Dambala has more on the computer crash that put the NOLA real estate market on its knees.

Folks, after speaking with Jason at length on this topic, I’ll add that he did a masterful job rolling out Part 3 of The Big Crash over at Humid Beings and it is well worth the read as he dissects the NOLA Civil District Court, laying bare the bullshit from judges like Madeline Landrieu and Clerk of Court Dale Atkins.

IMHO that Executive Chef at CDC is the single biggest reason people on the inside started to talk about the myriad of ways these judges serve themselves instead of the public.


7 thoughts on “Dambala has more on the computer crash that put the NOLA real estate market on its knees.”

  1. I swear, Louisiana judges will be hard to beat if there ever is an award given for “creative corruption”! These corrupt public officials literally ate the evidence their freezer!

  2. i spent a week on jury duty back in the 90’s at CDC. what a joke. the judges rolled in around 10. court would go till about 12. break till 1:30 and wrap up at 4. the judge looked as if she was napping most of the time.

  3. You all have to be kidding – Letten was “RAISED” in Jefferson Parish – He is by far one of the sleaziest hacks in the Entire US Attorneys Office.

    Have you met Lettens wife- a street whore has more class than her and she takes full advantage of the free meals and “PERKS” offered for her and her family’s use.

    If you want to end corruption – in this town you have to dump every Attorney who works for the Government at Camp street and bring Lawyers in from other ares of the country – certainly not lawyers who were educated by Louisiana Law Schools – the corruption is to deep.

    The locals call it team Letten – yet its really Tag Team Letten – his wife acts as the PIMP and sells Big Jim’s services to all of our illustrious whore-mongers.

    Christ Letten worked for the Corruption whores in Jefferson Parish and the in Orleans Parish- Gives new meaning to the phrase double header.

  4. My comment is relevant to “Dambala has more on the computer crash . . .” because I talked about, Inter Alia, the computer glitch / mortgage records crash with relevance to the Renee Gill Pratt trial. I posted the following in FOUR different places on nola.com, but only if a person was aware of this link @ http://connect.nola.com/user/lawgrace/index.html would they have ever known what I said about real estate racketeering in New Orleans. Here is what I posted:

    I notice that since yesterday, nola.com has printed pages and pages of stories which bumped a significant story that was only printed on nola.com yesterday at 6:29 p.m., entitled:

  5. The fortunate thing that citizens have as it pertains to who will followup on the glaring red flags, is that CDC judges (and their cronies) are so stupid, they are the ones who give us the facts and proof for which to go after them. Even Sheriff Valteau’s immovable / movable seizures website has more than ample information for which to glean facts for people to become prosecuted.

    Yet, UNFORTUNATELY, Jim Letten and other so-called law enforcements, don’t give a flip about rampant corruption until it can be used for social climbing ‘press conferences.’

    I hope EVERY media around the world checks the coverage about –which CONNECTS LOTS OF DOTS– that is found at Humid Beings. I cannot imagine the miscreants escaping the pit that they have dug. LINKS:




    *ALSO: “. . .the courts of Louisiana serve the purpose of unfair enrichment, at the disadvantage of some people; and for certain politically-connected people, the courts serve as an avenue to ‘the good life’. Additionally, anyone who hinders Louisiana ‘good life’ pursuits becomes subjected to the vilest treatment by jurists who disguise themselves as upholders and enforcers of laws.” –quoted from “Judge Thomas Porteous and the Judicial ‘Devil’s Den’ from Whence He Came” @ http://newsblaze.com/story/20100922041842lawg.nb/topstory.html

    I am certain that there is One Who will indeed follow up on judicial corruption; He has full and final authority>>> Luke 11:46, 52

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