BREAKING: We have a Slabb-o-gram from the Lafayette Square Wino!!!!!!!

Target letters are out. And the Wino reports the winners are: (Drumroll please)

  • Aaron Broussard
  • Tim Whitmer
  • Tom Wilkinson
  • Karen Parker (Broussard)
  • Tim Coulon

And if he didn’t get one today it will arrive shortly.

  • Lawrence Chehardy

Plus the Wino indicated there were “a number of others”.

We’ll have more on this as we get it.


30 thoughts on “BREAKING: We have a Slabb-o-gram from the Lafayette Square Wino!!!!!!!”

  1. So Letten goes to the hospital for a “SCHEDULED” operation… and now on Valentine’s Day, a slew of target letters hit at the heart of the Jefferson Parish Scandals…..Hmmmm

  2. Good post Whit.
    Letten thinks all is under control and schedules surgery. The US Attorney and FBI see their opportunity to reprise the Valentine Day Massacre in Chicago with him out of the way.
    Bet these letters would NEVER have left the quiver if he had not had heart issues, and all on Valentine’s Day. How romantic.
    Now if he will just go in again for a little while and they can get the rest of the basturds. Hey maybe he is getting a love note also?
    Has this ever happened to a US Atty before?

  3. We can give Jim a pass here because the bulldog herself is running with this investigation. The last person you want after you is Jan Mann.

  4. These letters didn’t go out without the knowledge and consent of “the Boss”, open heart surgery or not. Anyway, he’s out of the hospital now, having survived the surgery. What is perplexing to me is that this story was UNREPORTED by WWL, WDSU, WVUE and WGNO. The 10:00 P.M. News on WWL did run a Jefferson Parish story, reporting on the “paralegal scandal”, and the fact that Broussard’s ex-wife had received a target letter. More than one News Director (and his Staff) have been “asleep-at-the-switch”. And a “NOTE” to “supaslueth” from AROD: Jan Maselli Mann, who I’ve known since she was 5 or 6 years old, is directing my prosecution for allegedly “threatening” unnamed and unidentifiable persons. I called her as soon as telephone service was restored in New Orleans after KATRINA to report my abduction, brutalization, torture and false imprisonment on 9/20/05, and she did NOTHING. She and Letten and a host of their colleagues who get paychecks from “Uncle Sugar” are co-conspirators in MASSIVE obstruction of justice and a Federally-orchestrated “cover-up” in my case. So pardon me for saying that Jan Maselli Mann is a “bitch” spelled with a capital “C”. Ashton O’Dwyer a/k/a “The WHITE Henry Glover”.

  5. My source told me much the same thing a little while ago. I breathlessly rushed to slabbed to break the news, and whaddyaknow, it was already up. Nice one.

    My source didn’t mention Coulon or Chehardy or a number of others(!), but the more the merrier.

  6. You do realize that this surgery is nothing more than a cover to protect Letten- You can’t file conflict of interest and removal if the conflicted party is on Medical Leave!

    Letten is over his head in conflicted parties with his longtime history with all of the players in these indictments.

    Notice that all of this occurred after the daily rag they called a newspaper “The Times Picayune”finally figured out and announced that the US Attorney vanished a week ago for open Heart Surgery-

    And now he is out of the office for 2 months- and then on limited duty after that-

    So if this wasn’t pressing surgery- just normal- then why did he do it at the Start of Carnival-
    Letten and the Bimbo Joanne – love to crow at all of the Balls and Parades.

    Poor Joanne – a street hooker with no street to work in the busy season!

  7. Fifth: can you fire someone when they are on medical leave?

    My bet is Lettenemgo is going to use this to slither away to a Major law firm and make many zeros for ‘consulting’ . Insulting. He should get a target letter.

