DICTATOR KERNER…Pirating The Town of Lafitte’s political process. A special election update by Whitmergate

Mayor Tim Kerner, the de facto Dictator of Lafitte, along with his miscreants on the Town Council, were all “re-anointed” as a result of the total lack of CITIZEN/VOTER participation and the resignation of defeat by a populace whose apathy can best be described as an insult to all members of our military that have died in the past and are serving presently to instill the goals of a republican democratic process around the world, buttressed on the freedom to vote !

And I quote from the delusional Dictator himself:

“Kerner said he feels honored to be re-elected without opposition. “It’s really a wonderful thing. It makes me want to work even harder to do a good job for the people of Lafitte,” he said.

What election fool ? What tripe ! You and others hold office only as a result of the public’s default of their moral obligation and responsibility to honor and maintain the constitutional electoral system guaranteed by our Republican Democracy. God forbid that this should be the norm in Jefferson Parish and/or any of its parochial cities/towns within its political boundaries.

So of course the most arrogant High Porkness Roberts is deserving of the same…Kerner is only a Dictator of a small province within ‘my’ principality…I am entitled to my princely rule…why else would I have spent $190,000 thousand dollars in 2009 from my campaign fund to buy my new Mardi Gras Float, a tractor to pull the float, maintain an antique Fire Engine to put out the fire on the float caused from an electrical overload of the $40,000 Thousand PLUS Dollars of sound and video equipment bought to entertain my subjects along the parade route while I throw them the $10’s of Thousands of Dollars of Chinese beads and favors. Not to mention the $10’s of Thousands of Dollars spent on golf carts in Las Vegas for those special campaign contributors, and the Thousands of Dollars for ‘transportation’ for my private party during the Jefferson Parish Politico Whore Extravaganza known as the Tarpon Rodeo. Oh yea, the snowball stand…around $7,000 Thousand Dollars…

It may be that mini-me is having fits of schizophrenic grandeur, similar to those of his new-found best buddy, former Emperor of Jefferson Parish, Broussard. WOW!

“Why should the voters of Jefferson Parish be given a choice of candidates…they’re just as ignorant and stupid as the SHEEPLE in Lafitte…I must act!  Yes, take command as I did when Larry (Sisung) told me to facilitate the illegal appointment of TheRiot as Parish President” thinks Roberts to himself.

So, Butch Ward’s mini-me Sissy Roberts’s fart partner at his 5 am toilet training, Tim Kerner, is attempting to make yet another illegal move on behalf of Roberts’ anointment to the Council-at Large seat vacated by Connick’s punk Young.

With plans of running for Roberts’ former District 1 seat himself, Dictator Kerner is wanting to schedule a sit-down with Tim Baudier …for what purpose ? Certainly not to offer his support to Mr. Baudier…Kerner is joined at the hips with Roberts. In fact it was probably at one of the 5 am toilet training sessions that this unlawful scheme was ‘aired’.

We are told that all of the Jefferson Parish Politico Mafioso bosses, from the Don, DA Connick on down, are on board with Sissy, just like they were with Debbie Villio…honestly to have Noodle Normand on your side is becoming the ‘political’ kiss of death. Another ‘sign’ that Mr. Baudier should stay in the race.


§1461.5. Election offenses involving bribery, threats or intimidation of election officials or candidates; penalties

A. No person shall knowingly, willfully, or intentionally:

(1) Offer money or anything of apparent present or prospective value or use, directly or indirectly, or engage in any form of intimidation to influence the action or encourage inaction of any election official with regard to the duties of his office.

(2) Give or offer to give, directly or indirectly, any money or anything of apparent present or prospective value to any person who has withdrawn or who was eliminated prior or subsequent to the primary election as a candidate for public office, for the purpose of securing or giving his political support to any remaining candidate or candidates for public office in the primary or general election.

(3) When such person is a candidate for public office who has withdrawn or was eliminated prior to or subsequent to the primary election, accept or offer to accept, directly or indirectly, any money, or anything of apparent present or prospective value that is given for the purpose of securing or giving his political support to any remaining candidate or candidates for public office in the primary or general election.

B. Whoever violates any provision of this Section shall be fined not more than two thousand dollars or be imprisoned, with or without hard labor, for not more than two years, or both, for the first offense. On a second offense, or any subsequent offense, the penalty shall be a fine of not more than five thousand dollars or imprisonment at hard labor for not more than five years, or both.

