualified paralegals (finally). Where the heck was Peggy Barton and her blowbuddy Lil’ Pup this whole time?”

  1. As usual, The marvelous M & M sisters have been all over this issue from the beginning.

    And, it is refreshing to see their tenacity in calling Young out on this issue and other issues which need addressing by his office/administration. I’m sure most of the current crop of J.P. politicans thought that us folks in CfGG would be long gone if they just ignored us long enough..well, that didn’t happen..and, guess the good ole boys & girls in J.P. will just have to put up with us…much to their disdane for us.

    Great letter M & M’s…you continue to be the best thing to surface in Jefferson Parish in decades..good job.. !

  2. Before our corrupt DA Connick starts looking over the Kenner entitlement crap initiated by Broussard some 20 plus years ago so he can make his new”Yenni Boy” look good, he needs to act in the present.

    This para-legal payroll fraud that was facilitated by the now resigned former Parish Attorney Wilkinson and his 1st Asst PA, Peggy Barton (Supervisor of both Asst PAs and para-legals) was first publicly brought to light when AMV filed her Whistleblower suit in February 2010. The suit was filed with the JP Personnel Board, and as a matter of law, all Public Officials were charged with knowledge thereof; and that would include Connick’s punk Young as a Parish Councilman-at-Large and Connick himself as DA.

    Subsequently and within the last few months, the Legislative Auditor further confirmed the allegations of fact set forth by AMV in her Whistleblower suit. Then comes Johnny-come=lately Young who claims to own this issue. What a POS !

    And your right Tele…Young and all of the rest of this JP Politico Mafioso knew what was up with Karen…they all are guilty in a conspiracy of silence…failure to report wrong doing as mandated by JP personnel rules…misprision of a felony in violation of State Law…

    So here’s what happened…Karen Broussard is hired as a para-legal in the Parish Attorney’s Office. I can vividly remember Val Bracy’s interview with Wilkinson as she asks THE Question: Why was Karen Broussard on your payroll as a para-legal…to which he precedes to put his good buddy Broussard under the bus, trying to mitigate his degree of culpability in this crime of payroll fraud, saying that he was told to hire her !

    Well I have legal news for the reprobate Wilkinson…your fucked !… You were the Parish Attorney and it was your legal and ethical obligation and responsibility to just say NO ! But being the political whore that he is, that simple but correct answer never crossed his mind.

    It was during the first day of work as a para-legal that Karen Broussard’s conduct produced these two telling incidents. First, upon hearing one of the secretaries complain that her raise only amounted to “two cents” an hour, Karen retorted , that she (the secretary) should be glad she had a job ! This chilling and unsympathetic comment coming from a person who is getting paid some $30,000 thousand Dollars over her pay grade as a para-legal which she is not certified to be. Then sometime during the afternoon Karen proceeds to go up to the 10th floor of the Yenni Bldg and tell her husband, Parish President Aaron Broussard, that she was not going to work in that shithole office, period!

    So what does Wilkinson and Barton do? They arrange for her to have a “closet” office at JP’s Main Library on West Napoleon…how fitting. I mean who’s going to know if she is at work or not…her supervisor Peggy Barton doesn’t supervise her, Then when the shit hits the fan, Wilkinson, Barton, Bonano and Knopp conspire to make up a story that Karen was making ID cards as part of Bonano’s delusion of being the National Security Czar of JP. They conspire to and do alter the public records to make it look like Karen did indeed work under Bonano. However we learn that some other person was hired at about $32,000 Thousand Dollars to make the ID cards that Karen hadn’t done in the first place !

    So my question again is…WTF is Peggy Barton doing working in the Parish Attorney’s Office ?

    Com’on Young…let’s hear you lie and to try and spin your way out this criminal conspiracy involving payroll fraud that you continue to participate in…

    And let’s not forget that the non-elector Asst Parish Attorneys were illegally hired by Wilkinson and supervised by Barton, over a period of some 14 years, knowing full well that the Parish Charter prohibited their employment thus making their salaries another crime of payroll fraud.

