And Renee Gill Pratt is toast! Brought to you by Mike Fawer.

Folks I’ve never been shy sharing my opinion that Mike Fawer is wayyyyy overrated as a criminal defense lawyer.  I’m not a lawyer but man o’ man did Fawer just f*ck his own client over writing courtroom checks his overstuffed ego can’t cash?

Hey Mikey here is a clue for ya’ bubbie. Accentuate the positive and if there isn’t any cop a plea.


17 thoughts on “And Renee Gill Pratt is toast! Brought to you by Mike Fawer.”

  1. SOP, must respectfully disagree with you. Fawer is one of the best and not afraid to try a case, unlike Mosca, Murray, Fanning, etc. He is a hard worker and a fierce opponent. Having read the TP accounts, only, he seems to be making points, suggesting that his client knew nothing of the Jeffersons’ pilfering of non-profits. Trust me, I am fan of his client, but he is not overrated.

    1. Buddy Lemann yes, Fawer not even close IMA. This is the exchange that I think Fawer should have avoided and I guarantee you it went over like a lead balloon with the jury:

      Defense attorney Michael Fawer fired back in his cross-examination, attempting to seize on unflattering statements Thornton made to the grand jury about Gill Pratt, and going so far as to suggest her testimony was an act of revenge.

      “You hated Renee, didn’t you?” Fawer asked.

      “I did not hate Renee,” Thorton said. “She was cruel and hard to work with. Very difficult.”

      He quoted from Thornton’s grand jury testimony.

      “‘All of us hated Renee,'” he said, adding: “You said she was ‘a horrible person.'”

      “She was,” Thornton responded. “She was horrible to work for.”

      Later, he fired off again, suggesting Thornton’s testimony was motivated by “your desire to hurt this woman.”

      Thornton shouted back: “What do I gain by doing that?”

      Fawer turned his back to her and replied: “I’m not into your psyche.”

      Fawer is certainly dogged and determined but he is also very abrasive and he has a knack for alienating juries IMHO. This is probably why 2 different AUSA’s told me back in the day that they loved going up against him.

      I’ve found that top flight litigators universally love to have all their cases go in front of a judge and jury. They also know when to cut a deal and avoid the courtroom altogether as much as they might personally dislike that.

      I bet when this case is done Pratt has the book thrown at her and sandpaper Mike will be part of the reason. JMHO.


  2. I don’t care who your lawyer is, the “Sergeant Schultz defense…I know nothing” is never credible and is an insult to a jury’s common sense and real life experiences.

    Just as Schultz was accountable to Klink, Gill-Pratt was accountable to Jefferson…it’s just that simple. Period.

  3. Mike Fawer is not half the legal mind that Franz Zibilich is, although imho he is just as nasty a personality.
    Mike is one of those you’d like to buy for what they are worth; and sell-off for what they think they’re worth!

  4. And what “the public at large” has to remember is that “the Defense Counsel” gets paid whether the client loses and goes to jail, or not. In fact, most Defense Counsel get their money before the trial ever even starts. And so some “cowboy” Defense Counsel get their “jollies” by being ASSHOLES in the Courtroom, pushing the envelope with the Judge, and attempting to humiliate witnesses, because it makes them feel good, gets the attention of the Press, or WHAT THE FUCK! The Defense Counsel isn’t going to jail, and he’s already got his money in his pocket. I hope Gill-Pratt gets convicted, but who can predict what the jury will do? Anybody wanna start placing bets? Ashton O’Dwyer a/k/a “The WHITE Henry Glover”.

  5. it has been reported that the jury is 11 white and one black (a lady). In a city that is 60+% black, isn’t that a bit out of whack? Even if they take the State’s average population of 30+% black, it seems staggeringly low.

    Maybe since in Civil District Court and Orleans Criminal Court it is just the opposite, there is some sort of cosmic balance, but this strikes me as odd. Maybe like this in every case. I have no idea. Anyone with info, please share.

    And speaking of odd, it is pure beauty to see Ashton rail against those fucking lawyers! Fuck them all!!! Those greedy no good bastards are all scum suckers and selfish pricks. I am proud to be one of them.

  6. Zackary:

    If you are a lawyer, you certainly know how a heavily Caucasian jury is picked in Federal Court. Orleans is one of 13-14 parishes that comprise the Eastern District of La. The remaining parishes are majority white.

  7. Zack …you’re back…

    well here’s a fact Jack/Zack…Orleans Parish is only a part of this district…so your statistical racial comparative of the jury is meaningless !

  8. The Eastern District of Louisiana comprises, and draws jurors from 13 Parishes: Assumption, Jefferson, Lafourche, Orleans, Placquemines, St. Bernard, St. Charles, St. James, St John the Baptist, St Tammany, Tangipohoa, Terrebonne and Washington. Guess Gill-Pratt and Fawer looked upon going to trial at 5oo Poydras Street like “DollarBill” looked upon going to trial in Virginia rather than in the District of Columbia. I’m taking bets if anyone wants to “play”. Ashton O’Dwyer a/k/a “The WHITE Henry Glover”.

  9. I worked a CDC case recently as a paralegal. The jury panel for our trial consisted of 5 individuals with Ph.D.’s or MD’s, 4 others with at least an undergraduate degree, 2 attorneys, and the rest were self-employed or in school.

  10. Hey! I think I “get it”. No more “Stepan Fetchit” in the jury venire at CDC. Oops! You mean that “Stepan Fetchit” has moved from the jury venire to the Bench, and wears a black robe! O.K., I get it now!?! Things are really “looking up” at CDC and in the City of New Orleans. (What’s that about 14% of the population committing “what percent” of the violent crime? Great place to live! Ashton O’Dwyer a/k/a The WHITE Adolph Archie”.

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