C. In the trial of a person charged with a violation of this Section, either the bribe-giver or the bribe-taker may give evidence, or make affidavit against the other, and may receive immunity from prosecution in favor of the first informer, except for perjury in giving such testimony.

Acts 2010, No. 797, §1, eff. Jan. 1, 2011.

Also these may possibly be applicable under the circumstances:

  • §1469. Bribery of a candidate; crime defined; penalty
  • §1468. Contributions in return for endorsement; prohibition
  • §1461.1. Coercion; prohibited practices; penalties

Would DA Connick prosecute Kerner? Probably not… he has yet to prosecute Villio for her publicly confessed illegal acts relating to the election laws of both the Parish of Jefferson and the State of Louisiana. Hell, he as DA and also personally supported Villio with contributions. Connick still refuses to indict Wilkinson for his violation of election laws, that he, like Villio, publicly confessed to violating. I can only assume that Connick’s purposeful delay is to allow these criminals the defense of prescription. Yes malpractice as a result of malfeasance is a constant with this corrupt MF. So what, who’s going to do anything about it ? Caldwell…Letten,,,pleezzzzzzzz

Here’s a Latin lesson for you to swallow Dictator Kerner, assuming you can even read English:

ama crescit eundo – The rumour grows as it goes. (Vergil)

Fama nihil est celerius – Nothing is swifter than rumor

ama volat – The rumor has wings. (Vergil)

What does this all mean to you, Dictator Kerner …now the whole world knows of the conspiracy between you, Mayor Kerner and you, Councilman Roberts, to subvert the democratic process of our country!!

Slabbed commenter Whitmergate is a member of Citizens for Good Government and is a former resident of Jefferson Parish.

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47 thoughts on “DICTATOR KERNER…Pirating The Town of Lafitte’s political process. A special election update by Whitmergate”

  1. Gate

    I am glad you have brought to light fact that the JP citizens have not had a choice at the polls in perhaps a decade. The DA’s office is locked up for as long as Paul wants it as was the case in the Assessors office, but little Lawrence will give it away.

    The political machine picks successor after successor. Why? The answer is obvious. To keep the money in the same old circles and back room dealings that make you sick.

    Now a candidate dares challenge Roberts. The killer cells will be out soon to get Baudier out of the race.

    Promises will be made if he chooses not to run. Promise him what? Our future right to vote? That pisses me off.

  2. That little corner of Jefferson Parish called “Lafitte” a/k/a “Barataria” has always been an anathema to me. Even when I’d go fishing or duck hunting out of Lafitte, I always watched my ” stuff” out of fear that if I took my eyes off it, then it would be stolen. It’s really no surprise to me that the self-perpetrating dictatorship described by “whitmergate” is enabled by the lack of citizen/voter participation, which has its “roots” in the history of Barataria. Before Louisiana became part of the United States, and even afterwards, until Jean and Pierre Lafitte abandoned Barataria for “greener pastures” (which weren’t so green) after the Battle of New Orleans, Barataria was inhabited by pirates, privateers holding “letters of marque” from places like Cartagena, Indians and runaway slaves. God only knows what kind of women were attracted to Barataria and to its male inhabitants. But the point is: These people DESPISED “government”, and didn’t want any government to even know they existed. They were entirely self-sufficient. This “culture” is ingrained, and continues to this day. Perhaps “OZERO” can take pity on Members of the Muslim Brotherhood in the Arab Republic of Egypt, who don’t find the Egyptian military to their liking now that Mubarek is gone. And further “perhaps” TMB can introduce Barataria to the 21st Century and instill in its inhabitants “real democracy” (or Sharia law). Allahu Ahkbar! Ashton O’Dwyer.

  3. Kerner & Roberts have much in common. Both were given their office so the right to vote is meaningless to them,
    They are both stinky looking little bastards. A good bath would do them well or so it seems.
    It looks like they are covered in alligator fat to keep the mosquito from sucking their filthy blood. It is more for the protection of the mosquito in my opinion.
    The alligator fat also helps them slither through life without merit. They take what they can. It is their right.
    When the meeting takes place I hope it is recorded.

  4. I have know plans to meet Tim Baudier. I give my life to help the of people lafitte everyday. I sorry you feel that way about me but I hope god bless you.