  3. Barbara Ann Namer – Bob Namer’s wife.

    Susan M. Thomas – Mike Thomas’ wife.

    Susie S. Melancon – ????


    This was the paralegal list as of last year (courtesy of Unslabbed in a prior post here):

    KAREN P BROUSSARD Paralegal Supervisor Law $64,747 ***
    CHRIS A GILLEN Paralegal Supervisor Law $61,778
    TARA D DUFRENE Paralegal II Law $43,741
    SUSIE S MELANCON Paralegal I Law $36,867 ***
    BARBARA ANN NAMER Paralegal I Law $34,560 ***
    SUSAN M THOMAS Paralegal I Law $34,477 ***
    SUZANNE C PACACCIO Paralegal I Law $34,336
    ROBIN M URAL Paralegal I Law $31,847
    JUANIKA S LASALLE Paralegal I Law $26,374
    KENNETH A TRAHAN Paralegal I Law $18,011 ***
    ANTOINE J THOMASSIE Paralegal I Law $15,000 ***

    *** = sh1tcanned {excluding known whistleblowers}

    First of all it looks like there are or were at least 3 more paralegals than what WWL has reported there. Actually, WWL says, “Furthermore, each of the non-certified paralegals had a higher salary than the lone certified paralegal, Robin Ural, whose pay is listed as $34,442.” Does that mean that Pacaccio, Dufrene, and LaSalle are not certified yet still retained? Why get rid of Thomas, Melancon, and Namer and yet retain these three then (if still indee on board)?

    Secondly, one is a Pacaccio, has to be related to Angela Pacaccio, right? What happened to her?

    Thirdly, you’d have to think Mr. Chris Gillen must have played a pretty big role in this scheme. yet nobody mentions him?


    Let’s look at some other names.

    MATTHEW M FRIEDMAN Assistant Parish Attorney I Law $51,704 ***

    STEVE J MORTILLARO Assistant Parish Attorney I Law

  4. Tele: don’t forget the daughter of the woman who made the Hangman’s noose ties for the ADAs: Nicole Amstutz.
    Reliable rumor has it when she graduated from Southern Law School in BR and couldn’t find a job Wilkinson hired her knowing she owned a house in BR where she lived with her husband ( he is a nurse or something in medical field). She commuted a couple of days a week and stayed with Mom n Dad ( he was an ADA for Connick at the time) . Everyone knew she was NOT an elector of the Parish WHEN SHE WAS HIRED! More payroll fraud.
    Same with Jeremy Dwyer and his house in Lakeview.
    Tiffany Peperone never lived in Jefferson Parish. She resigned because the s*** hit the fan and she knew she was part of payroll fraud. Her husband was a State Rep when she was illegally hired in JP.
    Susie Paccacio is sister-in-law of Angela.
    Matt Friedman is Jewish and we all know how JP treats its Jewish employees ( see Simon versus Kerlec)
    Barbara Namer got favorable treatment in a quid pro quo

  5. Chris Gillen has played the Sgt Schultz role ever since his uncle Ronnie got him his job back several years ago. Couldn’t make it in outside world. He knows plenty and is as guilty as the rest.

    And what about the Parish Attorney’s secretary for the past 20 or so years MARY GALLEY? She and Peggy Barton haven’t missed a premier of a Harry Potter or the vampire movies yet. Brooke Bourgeois is usually with them too. They all knew exactly what was going on

  6. From a reader:

    Prior to 98 no such requirement was needed…in fact it was put in place to give one person a bump in salary. Out of the 3 let go Sue M and Sue Thomas were two low level employees that were hired with out being told the requirements…they were non political employees that did a good job…B Namer…she was hired to keep her radio husband from bashing the elected officials on his show (black mail)

  7. So what if Bobby and Brooke Bourgeois are related? Is that really newsworthy? Was either ever accused of corruption or malfeasance? And, just for the record, Brooke has never seen a Harry Potter movie, read a Harry Potter book, or had any interest in Harry Potter. And what if she did?
    Really????????????????? Why don’t you find another family to libel?

