In other news Allstate is getting hammered today…..

If there is one thing everyone agrees upon and I mean literally from Slabber to Allstate insider is that Tom Wilson really bites as CEO. Allstate once again misses on earnings and if memory serves we’re getting up on double digits for the number of consecutive misses.  Only that fat ass hogger Fernando Aguirre at Chiquita comes close when it comes to sheer incompetence.

Don’t take my word for it just check out two different threads on the Yahoo Allstate Finance Board here and here.

Who is measuring your performance Tom?

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What a train wreck!


And Renee Gill Pratt is toast! Brought to you by Mike Fawer.

Folks I’ve never been shy sharing my opinion that Mike Fawer is wayyyyy overrated as a criminal defense lawyer.  I’m not a lawyer but man o’ man did Fawer just f*ck his own client over writing courtroom checks his overstuffed ego can’t cash?

Hey Mikey here is a clue for ya’ bubbie. Accentuate the positive and if there isn’t any cop a plea.


“CLUE” – the River Birch version

It was NAAS, and not Colonel Mustard, who launched the River Birch version of CLUE® with this question posted to  Judge Berrigan orders River Birch to file a floor plan with the Court:

Which “team” is it that reviews seized documents and records to cull out the truly privileged, confidential or unrelated documents not covered by the warrant?

Pull a card from the Government’  Opposition to Return of Seized Property and Incorporated Memorandum (scribd format below) and the game begins with this “clue”:

Special Agent Bezet and other agents made every lawful effort to separate what was believed to be attorney-client privileged material for a late inspection by a taint team. As noted in Petitioner’s Memorandum, a “clean team” was on scene to collect items from Peter Butler, Sr.’s office at 2000 Belle Chasse Hwy. 

The Government rolled the dice and submitted clues about “who done it” in  Attachment B to the Warrant authorizing the search of the River Birch office building AKA Exhibit H in the Opposition (text-only Exhibits incorporated with brief in scribd format below): Continue reading ““CLUE” – the River Birch version”