  5. Mr. Mayor: Your self-deprecating Gomer Pile ” aw durn” act is no longer cute or effective.
    You are wearing Big Boy pants now and will have to let go of Daddy’s hand and walk on your own if you really think the money boys are going to let you crawl out of the bayou .

    And if you really are sincere, stay out of the way. Let the chips fall where they may…it is time for Chris Roberts to face the electors ON HIS OWN because he is still in diapers and sucking on the public tit while dumping all over the citizens of Jefferson Parish. Make no public OR PRIVATE endorsement. Keep your mouth shut and make Roberts get his votes the old-fashioned way: make him EARN THEM.

    I for one am sick and tired of the ANNOINTINGS … obviously the politicos are so scared that their misdeeds will bite them on the ass they won’t fight fair.

    Let this bar brawl unwind on its own you bullies! Make it a fair fight AND STAY ON THE SIDELINES.

    Don’t make me get off my barstool.

  6. To Tim Kerner:

    If this is indeed you who visits Slabbed my advise to you is not to refer to the good lord in public. Ask for a blessing from someone who knows you better, like Roberts, Broussard, and Wilkerson. You know what you got and why! I despise weasel people like you and Little Lawrence who could not make a decent living if it were not given to you by daddy.

    I am also of the opinion that you should crawl back into the swamp and shut up. Your political days are numbered like your punk friends.

    Yea, you got Lafitte when it is time to vote down there don’t you. You will tell them who to vote for won’t you. They listen don’t they. Ever wonder why?

    They are all slaves to your bullshit form of government by entitlement.

    People are wakening up now Tim. Now, go back to helping the people of Lafitte, asshole!

  7. Everyone writing on here is jealous and needs to get a life. Why didn’t most of you write your full name on here? Everytime someone needs help with something you have no problem asking him for help. Everything that is done for the town of Lafitte is for the people and if you can’t appreciate it then no one said you have to be here. And the last time he ran, he won by 94% of the vote, that must tell you he is doing something right.

  8. Ms. Kerner:

    Yes you get it! Little Leo has the place shucked up.
    Can you favor us with a list of his endorsements the last time he ran? Certainly, a man of his statue did not need any, hey!
    Lisa, just where do you want the signs stored when they come down around election time so little Leo and pals can distribute them to the good folks of Lafitte?

  9. The mayor needs a grammar/spelling editor. Maybe before he posts a comment, he can get fellow JP mayor David Carmadelle to review it.

  10. Sorry for the grammar, just a little mad when I wrote it. I’m not meeting with Tim Baudier .I was elected in 1991 my Dad did not an could not give it to me. I’m extremely disappointed that Bayoudegradable talks like he’s in a barroom . I will continue to work for thing like a new Auditorium,Library,Civic Center,Heritage Museum,Cultural History Theatre,Baseball Stadium, Art Center,New Boat Launch 10 million in Drainage Improvements, Fisherman’s Market,Coastal Restoration Projects, Levee Projects and there’s more. all this take’s hard work and dedication to a community I love. nobody gave me the job other then the voters.

  11. Listen Mayor, I’m not a grammar Nazi. But please, as the leader of a municipality, please check your work. The grammar and syntax are deplorable, even after I pointed it out the first time. I’ll give you some credit for rejecting Porteous when he tried to get you to split bonds in your Mayor’s Court; that check goes in the “pro” column. And hey, at least you are not trying to use your “power” to pervert the legal system like David Carmadelle when he protects his child-molester step-father.

    But I will tell you this; you now have thrown your hat into the ring in a very influential website in JP political circles. I do not speak of myself, but there are some deadly brilliant and well-informed people here, like whitmergate, telemachus, etc. There are also some very financially well-heeled lawyers who post here. Rest assured, you are not challenging nerds who sit in the basement blogging on daddy’s computer. Nor are you dealing with people like that bitch Chris Roberts, who sits on his toilet in the morning with his laptop. If you attempt to bite here, make sure you can chew what you bite off. And yes, it is appropriate to end a sentence with a preposition. I knew you’d be wondering about that.