    1. Well Sally that makes 2 of us (maybe I did peek at a HP movie or two after it appeared on the small screen). I had no clue there was such a divide between those that dug HP and those that were more lukewarm.

      In any event thanks for setting the record straight.


  8. Unslabbed:

    MARY V GALLEY Legal Secretary II Law $49,923

    Isn’t she the one who did the actual payroll, the one who actually kept the time?


    Also, Marc Spears has got to be related to Ike Spears. If so, if closely related enough, then somehow, some way there’s probably a quid pro quo there too. Because that’s just how Ike is.

    Of course Ike himself is on the payroll of the Orleans CDC Clerk’s office as well.


    SOP, was Susan Thomas really and truly “non-political”? That’s the wife of Mike Thomas, aide to Capella. Sounds like more croneyism to me, though if she did a good job kudos to her. If, then it sounds like Young will hurt whoever to keep his pr record glossy (letting people go just to avoid saying point blank Namer was solely a payroll-padding political hire).

  9. Tele I’m just passing along what a reader emailed me. I reckon the beauty there is in the eye of the beholder. Young may well have thrown them under the bus to get rid of Namer.

    BTW Sally I was wondering what happened to you. Shoot me an email if the spirit moves you.


  10. Mrs. Bourgeois, since I posted it, I’ll just say this:

    Yes, in an atmosphere in which political favoritism was rampant and in the midst of a corrupt administration where public officials were making money off the citizens’ taxes, and given that the JP Attorney’s Office salaries (from prior post by Unslabbed) totaled $2.6 MILLION, and with benefits of at least $3.4 MILLION to staff the Parish Attorney

  11. From what little information is out there, no one would accuse Brooke Bourgeois of being a workaholic. She allegedly rarely made it in to the Parish Attorney’s office before 9:30 and was generally not a very nice person to anyone having business with her boss Greg Giangrosso.
    Her telephone calls with a Significant Other were legendary in part due to the decibel level and in part due to the content of the conversations. Her Parish Attorney collegues were not , for the most part, sorry to see her leave the 7th floor of the Yenni Building.

    As Ashton so aptly put it: she is a bitch with a capital C.

  12. Tele:
    Yes Mary Galley is the one who inputs all the time for all the Parish Attorney employees , to document Leave Taken etc…she would know all. And she handled all of Tom Wilkinson’s work. and then all of Peggy Barton’s .
    And Sally: guess Brooke missed the Twilight sagas also? Peggy, Mary and Jeremy didn’t .

  13. bob namer’s wife was given a job to keep him from talking about jp officials? wtf? the guy has been off the air since before katrina when the government repo’ed his penny ante station. i did not think anyone but the mentally ill listened to that idiot. i think “ringside politics with a punch” on 990am has quadruple the rating namer ever had. that would be >100 people. maybe the jp hacks were afraid namer would buy time on wgso, i think you can get an hour long show for $50. “slabbed radio hour” perhaps?

  14. And just maybe the quid pro quo was that Bob Namer (who had been stopped with a gun strapped to his ankle, who had a Permit and was certified to carry, and who threatened to sue the goons and the Parish , yet one more time ) would forego suing if his wife got a job that would give them retirement and health benefits. Her unusual hours might just have been to accomodate grandchildren? Just saying. Must have been nice while it lasted.