    The US Atty’s office is no better than the Jefferson Parish Attorney’s office : they all knew what was going on and no , repeat , NO ONE blew the whistle. Misfeasance or malfeasance or just criminal? IDK-YTM ( Nowdy before you ask: I don’t know – you tell me. )

  8. WTF are you talking about…PASS Letten ? Have you been drinking too much Sloe Gin while wearing those rose colored glasses…

    Come’on SupaSlueth, you know and I know Letten is one of the primary reasons that this degree of incestuous corruption in Jefferson Parish has been allowed to fester into such a repugnant state of spiraling immoral political abyss !

    Letten will be moving on to a big defense firm and making the big bucks for as long as his health will permit. Now Jan ‘Maselli’ Mann will have the opportunity to be the maverick she has on occasions shown us to be and that she professes to be…however any optimism has to be weighed realistically in light of her unwarranted persecution of Ashton O’Dwyer !

    I would not be surprised to learn that Wilkinson will be put in Federal protective custody…Federal Witness Program…God I pray he’s re-located to International Falls, ND …

  9. Bayoudegradable -Letten and his wife have no problem dealing with enlarged testicles-
    the problem is that they belong to most of the Power Brokers in Louisiana.

    Letten has been kissing and licking his way to the top for years- testicles have never been a problem for big Jim – and his backup player Joanne

  10. I think that this news does not bode well for Butch Ward’s mini-me Sissy Roberts…Mr. Baudier you have been given a gift, so take advantage of it…

    And for that matter, the Bitches along the River at the landfill are probably running for cover like the rats that they are…Jim Ward will probably be standing in line tomorrow at the US Atty’s Office trying to offer up tape recordings in hopes of covering his ass like he did in the Robins fiasco…

    Letten, now that he has health problems, has the cover he needs to tell his fellow white JP Politico Mafioso buddies, particularly Paul Connick and his brothers, that there is nothing more he can do to protect them now…”you know how it is…I have to spend time with my family considering my health and ALL…”

    Only if all this could be true…

    To think that this all began with AMV being continually being harassed and fucked over by Whitmer and Wilkinson during most of 2008…then to have AMV assigned to handle public records as a form of “punishment” in the beginning of 2009…what supreme irony !

    I live for the day that Tom Wilkinson is indicted, prosecuted, found guilty, and is sentenced to prison…I will be there at every stage of these proceedings in the courthouse… and I will make my presence known to all !

    Would the prosecution of Peggy Barton be asking too much ?


  11. Taking this long to send target letters to these individuals is constipation at its worst. Let me repeat something I posted here recently. As all of the lawyers on this blog know, cases do not get better for the prosecution (or the plaintiff in the civil arena) with the passage of time. The Glover case, which was a relative loss for Letten’s office, took too long to bring to trial. Memories fade, evidence gets “lost” and devious witnesses have time to conspire and perfect their stories.

    And consistent with what has been so well documented here and elsewhere, a green prosecutor could win at trial on this payroll fraud issue. At this stage these people should be pleading guilty or serving time, not receiving target letters.

    Now, I’m not predicting the Govt. will lose these cases. But somebody needs to take Letten and his underlings back and teach them the tried and true method of litigating cases, the KISS (keep it simple, stupid) method.

  12. Does this mean none of these people have been interviewed? I would think a target letter would be a little “after the fact” at this point.

  13. Also I’d like to point out Fox 8 broke this first.

    I think from reading Oyster on Twitter and his comment above it is safe to say we’re getting our info from different but very well places sources. The time is not quite right to roll out the Chehardy connection but rest assured there is one.

    The first list of names above is for payroll fraud and the Lagniappe Insurance double dealing. Notice I did not mention Wally Pontiff’s name, for example. That is because Wally’s name was not mentioned to the Wino. That doesn’t mean his ass isn’t in a crack, rather, I think it means we can figure out who is cooperating by the names that aren’t being mentioned right now. All that said Dawn Whitmer is likely an exception to that.


  14. Carnac the Magnificent, the all knowing, all seeing, sooth slayer and mysterious visitor from the East, will now ascertain the answers to several questions contained in these envelopes which have been pneumatically sealed and kept in a mayonnaise jar under constant guard on Funk and Wagnall’s porch since noon today; all without having never seen the questions contained inside.