  12. Dictator Kerner,

    You stated in your previous post, …”I have know plans to meet Tim Baudier.” I assumed that you meant to write “no”, and not know…grammatical shit happens in the heat of argument, no big deal…

    However your statement is a lie sir, and you know it. You made a call to a prominent politician of your equal status to arrange a meeting on behalf of Chris Roberts; a meeting, prefaced by your innuendo, that was intended by you to persuade Mr. Baudier to drop out of the race. To Mr. Baudier’s credit he refused, and that was the right thing to do. No surprise here…

    I’m okay with your love of Lafitte; but it is your grandiose delusions that it is you, and not the taxpayers that accomplished those projects you alluded to that is evidence of your perverse sense of entitlement , like that of your good buddy, Butch Ward’s mini-me, Roberts.

    Obviously we will continue to disagree on whether you were elected to office, as you claim, or the only person remaining as a result of the disgraceful default of the citizens of Lafitte to participate in a most sacred rite bestowed upon them from our Republican Democracy; that sir, is the privilege to vote… and equally as important, to qualify to run for office !

  13. I just re-read ‘Lisa Kerner’s’ post. JEALOUS? Of what exactly? Anyone out there want to be Mayor of godforsaken Lafitte ?

  14. Whitmergate I’m telling you I don’t know Tim Baudier. I have never seen, talk or try to meet with him. I’m very sorry you think So , this will be my last post. I hope we all can work together to make Jefferson parish a better place.

  15. I read this T-P article in disgust…another example of mini-me’s motor mouth… posturing a political facade of being concerned…just look at that arrogant face…this is about his running for political office, period.

    Jefferson Parish Council challenges Lafitte census data
    Published: Wednesday, February 23, 2011, 11:09 AM Updated: Wednesday, February 23, 2011, 11:10 AM
    By Paul Rioux, The Times-Picayune

    Quoting Mayor Kerner’s ga-ga God, mini-me Roberts:

    “There’s too much at risk not to get this right,” he said.

    “He said declining census figures could effect cost-benefit studies used to help determine whether the communities should get federal flood protection.”

    I for one don’t want any more of my tax dollars being spent to protect people who don’t have enough self- respect to participate in a political process that so many have died to insure; to have free and open elections where people qualify and vote for a representative government.

    And just maybe… the loss of population is a result of people not wanting to return to live in a place lead by modern day fascists, Sissy Roberts and Dictator Kerner.

    What risk ?…shelling out a disportioncate amount of tax dollars to shore up a two-bit parochial dictatorshop…Fuck Lafitte !

  16. Sorry,

    For you who seem to be so against Tim, and have found so much wrong with him I believe that you either don’t know him well or may have wanted something from him that he wouldn’t or could not give you.
    I’ve known Tim for over 20 years and he is the only person that I know that if he could help you some kind of way he would. He not only would help you he would do it in a way that he would not expect anything in return.
    You may believe that because the people of Lafitte keep putting him in office is because they don’t care but I believe it is just the opposite, it is because they do care and want what is best for Lafitte.
    And someone mentioned something about his dad, I knew his dad and I believe his dad would be proud of him, I know I am.
    I’ve supported Tim Kerner the entire time he has been in office and will continue to do that as long as I believe he has Lafitte’s best interest.
    I have family from Rosethorne Rd to lower lafitte and I will be out there when elections come up if he needs me.
    Tim if you read this you don’t have to know who this is because most of Lafitte feels the same way.

    Very Greatful for your dedication to Lafitte!!!!!

  17. So for starters, I used to live in Marrero and moved to lower Lafitte after my parents sent me to school there my entire life. My parents felt that it was a better choice in education mostly because it was one of the SAFEST places I’ve ever been in my life. Lafitte is and has always been (even though I have lived in Marrero) my HOME. I love Lafitte with everything I have and also am very grateful to have Mr. Timmy serving us and I hope that he will be serving us for a long time. The next time you want to make fun and take a stab at the people of Lafitte read up a little and get your facts straight because we are not, as you say, “swamp people.” If we were then I’d probably have not gotten accepted into a pharmacy college, or I would not have the GPA that I have in that pharmacy college right now. How many people that went to your “ghetto” public schools in Marrero, Terry town, Gretna, etc., can say that they are in to process of becoming a very successful human being? Not a lot.

    Also, Mr. Timmy did not get elected because we just didn’t feel like voting or looking into someone else who was running against him, Mr. Timmy got elected because he has put his heart in soul into the town of Jean Lafitte and for that I, as well as many others, are forever truly grateful for everything this man has done to help us and protect us. Our town loves Mr. Timmy and will continue to elect him until he decides it is time for him to retire.