  15. The real issue with these posts is that people hide behind silly, unremarkable pseudonyms. Many are bitter former employess who have their own personal agendas but prefer to take their hatred out on others. This, they feel, is empowerment. I do not believe that Brooke’s private realtionship issues should be of consequence to any readers. Yes, it WAS an error that she may have shared them at work, but she is young and still has much to learn. But, then don’t we all? Would you like your issues aired on this forum? Or, do you fall within the realm of perfection?
    I , too, have matters of my own. Would you like to meet with me at my home to hear them?
    Here’s an idea, sop81_1, why not require your posters to use their OWN names? It would certainly reduce the innuendo and lying. “The truth shall set you free.”
    And you who used the B* word to describe my daughter: Probably many have said the very same about me. I am happy to be in such great company!

    1. The irony here is so rich Sally.

      Things didn’t work out so well for Arthur Sterbcow close to a year ago when he used his name so I hope you understand why I like to keep things wide open. Some of the commenters and their insightful comments (like the Wards giving Peggy Barton a sweetheart deal on a $200,000 house back in the day) would never see the light of day otherwise.

      That said I agree that we should keep the personal lives of the worker bees out of the narrative unless there is a compelling reason otherwise.


  16. Jr., Mrs. Namer was hired 10+ years ago, at least to 2000, maybe 1999. Namer is a nut but he probably knows/knew some things. {“Things”, as DeNiro would say.}

    Namer had been on WTIX: “Huey says that, in early 1997, he approved a private investigation into how board documents were “leaving the levee district.” At the time, Namer was offering large monetary rewards on WTIX-AM radio for information about any wrongdoing on the board. Huey and board attorneys say they became concerned that sensitive documents might fall into Namer’s hands “inappropriately or illegally” and that the contents would be broadcast over his radio show. “We were under a mandate by the Legislature to protect the integrity, documents and records of the levee board,” Huey says, citing numerous investigations of OLD, which was beset by political infighting and intrigues at the time.”

    I would not discount that JP would do a favor for people in Orleans (see Spears for that, possibly, as well) or that there could have been a fear he might head into JP Levee Board territory. Or both. Who knows.

    On the other hand maybe Namer was just a pal who asked for a job for his wife. Or maybe Mrs. Namer just applied for a job like everyone else.


    As an fyi, the TP’s first version of the salary info (which was a lot easier to use) is now off the TP’s site. If you haven’t saved a copy of the second (more unwieldly) version already, you might want to do so now before it disappears one day too.

  17. In departing……..
    A final message for “unslabbed.” The invitation remains. Come on over to my house and we will have a tete-a tete! I will serve you coffee or whatever and I shall have hot chocolate or a fresh [email protected] soda. It might be fun!

  18. Hide you say…how about protect themselves from harassment and retaliation from people like your husband when he was a top dog on the 10th floor with the likes of Tim Whitmer, Tom Wilkinson, Deano Bonano, D.J. Mumphrey et al…yes, your husband Bobby Bourgeois.

    Unless you have had your head of your ass all these years, you know full well what goes on in your political entitlement circle. You want to tell us Brooke didn’t get a job because her father was a Broussard insider…please don’t embarrass yourself. The names of family members, like that of your daughter, of the JP Politico Class, that work in all Parish Government entities reeks of nepotism in the extreme…and you know it…

    Sorry Sally, but your victim routine does not allow for your being a lifestyle beneficiary of your husband’s large salary, benefits and retirement fund while employed by JP and payed with taxpayers money. Your husband choose to play the game, both as an employee of Waste Management and Broussard ‘s CAO for years…

    Up until you posted, your husband had pretty much stayed under the radar until the posting of the Dutchy Connick memo a couple of weeks ago. Your jumping the gun in the guise of setting the record straight may well have backfired on you and consequently your husband…

    There may be much you will learn about your husband you don’t know or didn’t want to know…time will tell as these investigations continue to ramp up…his being a Broussard confidant and a beneficiary of Broussard’s patronage may cause him some discomfort in the future.
    I can only surmise that the reason he was cut loose by Young, as other Broussard insiders were, is that simple fact.

    Bobby knows the game, so what’s your problem ?