    Carnac, here is your first envelope……… having never seen the question contained inside…and the answer is….
    Carnac,holding the envelope to his majestic turbin, says : ‘Dust, spare change, Karen Parker and Aaron Broussard’.
    Carnac, opening the envelope, reads the question: Name four things you find under a rug?
    Carnac, replying to anyone in the future thinking about scorning his performance: ‘ May your sister’s cell number be discovered branded into the hump of a stallion camel’.

  15. Just looking over all the “evidence” amassed by the contributors here and I thought I had seen some of the names grouped together before in research I had done previously, but couldn’t remember where. After some re-reading, I found it. I have particular interest in one Elton Lagasse and wouldn’t you know it, the names from the many current corruption scandals appear throughout his list of campaign contributors – more so, as far as I can tell, than any other councilman. Here’s what I found:

    4/30/2007 – $500 – Arthur S. Lawson Jr.
    9/10/2007 – $1000 – Arthur S. Lawson Jr.

    10/8/2007 – $2500 – Anne’s Properties, LLC (293 Firethorn Dr.)
    10/8/2007 – $2500 – Dangle & Associates (293 Firethorn Dr.)
    5/5/2009 – $2500 – N.C. Contractors
    11/15/2010 – $2500 – B. K. Sneed

    4/24/2007 – $1000 – Tim Coulon Campaign Committee

    4/23/2007 – $1000 – Connick & Connick

    2/22/2007 – $2500 – Chehardy, Sherman, Ellis
    10/13/2009 – $2500 – Chehardy, Sherman, Ellis

    3/10/2009 – $2000 – J. Caldarera & Co.
    10/13/2009 – $1000 – J. Caldarera & Co.

    10/16/2007 – $2500 – Anthony Gendusa III
    10/16/2007 – $2500 – Anthony Gendusa Jr.
    4/23/2008 – $1000 – Anthony Gendusa III
    4/23/2008 – $1000 – Anthony Gendusa Jr.
    3/10/2009 – $1000 – Anthony Gendusa Jr.
    10/13/2009 – $1000 – Anthony Gendusa Jr.
    11/15/2010 – $1500 – Anthony Gendusa Jr.
    11/15/2010 – $1500 – Anthony Gendusa AIA

    10/28/2009 – $1000 – CDM
    12/13/2010 – $1500 – CDM

    10/8/2007 – $2500 – IESI
    11/13/2009 – $1000 – IESI

    …and just for giggles… 4/21/2008 – IN KIND Steaks and drinks for hoghunt – Gus Bordelon

  16. I’d like to suggest that the Slabbed Nation investigate JP school board member Mark Morgan’s property as well as his architect. If you guessed Gendusa who did the plans for free, you may be correct.

  17. Times-Picayune (New Orleans)

    April 26, 2008 Saturday

    Hog hunt not tainted by trash, official says;
    ALSO: Debra Miller Yenni takes on new duties; And so does Charlie Knopp

