Judge Biggers schedules April hearing on Zach Scruggs’ Motion to Vacate

Patsy Brumfield broke the story on NEMS360.com – although I doubt she wants credit for the typo indicating the hearing was set for August and not April.

SLABBED will take a pass; check back with NEMS360 a little later; and rely on Judge Biggers’ order for the details:

Upon due consideration, the court is of the opinion that all issues involved in said motion should be heard. The court will receive evidence if requested.

It is, therefore, ORDERED AND ADJUDGED that the parties shall appear for a hearing on movant’s motion on Monday, April 25, 2011, at 10:00 a.m. in Courtroom 3 West of the United States Courthouse in Oxford, Mississippi.

Short – and, in this case, “sweet”.

5 thoughts on “Judge Biggers schedules April hearing on Zach Scruggs’ Motion to Vacate”

  1. Don’t hold your breath BellSouth—Obama has sold out the Bush political attack cases for something even better. His control of the DOJ. Bush used the DOJ to help run the Nation. If Obama files charges against the DOJ he will clean the mess up. However, that is not the tact Obama is taking. Instead he is helping DOJ hide the bodies(in jail) and using this move to take over the DOJ in theory and in fact. If he attacks the DOJ he will not be able to use it to attack the GOP and will lose his ability to control others via DOJ. To his credit Obama has thrown a bone to the plantiff’s lawyers and this is it—“I will appoint you to positions of power but I will not free your political prisioners.”–my own quote. He also has called off the attack dogs so to say and thus freed up those left standing to go back to doing what they were doing before Bush–IE make money and give it to the Dems. The DOJ can go back to what it was doing with Bush–IE making brownie points with the White House and attacking the ememies of the White House. This is all dirty stuff, I know, but is how the system is run. Bush did attack a few GOP members but you can be assured they were taken out because it was to the Bush political advantage to do so.

    Trial lawyers were attacked because they are the source of MAJOR funding for the Dems and the major fighter of big industries doing whatever it wants to make money. Check the top ten list of major Dem donors and you see none other than one Ronald L. Motley. Anouther major trial lawyer donor to the DNC is greated with this headline at the RNC website—Partisan Activist And Trial Lawyer Jack McConnell Goes Before Senate Panel Today. (link below) Don’t get me wrong the RNC gets it right. They quote Obama as saying”When Introducing His SCOTUS Pick, Obama Said He Wants Judges Who Fight On Behalf Of

  2. One more point if I may BellSouth. If you read the link number four above you will note that Texas lawyers by far donate more money to the DNC than other groups. Infact, if one were to add the total donations it might even be the case that Texas lawyers give more than all other lawyers combined in the time frame in question. Why? Could it be they know the power of Bush and his legacy because they are getting it everyday they work in Texas. Has the Bush family so stacked the deck against the Texas trial lawyers that the DNC is getting a flood of money from them? You would have to check the facts across time periods etc but this one snap shot does wet the whistle so to say.


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