  19. Dear “Whitmergate,”
    I am sorry if I offended you by neglecting to invite you to the party at my house. It’s okay. You can come, too. It won’t be a tete-a-tete anymore, but the more the merrier! What can I get for you to drink?
    What was your name again? Oh, yes, “Whitmergate.” Very clever. Very original. Nice to meet you. I am Sally Bourgeois.
    A name on a memo……. how very condemning and damaging, indeed.

  20. I REALLY am departing now as I have a life to live. But this has been a rather amusing departure from my ordinary but spirited life of being a wife, a mom and pet sitting. By the way, be careful when you two come to my party. We have a houseful of very spoiled dogs and they don’t really “cotton” to mean humans. But they just adore US ! Over and out.

  21. Just a little side note here about Karen Parker (Broussard):

    “Public records from Canada and Broussard’s financial disclosure forms show he owned 100 percent of ***Public Works Investments***, a company geared toward developing rental property in Nova Scotia . He also owns one third of Kempt Wilderness Lodge Services, created for the “management and ownership of rental properties” in Nova Scotia , according to his financial disclosure forms.” – .01.08.10 TP

    If it hasn’t been noted before, Karen Parker and her two sisters had a company set, per the LA SOS:

    “””Business: ***PUBLIC WORKS, INC.***
    Charter Number: 34548365 D
    Registration Date: 1/10/1997

    Domicile Address
    726 H VILLAGE RD
    KENNER, LA 70065
    Mailing Address
    726 H VILLAGE RD
    KENNER, LA 70065

    Status: Inactive
    Inactive Reason: Voluntary Action
    File Date: 1/10/1997
    Last Report Filed: 12/29/2005
    Type: Business Corporation

    Officer(s) Additional Officers: No
    Title: President, Treasurer, Director
    Address 1: 1005 CHATEAU LAFITTE WEST
    City, State, Zip: KENNER, LA 70065

    Title: Vice-President
    Address 1: 1005 CHATEAU LAFITTE WEST
    City, State, Zip: KENNER, LA 70065

    Title: Secretary
    Address 1: 1005 CHATEAU LAFITTE WEST
    City, State, Zip: KENNER, LA 70065″”””

    Those “Public Works” names are awfully, awfully close. Again, just another coincidence, right?

  22. Has anyone actually gone and looked at the Nova Scotia corporations listing? Basically this is the equivalent of our LA SOS online.

    Public Works (Nova Scotia Version) was set up 6/4/99.

    This is the info:

    “””PROFILE – PUBLIC WORKS INVESTMENTS – as of: 2011-02-16 04:26 PM

    Business/Organization Name: PUBLIC WORKS INVESTMENTS
    Registry ID: 3030410
    Type: Partnership/Business Name
    Status: Revoked for Non-Payment
    Jurisdiction: Nova Scotia
    Mailing Address: 101 WATER STREET, SUITE 1B
    YARMOUTH NS Canada B5A 4P4


    Name Position Civic Address Mailing Address
    KENNER LA 70065

    KENNER LA 70065

    YARMOUTH NS B5A 4P4 “”””””

    “Activity Date
    Revoked for Non-Payment 2010-08-07
    Annual Renewal 2009-06-23
    Annual Renewal 2008-06-06
    Annual Renewal 2007-06-26
    Renewal Information Update 2007-06-26
    Annual Renewal 2006-06-28
    Renewal Information Update 2006-06-27
    Change of Individual’s Name 2005-07-19
    Annual Renewal 2005-06-07
    Annual Renewal 2004-06-03
    Annual Renewal 2003-07-29
    Renewal Information Update 2003-07-09
    Reinstated 2003-02-20
    Revoked for Non-Payment 2001-08-02
    Reinstated 2000-10-06
    Address Change 2000-10-06
    Change Address for Agent 2000-10-06
    Revoked for Non-Payment 2000-08-02
    Registered 1999-06-04 “””