    BYLINE: By Richard Rainey, and Mary Sparacello, East Jefferson bureau


    LENGTH: 720 words

    As competition intensifies for Jefferson Parish’s vast and lucrative garbage contract, so, too, are efforts to discredit this or that company, and to expose this or that Parish Council member’s ties to the companies.
    The latest disclosure has Gus Bordelon, general manager of Coastal Waste, hosting a $1,000-a-head fundraiser in March for Councilman Chris Roberts. The event was a wild hog hunt on a 2,500-acre farm in the Honey Island Swamp in eastern St. Tammany. The land, home to the Big Foot Hunting Lodge, is owned by Chris Jean, Coastal Waste’s former owner.
    Bordelon said Friday that his company did not pay for the hunt. The guests were “just friends of Chris’s, people who want to contribute to his campaign,” he said.
    Roberts said the fundraiser had been scheduled in January, before the council began discussing the competitive process for the garbage collection contract.
    “We raised $8,000 with no checks coming from anyone currently bidding on the garbage contract,” Roberts said.
    Bordelon said he hosted a similar event for Councilman Elton Lagasse on April 17. That was well after the council began discussing the garbage deal. Lagasse could not be reached for comment Friday.
    News of the hog hunts is the latest in a string of disclosures linking parish officials or their employees to companies hoping to land the garbage contract. It calls for collecting trash from 114,000 households throughout unincorporated Jefferson and the town of Jean Lafitte, and it likely will be worth more than $59 million.
    Roberts also said Friday that his council aide, Brett Lawson, met with a consultant working for Sidney Torres, owner of SDT Waste & Debris, who wanted to host a $50,000 fundraiser for the councilman. Roberts said he declined the invitation.
    “I was not comfortable with the meeting Mr. Lawson had with Mr. Torres’ representative,” Roberts said.
    Torres said that meeting never took place. He called Roberts a liar.
    “Absolutely false, that is so untrue,” Torres said. “All I want is the opportunity to bid on the contract. I don’t want to be buying someone off.”
    SDT is ineligible to compete for the contract because the Parish Council this week limited it to companies with at least five years’ experience in garbage hauling. SDT entered the business after Hurricane Katrina struck in 2005.
    Roberts has strongly supported keeping the experience level at five years, despite discussions within the council to lower it to two years.
    While the hog hunt netted him campaign money, Roberts said that finding a pork dinner was another matter.
    “For the record, the hunting was not good,” he said. “No one killed a pig that day.”

  18. The liar…mini-me a la Butch Ward…Sissy was taught by a master of deceit and deception. This T-P article is a classic telling of a type of ButchWard political machination; cast aspersions on everyone else while he’s raiding the piggy bank; look at them, not me.

    Roberts lies about a meeting that never happened…the inuendo being that Torres was trying to buy Roberts’ vote to get the garbage pick-up contract with a purported $50,000 fundraiser…a contract Roberts fully intends his people, Coastal Waste, thru it’s conduit Bordelon who himself is sponsoring a fundraiser for Roberts, to be awarded…mini-me uses the name of his criminal goon assistant Lawson as the person who met with Torres…mission accomplished, Torres is tainted…plausible deniability for something that didn’t happen ?

    Roberts votes to qualify bidders within certain criteria…SDT didn’t have a chance…it was already a done deal.

    And the biggest LIE OF ALL comes directly out of mini-me’s motor mouth:

    “While the hog hunt netted him campaign money, Roberts said that finding a pork dinner was another matter.

  19. Whit:
    So did Brett Lawson lie to his boss Chris Roberts about having a meeting with Torres? And if so WHY?
    Did Chris Roberts make up the story and put Brett Lawson under the bus? And if so WHY?

    Who lied about what and why?

  20. Here is a scenario that bears watching to see if actually has links to River Birch. Okay here it is:

    SDT was the low bid winner in a 1.35 Jefferson Parish school garbage contract on March 6, 2008. Coastal Waste, Allied Wate, & River Parish Disposal were the high bidders. The Jefferson Parish garbage contract let out on March 26th. The council re-writes the garbage contract because they dont’t want SDT to underbid their favorite preferred inside job garbage company and a proposal issued on April 16, 2008 by the Jefferson Parish council prohibited SDT from submitting a bid on the Jefferson Parish garbage contract because of a 5 year business provision. The Jefferson Parish garbage contract was held by Waste Management. (Bobby Bourgeois was a former Waste Management Salesman, Barry Bordelon was Bourgeois’ successor at Waste Management, Chris Coulon was a lobbyist for Waste Management).

    A meeting according to Chris Roberts was held on April 25, 2008 (Friday) between Jimmy Lawson and Sidney Torres but Torres flatly denied to have ever happened by Sidney Torres according to the TP article on April 26, 2008. “Roberts also said Friday that his council aide, Brett Lawson, met with a consultant working for Sidney Torres, owner of SDT Waste & Debris, who wanted to host a $50,000 fundraiser for the councilman. Roberts said he declined the invitation.

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