    Oh, and P.S. next time you say we are good for nothing down here you might want to take a look into the price of our houses and insurance down here, It’s not cheap to live down here which means that we obviously have a successful town.

  18. I’d like to know how many of you are from Lafitte? Apparently, none! You all have no right to bash Mayor Tim Kerner. When was the last time your mayor or town official came out to a baseball game to cheer on his son and his playmates? When was the last time your town official asked about you and your family? When was the last time you saw your official out shoveling sand bags all through the night? Does your councilmen or Mayor know you by name? When was the last time you took your child to Town Hall for a meeting with Santa for your child or trick or treating on a trail full of families? He is not only the Mayor of Lafitte, he is a friend to just about all that know him. My family and I had to move out of Lafitte recently and I would give anything to be back there. I think some of you or jealous & I feel sorry for those of you who never got the chance to live in a small town like Lafitte with a Mayor who goes out of his way to do so much for those that live there. And to the one afraid to have your things stolen…that would be highly unlikely, but if you feel that way..Just Stay Out!!! And to Whitmergate GO FUCK YOURSELF!!!

  19. I have lived in Lafitte for 5 years now, and i absolutly love this town. I grew up in metiarie, and before the boat blessing of 2006 in lafitte i had never even heard of this little comunity. And thats the day i met my husband. The longer i lived here and the more i learned about the town and the people the more i fell in love. To the people who wrote these horrible things about not just our mayor, but the people of lafitte. Have you even taken the time to talk to any of us about how we feel?? I dont think so. Mayor Tim Kerner does an amazing job of taking care of us. Stop being so IGNORANT!!!!!!

    To Timmy: LAFITTE LOVES YOU!!!! There is no reason to get upset by such stupidity.

    1. You good facebook folks from Lafitte are dishing out some tough love tonight. Should I ever put on a blogging seminar this post would certainly make a great case study.

      Y’all don’t be strangers now.


  20. I just can’t believe all the negative things that Whitmergate , Bayoudegradable and Unslabbed Has to say .Could they all be the same person ? First thing that comes to my mind is that you need help, is there a Doctor out there that feels sorry for these angry unhappy people ? Please give them a Rx . I have to agree with a previous writer you sure do sound JEALOUS , THAT ITS NOT FUNNY . If you think the people don’t love and respect Mr. Kerner then why don’t you run against him? Ha ! Why because he would beat you hands down.His job was not given to him , he earned it through hard work and respect from the people of the town of Jean Lafitte.

  21. First of all, not all of Lafitte, Barataria, and Crown Point can vote for Tim Kerner. Only the people who live in the Town of Jean Lafitte can vote for him and/or anyone running for office. That being said , I would like to state that if I ( and my family) could vote for Tim Kerner we would do so in the blink of an eye. Even though we are legally out of his district, Tim will go out of his way to help all the people, not just the few that you state don’t oppose him. There are times when Tim is pulled in so many different directions that he hardly has time to catch his breath, but, if you knock on his door he never turns you away. He will make sure your problem is taken care of. The way you talked about the military, do you not think that men and women from Lafitte have not or are not today putting their lives on the line for our country and our freedom? We, as Americans first, then as Lafittians know what’s it like to be down graded by smartass hypocrites like the person who started this blog. I can remember when we would tell people we were from Lafitte they would treat us like dirt. Then when all of your schools became so violent that you were afraid to send (and are still afraid) you children to schools inyour districts that you sent and are still sending them to our schools. The same schools that you don’t want your tax dollars to help protect from flooding. Shame on all of you who think of us as second class citizens. Your just jealous because we treat everyone on equal bases and your probably not liked by your own neighbors. And to the guy who’s afraid his things are going to be stolen when he comes hunting and fishing STAY OUT OF LAFITTE, you are not welcomed in our community. Also don’t be suprised that if someone finds out who you are that they don’t rob you just for spite. As the saying goes, “WATCH OUT WHOES TOES YOU STOMP TODAY, BECAUSE YOU NEVER KNOW WHOES ASS YOU MY HAVE TO KISS TOMORROW.”

  22. Dear Sock Puppet:

    I am appalled by the offensiveness of your beautifully groomed comments. Nice job ending a sentence with a preposition and then patting yourself on the back for it….I’m assuming that’s your crowning achievement for the day, so I will congratulate you again on your cleverness.

