Just a thought – How big is the average mailbox in Jefferson Parish?

Yeah, it’s a slow news day on the slab –  probably, better stated as quiet before the next news storm.  However, it’s a good day to pick up the thought I dropped while covering the birchers so-called volley in the “Tournament of Trash“:

Is the average mailbox in Jefferson Parish large enough to hold a poster?

Unlike our Twice Right AG, I’ve been (ahem) twice wrong – the two River Birch epistles-to-the-voters of Jefferson Parish were not printed on an 5.5″x8.5″ card, as I guessed.

Instead, both were unfolded, full-size 8.5″x11″ posters – in other words, larger than a  residential mailbox meeting USPS standards!

  • Curb-size boxes are a standard 8.75″H x 6.5″W
  • Mail slots are a standard 2.25″H x 7.25″W

The standard size of a unit in the multi-unit mailbox found at most residential apartment complexes is 5″H x 4″W – the same width of typical black metal residential mailbox by my front door.

Oops!  IMO, the size issue means the only certain result of the birchers’ effort to trash Waste Management was more trash for Waste Management to pick up!

Just a thought!

h/t  thoughtful reader for providing SLABBED with a copy of latest poster (below) – abundant evidence the birchers need a new graphic designer in addition to the already evident need for a new interior designer!

One thought on “Just a thought – How big is the average mailbox in Jefferson Parish?”

  1. Gee – according to this little add- Waste Management Makes Millions a year operating the Landfill.

    Guess that means that River Birch also Makes Millions a year operating their own landfill.

    So if the Parish gets rid of Waste Management – the River Birch people – stand to make even more millions per year taking all of the Garbage that the Parish operated landfill takes.

    Did I miss something in the River Birch deal the specifically prevents them from taking any garbage into Jefferson Parish except Garbage from Jefferson Parish?

    And has anybody seen how the River Birch Mafia came up with the number that Waste Management owes Jefferson Parish 80 million dollars?

    And last where the hell did all of the FEMA money go to repair the roads?

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