Jeff Duncan takes certain clueless ESPN talking heads and columnists to the woodshed and exposes their ignorance. A Sean Payton family crisis update.

Is Colin Cowherd at ESPN really that clueless or is he trying to suck up to the Coach?  Is’s Gregg Doyel really that ignorant of this area’s unique culture and relationship with its pro football team, one that even a die hard Chicago Bears fan termed as the kind of fan support “that I haven’t seen in the 20-plus NFL cities that I have visited in my lifetime. The kind of support that the New Orleans Saints fans who live and work in the area give is something that I have never seen.”?

Well folks, the answer is yes and yes as T-P sports reporter Jeff Duncan politely points out in his column today.

Now I’d like to take a minute to send a special message to Gregg Doyel, the ignorant fuck at who whipped out the meme about the people here playing the Katrina victim card to run down the fan reaction to Sean Payton’s move to Dallas.  After Katrina took my house, cars, most everything I owned and almost the lives of me and my family many very kind people stepped in to lend my family and this entire area a helping hand.  We remain forever grateful for the outpouring of support.  That said, while the generosity gave everyone a much needed helping hand in the recovery process, the overwhelming majority of the people here managed to recover due to their own hard work.  Those were some mighty tough days 5 years ago and while it is an experience I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy it is also one I would never trade for any amount of money and not because I get to play a perpetual victim. The Slabbed Nation triumphed over the tragedy that was Katrina and that is what makes the experience special.

Tom Benson, Sean Payton, Drew Brees and the rest of our beloved Saints did not lead this area back nor are they a symbol of this areas recovery, which is still a work in progress.  What they did do is provide a bright spot in a very tough time back in 2006 and a great ride in a much better time in 2009. As someone who lost and recovered I never recall anointing the team as this region’s Katrina recovery savior as the people here were our own saviors.  That honor was bestowed on the team and Coach by the washed up football players that find second careers in the national sports media.  The honor was very publicly embraced by the team and the Coach. To that extent, when you find out a year later Coach is really a fair weather fan of the area that pays his paycheck, such constituted punch in the gut and thus the criticisms are legit.  That has nothing to do with playing a victim card Greggie.

The next vageen from the national media that shows the kind of ignorance Doyel exhibited, I’ll be taking a special interest in making them suffer.

As for Payton, the above post title shows the truth will emerge on his move to Dallas. It already has in fact.


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  1. What’s worse is even the talking idiots on WWL radio sports (Belavia and Hebert) engaged in classic a** kissing by claiming that Dallas was a better city than New orleans so they could understand his decision to move.

    1. After Deke flamed the lady form the northshore whose kids went to school with Payton’s early last week I turned Sports Talk off and I haven’t tuned back in since.


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