    Have you ever heard, Sock Puppet, of the Theory of Multiple Intelligences? I’m assuming so, because well, you’re just so darned clever. The theory states that some people are gifted with linguistic intelligence (like you and I), while others are gifted with other kinds of intelligence, such as interpersonal skills (of which, you and several others on this page, appear to have none). Mayor Kerner, on the other hand, does. This is why he has spent the last several years as the Mayor of Lafitte and not whining on some pointless blog.

    By the way, Sock Puppet, I’m from Barataria. Not only have I graduated from college, but I’ve also held positions at some of the country’s most reputable firms, traveled the world, and written a book. While many of the people of the Lafitte area may not say the same, this does not make them any less worthy of respect. At this moment, I’m reminded of a quote that might help you on your journey (if you are so curious) to discover what emotional intelligence looks like:

    “We must not see any person as an abstraction. Instead, we must see in every person a universe
    with its own secrets, with its own treasures, with its own sources of anguish, and with some
    measure of triumph.

  23. I have known Mayor Timmy Kerner since high school, and he is correct in saying that he cares about the city & the people of Lafitte. As for the last election he won unopposed. Which means no one wanted to run against him because he is doing a great job!!!! I am very thankful to have a Mayor who not only cares about the people, but goes that extra mile for the entire community. He gives effortlessly to all the people of Lafitte, Barataria, & Crown Point. So when you start saying throwing stones get the facts straight. Thank You Mayor Timmy Kerner for all you do for those of us in your voting district & even those who live outside of you district.

  24. i think this is so childish. Why are u people degrading the town of Lafitte when it is of not your concern.If u have no respect for the people of Lafitte and Mayor Kerner u sure DO NOT belong in Lafitte. Stay the Hell Out.

  25. @sop81_1 it might surprise you exactly how many times this area has been studied in the past 6 years. Colleges from all over the US come to see what they can learn from us. They came to find out how is it that we recover so fast from devastating disasters, and after they are here, they are completely amazed at the communities, LOVE, KINDNESS, & CONCERN for each other. “Love your neighbor as yourself” is the reason we all take these ignorant comments to heart. It may help to know that for your “case study” on blogging. We are truly unique and always welcome anyone.

    @Whitmergate “ignorant and stupid as the SHEEPLE in Lafitte” WOW !! I hope you truly believe in what you write, otherwise your “bloggings” would bring JERRY SPRINGER’s ratings back on top. Your family must be so proud !!

    Looks to me like all of you should come to spend some time on the BAYOU and learn what a LIFE is really like.
    And if we are in a DICTATORSHIP in Lafitte, then I say the rest of the UNITED STATES should be as lucky. I feel sorry for the people who have not lived a true life of LOVE and FRIENDSHIP as we do here.


    1. Bayou it actually doesn’t surprise me. Lafitte sounds a lot like small towns like Waveland here on the coast.

      I’ve been all over south Louisiana from Venice to Cameron and many points in between but never Lafitte. After seeing the outpouring of support from the locals for their community I may need to come see what makes life Along the Bayou so special myself.


  26. As far as our apathy and political practices, we in Lafitte must be doing something correctly; and even though I wasn’t born here, I consider this my home. To all of you who insult the geographical location known as “Lafitte” or “Barataria”, let me ask you this: How many violent crimes and murders occurred in your zipcode the last couple of years? That is a question that we down here can answer easily….ZERO. So it’s quite obvious that it is us who are the better class of people than those of you who do not live down here but claim to be better than we are. Maybe when some of you who post degradingly on here of our public officials can get your own public officials to stop the murders, rapes, and robberies from occurring in your own areas, you will have earned that right. I don’t care what anyone does, be it citizen or politician, as long as I continue to enjoy the safety and ease of mind that comes with living in Lafitte. Obviously, the pirates and baratarians original ideas of staying self-sufficient and out of the eyes of “big brother” was good practice. We in Lafitte have yet to benefit like the rest of the westbank and New Orleans with your “visions of grandeur” in thinking that you are better than us. Myself and my children can walk anywhere in Lafitte at anytime of day or night and not fear any criminal activity whatsoever. I have never had my vehicles stolen or anything stolen from my home, both of which are quite often unlocked. So…… you keep doing what you are doing and we will keep doing what we are doing, hopefully for many generations to come.

