Telecommute from where, India? – State Farm closing claims office

Anita Lee will have more tomorrow; but, she had this “heads up” on the Sun Herald tonight:

State Farm Insurance is closing its Biloxi claims office as part of a nationwide reorganization, a company spokesman confirmed today.

Spokesman David Majors said the company embarked on a study that is now resulting in reorganization of field offices. Each geographic zone in the country is handling changes for its region. The company’s southern zone includes Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia and South Carolina.

Majors said the Coast claims office on Popp’s Ferry Road is still open, but will be closing, as will other claims offices in the region. The office handles property insurance claims, including auto and homeowner claims.

Technology allows adjusters to handle claims without doing so from a claims office, he said.

“While the building might not be there,” Majors said, “the service is still going to be there.”

How do you spell “double trouble”? Just a thought!

John Young fires 3 unqualified paralegals (finally). Where the heck was Peggy Barton and her blowbuddy Lil’ Pup this whole time?

Channel 4 updated a long time subject both here on Slabbed and elsewhere in the payroll fraud in the Jefferson Parish Attorney’s Office. Here is Mike Perlstein’s video report:

[vodpod id=ExternalVideo.987551&w=425&h=350&fv=]

I loved this quote from Perlstein’s piece:

Rafael Goyeneche, president of the non-profit watchdog group Metropolitan Crime Commission, was among the people who brought the problem to Young’s attention, although several parish employees said the situation was hardly a secret.

Hardly a secret indeed. Continue reading “John Young fires 3 unqualified paralegals (finally). Where the heck was Peggy Barton and her blowbuddy Lil’ Pup this whole time?”

Slabbed to the New York Times Green Blog: Where the f*ck you been?????

Obviously not reading Slabbed’s coverage of Bull Durham literally since the day it broke. Nobody can touch our sources on the matter either, not even a Ken Feinburg lovin’ rag from New York City! (or it’s Green Blog)  In fact, we’ve been on Costner, Magnum and their fleecing of BP since the oil spill and I daresay we’re only media outlet that called bullshit on Magnum and Costner real time.

It ain’t bragging if you hung the skins folks.

Welcome to the party John.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot. People been telling tales on you again Magnum.  😉


I’m the Firechief Ding Ding Ding Ding Ding Part Deux: Houston, we have a problem.

From a source in early February:

Not only does Mr. Greco not have the qualifications but he and his family worked in Young’s campaign and Greco himself was featured in Mr Young’s campaign commercial. Greco was also Young’s sign coordinator.

An added note the Director of Fire Services is supposed to be a State classified position according to the Louisiana Police and Fire Civil Service Board. If it was classified according to law it would not be appointed and the Chief would have to contribute to the Firefighters State Retirement System. Joe Greco retired as a District Chief from the East bank Consolidated Fire Department and retired from the FRS and draws a pension. If the position was classified in state civil service pension contributions for the position would become mandatory. If you retire and come back to work your pension payments stop as you start to contribute to the system again.

If John Young leaves this position unclassified so he can appoint Joe Greco it allows Mr. Greco to draw a 90,000 plus pension from the FRS system and at the same time draw a salary from the parish. Currently the Fire Director is paid 90,000 a year. By not complying with State Law it allows Joe Greco to illegally collect a pension from the FRS at 90,000 a year and a potential salary as Chief for 90,000 for a total of 180,000 a year.

So now that we know the financial angle, what has happened since. Rich Rainey at the T-P fills us in: Continue reading “I’m the Firechief Ding Ding Ding Ding Ding Part Deux: Houston, we have a problem.”