Judge Berrigan wasn’t playing games – but Heebe played River Birch SCRABBLE and that’s a CLUE!

Chances of the Jefferson Parish Fire Department writing up River Birch for what appears to be a blocked exit are slim to none – so what possible reason could Heebe-Ward-River Birch have for the manual submission of a three-page floor plan as an Exhibit to the Plaintiff’s Memorandum(below in scribd format)?

However, here’s a so-so but readable version of the hand-drawn single page layout attached as an Exhibit to the Government’s Memorandum (below in scribd format) – the colored areas indicate the location of various items seized. Talk about a CLUE – note the number of locations where the government seized “mirrored hard drives“. Every file written on a mirrored hard drive is automatically written to another.

Take the Heebe-River Birch SCRABBLE and what you’ve learned from the various tours and identify who had what seized by the government – both documents are below the jump.  I’ll be back shortly with more from today’s filings; so, stand by:

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5 thoughts on “Judge Berrigan wasn’t playing games – but Heebe played River Birch SCRABBLE and that’s a CLUE!”

  1. BOX 2 BOX 2 BOX 2 BOX 2 #2 BOX 2 #2 The Wino was sipping Dom when he gave you that tidbit.

    Box 3 BOX 3 BOX 3 Seagate computers hmmmmmm

    If I was John Young I would do one of two things immediately–get rid of Julie Quinn or dump this contract asap.

    There is a LOT of info here

  2. SupaSleuth regarding John Young and Julie Quinn since tongues are wagging. From the open thread:


    Patricia immediately picked up on it too 🙂


    It is not RNC General Contractors, Government typo IMHO. It is NC General Contractors and we again find the name Caldarera connected.


    Can you expand on NC General Contractors for us?


  3. N.C. might be a nickname for someone who was in a lawsuit with a certain landowner & his companies but not sure.

  4. Could THAT be why Paul Smith was fired by Young? Did Smith try to go cite the Birchers for the violations? Smith filed an appeal of his firing today that promises to be the start of a firestorm ( pardon the pun) . Wouldn’t it be too beautiful if Smith alleges as one of the reasons he was fired by Young : I went to the Bircher building to inspect after reading all about it on Slabbed…and when I tried to write out violations Young fired me.

  5. I’ll come testify for him, Unslabbed! I could hardly contain myself when I saw how the “H” area blocked the exit route!

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