  27. I cannot understand how people like whitmergate, bayoudegradable and sockpuppet can speak so horribly about Lafitte and its residents. You obviously don

  28. DW 1944:

    I wrote nothing horrible “about Laffitte and its residents.” If you think I’m mistaken, please cite me to the parts of my comments that do anything other than address Mayor Kerner.

    Miss Barataria:

    You seem to be very proud of your academic accomplishments. Don’t break your arm patting yourself on the back. For the record, the sole issue addressed in my comments does not besmirch Lafitte or its residents. I took a shot at the fact that Kerner appears to write at about a 6th grade level. Maybe you should run for mayor.

  29. To Hot Rod,disgusted,Frankie, Missin Lafitte, Raven, Linda Lemoine, Bayougirl56,MB, Phyllis Dotson, Along the Bayou,Chris Winters, and DW144 and all citizens of Lafitte:

    Can someone explain why it took since February for one citizen of Lafitte to answer Whitmergate’s post ? And now they are a dime a dozen and mad as hornets.

    I can appreciate the love and pride you Lafittians have in your community and the love you may have for your mayor. And he may well be a very honorable man.

    That said, in America we have term limit laws to protect us against the evils against political machines and the abuse of power such unchecked political dynasties can create. A wise person once stated – Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

    A person left in the same political position too long becomes a sitting duck for political deals and corruption. If I lived in Lafitte and my brother was mayor I guarantee I wouldn’t vote for him past two terms. Not just because new people bring new ideas and approaches into play but to save him from the corruption and political deals he would be tempted with. Prime examples are ex-CAO Tim Whitmer and ex-Jefferson President Broussard. If a Christian such a Broussard can be subject to evil temptations/ corrupt dealings any human can also.

    Finally, the Slabbed Nation is all about promoting good government and the last time I checked Lafitte was part of Jefferson Parish . I would suggest someone in Lafitte have the courage to address the wide spread corruption in Jefferson which Slabbed has revealed for many years because certain politicians ddin’t know when to stop thinking of themselves.If you’ll refuse to acknowledge that then you’ll are all a group of biased ostriches.

  30. @ Lockemuptight, I brought this post to the attention of everyone here in Lafitte. I ran across it searching for something on Google, believe when I say if we would have seen it earlier, Mayor Kerner wouldn’t have had to post one single letter.

    This post was not just about politics, it was personal. Had it stayed about politics no one in LAFITTE would have cared about a person who continually goes on ranting about the Good O’le Boys of Jefferson Parish. “Action speaks louder than words”, and I would hope that at the least, some of you have ran for office and opposed the people you speak of.

    Tim as been unopposed for the last couple of elections, because frankly, not only is he doing a GREAT job, but no one else wants the job. They know how hard he works and the responsibility he has. It’s not a “call me tomorrow, when I’m in the office” job. He is not just a Mayor, it takes more than that to hold the seat here. I promise you, there is no one, not even his beloved brothers, that could do the job that he does for this community. So, what do we do, vote him out because we may “save him from the corruption and political deals he would be tempted with”. He was born for this job, God has given him the strength & compassion to handle everything that we have been faced with since he has been in office.

    Now lastly,you said “the last time I checked Lafitte was part of Jefferson Parish” you would think that right. Well did you read some of the comments of the others, you would swear we are a different country, full of theives, and dummies, who are “an insult to all members of our military that have died in the past and are serving presently to instill the goals of a republican democratic process around the world”. And this is not the only blog or post were people degrade us, its all the time. This post just happened to be the last straw. You may feel that we are a part of Jefferson Parish, but we do not. We have been left out of the “Great Wall of the Westbank” so that Marrero, Harvey, & Gretna is protected. It has only been in the last few years that anyone on the Jefferson Parish Council, even knew that Lafitte exsisted. No one comes here and no one cares about the happenings of the Lafitte & Barataria area, until there is a photo op. When Mr Roberts became our Councilman, we finally started seeing someone represent us. As for the corruption in Jefferson Parish, it’s EVERYWHERE !! It’s what our country has turned into, you scratch my back and I’ll scratch whomever’s back I need too.