  23. Yes… Nova Scotia…it’s interesting how many of our JP Politico elite seem to share an interest there:

    Name Type City Status
    PRAKA-NOVA SCOTIA, L.L.C. Limited Liability Company HARAHAN Active

    Business: PRAKA-NOVA SCOTIA, L.L.C.
    Charter Number: 37109596 K
    Registration Date: 8/3/2009
    Domicile Address
    HARAHAN, LA 70123-4822
    Mailing Address
    HARAHAN, LA 70123-4822
    Status: Active
    Annual Report Status: In Good Standing
    File Date: 8/3/2009
    Last Report Filed: 7/12/2010
    Type: Limited Liability Company

    Registered Agent(s)
    Agent: PETER J. BUTLER, JR.
    Address 1: 7216 STONELEIGH DRIVE
    City, State, Zip: HARAHAN, LA 70123-4822
    Appointment Date: 8/3/2009

    Officer(s) Additional Officers: No
    Officer: PETER J. BUTLER, JR.
    Title: Manager
    Address 1: 7216 STONELEIGH DRIVE
    City, State, Zip: HARAHAN, LA 70123-4822

  24. Is this the same Peter Butler Jr who owns Keystone Renewable Energy LLC?

    Name Type City Status
    KEYSTONE RENEWABLE ENERGY, LLC Limited Liability Company (Non-Louisiana) GREENSBURG Active

    Charter Number: 36944297 Q
    Registration Date: 1/15/2009
    State Of Origin:
    Domicile Address
    SUITE 914
    GREENSBURG, PA 15601
    Mailing Address
    SUITE 914
    GREENSBURG, PA 15601

    Principal Business Office
    SUITE 914
    GREENSBURG, PA 15601
    Registered Office in Louisiana
    HARAHAN, LA 70123
    Principal Business Establishment in Louisiana
    HARAHAN, LA 70123

    Status: Active
    Annual Report Status: Not In Good Standing for failure to file Annual Report
    Qualified: 1/15/2009
    Last Report Filed: 12/28/2009
    Type: Limited Liability Company (Non-Louisiana)

    Registered Agent(s)
    Agent: PETER J. BUTLER, JR.
    Address 1: 7216 STONELEIGH DR.
    City, State, Zip: HARAHAN, LA 70123
    Appointment Date: 1/15/2009

    Amendments on File
    No Amendments on file

  25. ESTATE OF:
    Place of Residence of Deceased
    Date of Grant of

    KRANTZ, Marie G.
    Kenner, Louisiana, USA
    October 8-2010 (Extra-Provincial)

    Personal Representative
    Executor (Ex) or
    Administrator (Ad):

    Bryan G. Krantz (Ex)
    85 Chateau LaTour
    Kenner LA 70064

    Solicitor for Personal
    Date of the First Insertion:

    Patricia E. Caldwell, QC
    101 Water Street, Suite 1B
    Yarmouth NS B5A 4P4
    November 3-2010 – (6m)

  26. Link to Keystone Renewable Projects: where you will find:

    River Birch Landfill Methane Recovery Project

    The River Birch Landfill Methane Recovery Project is located in Waggaman, Louisiana on the River Birch Landfill owned and operated by River Birch, Inc. Keystone designed and built this high-BTU project under contract to the owner. This plant was designed to process 8,000 scfm of raw LFG. Compression and an Air Liquide-Medal Biogaz System delivers 970 BTU gas to a local utility pipeline. The plant began commercial operations in June 2010
    Shade Landfill Methane Recovery Project
    Shade Landfill is located in Somerset County, Pennsylvania near the Town of Cairnbrook.

    The landfill is owned and operated by Waste Management, Inc. (Waste Management).