  31. Along: Perhaps you should change your moniker to Go Along to Get Along.
    So since corruption is EVERYWHERE it is OK with you as long as your back is being scratched?
    You just verified what everyone has been blogging about Laffitians…

  32. So sorry to burst the bubble that you live in, but I didn’t say it was right, I’m just stating my opinion on our so called great nation. I should have been more specific. But here you are again making assumptions about people you don’t even know. My back has never itched to worry about someone scratching it. I have volunteered more time in my community in the last week than most people will volunteer in a year. I would hope that since everyone is so worried about Jefferson Parish that they are doing whatever they can to make it a better place, and no, blogging doesn’t count.

  33. Along: “…so-called great nation…”?!!! You got a better nation where you want to live? Lafitte is what it is…lucky for them we do live in a great nation where discourse (such as blogging) dissenting with corrupt government practices is not only tolerated but celebrated. Blogging and other social media IS the freedom tool of the times not just here in our great nation but everywhere there is upheaval. Thank God for bloggers and our great nation. That I believe was Whitmergate’s original point: entrenched incumbents and their machines dictating to the Sheeple who is going to run in an election, any ‘annointing’ process, is UN-American, counter to the democratic precepts on which our great nation was founded and an insult to the memories of those brave Armed Services folks who have died fighting for those freedoms.

  34. Blah. Blah. Blah. Unslabbed, if you or any of the others on this blog think you’re changing the world with your comments, you’re delusional. Nor are any of us from the Lafitte area going to change your mind about our people and our politics…I’ve come to the conclusion that this “debate” and its comments are all completely pointless, including my own.

    Every single post boils down to: “I’m right. You’re stupid.”

    And its response: “No, I’m right. You’re stupid.”

    And where does that get anyone? Nowhere.

  35. Miss Barataria:

    Your last post made lots of sense. I’ll reverse it by telling you, “You’re right, I’m sometimes stupid.”

  36. PS – Sock puppet, my only mistake is that I didn’t address my first entry to the other arrogant bloggers, in addition to you. I suppose that means you’re right and I’m stupid. Congratulations, you win. Maybe you should run for president.

  37. Your second comment more accurately interpreted what I was trying to say. You’re clearly not stupid.

    Again, and you obviously know Kerner better than I do, my only issue was aimed at his semi-literacy. The chief executive of any municipality is somewhat of a representation of his constituents. Is it too much to ask that he be proficient in his primary language? I’m not asking that he be a master of the Queen’s English, but basic grammar and syntax should be demanded of every leader; state, federal or local.

    And for the record, I am a resident of Jeff Parish and have spent lots of time in Southern Jefferson Parish. Never was I trying to denigrate Lafitte or its people. You should stick around this blog and chime in on some non-Kerner-related posts. My prediction is you’ll come to appreciate it.

  38. Considering the avalanche of rah rah on behalf of Dictator Kerner by his gaga cheerleaders, I began to wonder why such an orchestrated commentary thread germinated some three months after I first wrote the guess post. The feverous defense of Dictator Kerner at first seemed an impetuous reaction; however the timing caused me to be dubious of their advocacy laced with such a degree of hyperbole concerning Dictator Kerner

  39. Congratulations Timothy P. Kerner for getting appointed to the West Jefferson Hospital Board by I believe interim Councilman (for Chris Roberts)TOWNSEND at the Jefferson Parish Council meeting on June 15,2011. Could that have been a payback for Mayor Kerner’s election support or is it because he writes so well? Or is there another Timothy Kerner running around these parts?

    If that is you Mr.Mayor you may want to brush up on your English usage, spelling and composition a little before the first Board meeting..

    By the way from an old obituary of 3/18/05 posted by Telemachus on Sop’s February 14,2011 blog entitled “Roll dice for another Round of Clue”- and by clicking on the blue highlighted phrase “a clue to the significance of those records reveals” produces the obituary of a Willie Dee Barnes Ward who is the mother of Fred Heebe and who had a mother by name of Doskye Townsend Barnes. Which in simple terms would make Fred Heebe’s grandmother on his mother’s side having the maiden last name of TOWNSEND.

    Gee, Councilman TOWNSEND just couldn’t possibly be related to Fred Heebe’s grandmother could he?

  40. Correction: Timothy P. Kerner was appointed to West Jefferson Hospital Board by interim Council-at -Large Thomas not interim Councilman Townsend. Sorry, read the wrong line in Council meetings minutes.

    Information on Councilman Townsend’s possible ancestry linkage to Fred Heebe still stands for questioning.

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