    The project was purchased by Leaf LFG US Investments, Inc. in November 2008.
    This high-BTU project began commercial operation in September 2007. Compression and an AirLiquide-Medal Biogaz Membrane System deliver 970 BTU gas through a 12-mile pipeline to a local public utility

  27. Telemachus and Unslabbed, I would ask that you get your information straight before posting on this site. My name was not mentioned on WWL-TV for not having a paralegal certificate, because I do not work for the Jefferson Parish Attorney’s Office (as some of

  28. I am sorry to have to tell you this because it will expose both your ignorance and stupidity but: 1) Ms. Vandenweghe’s brother has had nothing to do with this blog in any way whatsoever, 2) Ms Vandenweghe has posted in her name on many occasions contrary to your erroneous assertion that she comments in several pseudonyms. This is an urban myth that the JP Politico thugs have continued to spread because it is inconceivable to them that hundreds, if not thousands of people in JP are disgusted with the corruption caused by their greed and sense of entitlement, and accordingly have decided to blog out about it; hell it may be that your husband, the preacher man, has had enough too, 3) if in fact you do know Ms. Vandenweghe, then your rightous Bible BS ranting is certainly misdirected and should, in all truth, be cast toward your Whore of Babylon sister-in-law, Angela, and 4) tell Crystal “Glass Ass” Heine hello, and the next time you post here get your fucking facts straight !

  29. Oh, by the way Suzanne…contrary to popular belief by you and the rest of the retirement junkies in JP…I am not Anne Marie Vandenweghe…the fact that you and your ilk would think she is the only person in JP that knows what’s what is not only pathetic but an insult to me…

    I’m going to have another sip of Rebel Yell now and try and forget I read what you posted…

    Vous devriez avoir honte de vous-m

  30. One day, someone with BALLS (not mere Czechoslovakian Mardi Gras beads – and “glass” at that) will expose this FRAUD Goyeneche for what he is. He and his “public corruption hotline” are totally BOGUS. I DARE any Member of “The SLABBED Nation” to report ANY corruption to this charletan, and see what happens: NOTHING. When my book (a “work-in-progress”) is finished, the corruption I’ve reported to the Metropolitan Crime Commission, and its ZERO response, will be revealed. In the meantime tell your family, friends and acquaintances not to throw their money down a sewer with Goyeneche’s name on it. He’s a bigger FRAUD than the people he claims to be investigating. Ashton O’Dwyer a/k/a “The WHITE Henry Glover”.

  31. To BAYOU: Oh, yes. As I recall it, he directly contradicted the contents of a memorandum prepared by a colleague (whose name escapes me, but who is still employed by the MCC) regarding a meeting with Porteous just after he had assumed the Federal Bench. His performance on the stand before the Senate was DISGRACEFUL. Either Goyeneche is a perjurer, or a “sloppy spic motherfucker” who does not deserve to hold a position of public trust, or BOTH. This man should be FIRED. Ashton O’Dwyer a/k/a “The WHITE Henry Glover”.

  32. Ashton…when you’re right, your right…Goyeneche has been a Letten stooge for years.

    He is a Johnny come lately much like his blow buddy, Connick’s punk Young. And really who is this guy who directs this rather mysterious few hundred people on it’s Board ?

    To my knowledge he has never spoken with AMV, but has consistently
    plagiarized her original disclosures of wrong doing by these same individuals under investigation now.

    I am very suspect when such an organization and it’s mouth piece brag about getting half million dollar grant and at the same time have very little to show for it.

  33. Mrs. Paccacio :
    While I commiserate with your embarrassment at being related to the Jezebel Angela I cannot fathom allowing you to feign ignorance of the activities of the man whose children you babysat. Really Susie!
    While your credentials and work ethic may not be in question your misplaced loyalty and blind eye to the hard realities because you want to pretend all is well will be your downfall.
    Beware lying with dogs. You get fleas. It isn’t over and those with knowledge will be marked.
    Revelations. Ask your husband the preacher, he can guide you. Get ye to higher ground and repent and be saved.

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