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If Slabbed were to affiliate with a TeeVee news station on the unfolding Jefferson Parish Political Corruption scandal, which news operation would you guys pick and why?  None of the above is an acceptable answer here.


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  1. Any one that hires Val Bracy and gives her free rein.

    All the others tend to bow to pressure from friends/sponsors/misinformation and lack of time to fully investigate, allegations that they ( the station) are fomenting riots and causing unrest, etc…a function of the nature of the beast IMHO.

    What does ‘affiliate’ mean? will they control content? how will slabbed commenters be protected from their snooping into who is who? so many questions.

    but if you are asking right now with the present stations the only choices I would have to say WWL only because they seem to get it right most of the time on the big ones and they try the hardest not to sensationalize non-issues.


  2. Just some thoughts:

    – As to Ch. 6: The News Mackel (is it Travis? Is he the news one or the sports one?) is a pal of Capella (aka Ca-fella). I’d say no there.

    – Ch. 8 has more time to air investigations. Problem is I’ve read (was it here?) a rumor he’s friends o’ Heebe. His dad Dr. Zurik was old line New Orleans. I have NO idea if that is true. No idea at all. But let’s face it the guy brings it. He took down Judge Spears like Val took down Broussard. Problem is as I recall it when Zurik (then at 4) was driving a sword through Nagin on his calendar and email public record requests in court he was tossing softballs at Broussard and totally accepted his bs responses about his. And of course when Val left he hardly picked up the ball; in fact he put the ball away. Seems a target rich environment but he must not be interested. But then again I think he did do some pretty good reports on the Gegenheimers and their movie vacations on the public dime. I am not sure what the score is there.

    – On Ch. 8 you *might* want to ask Oyster (is that Mark Moseley?) if the folks at The Lens have any impressions, they partner with Ch. 8 I believe. Thing is, keep in mind they deal with Orleans where everyone is hot to trot; not at all JP (despite it being the bigger parish with more corruption (these days I suspect, I will say boldly, that’s the case)). (Sometimes I just think the reporters live in NO, so they care about NO, not JP or St. Tammany or St. Bernard).

    – Ch. 4 has less time to air investigations but they are in bad need of hitting something big. They are also lacking personnel these days. I don’t know who they have working the investigation beat now. They lost Bighad Shiban to…. Ch. 8. There is Dennis Woltering and he’s slugged Patricia Schwartz Core, Assessor in St. Tammany, frequently, hard and often. They also have that guy who used to be with the TP (Mike Perlstein) and he seems pretty good but unexciting. They also have good former TP investigators on staff.

    You may have noticed that The Jefferson Report did a collaborative report with Ch. 4, though I am not really sure Ch. 4 has followed through considering for instance the TJR info re: Dutchie Connick & William Sirmon having a late expenditure report. That seems of note but hey… it’s just a $160 million boondoggle and potential kickback scheme. In any even you may want to ask Jeremy Alford about his impressions.


    Oh yes, the lovely Karen Swensen’s returning to Ch. 4, but I’m not sure when.

    Ch. 26 would seem inviting, but they seem to have no budget, no investigations and nobody watches.

  3. WWL-4 has lost most of its investigative team. Bigad, Lee, and a couple of non-camera investigative journalists have all left 4 for Fox-8 over the last couple of months. Plus the viewership of 4 has fallen dramatically and many spectulate that Mike Hoss will be moving over to Fox-8 next. 1 1/2 beats 30 minutes of airtime so Fox-8 needs the extra power to fill that time slot every night.

  4. I vote for a TV station in Washington, DC because Congressmen were amazed with the GretnaMentality of Porteous, his bankruptcy attorney and ‘ too young to be retired by the ODC ‘ Claude Lightfoot, Amato, Gardner, Mamou, Bodenheimer, etc..

    Plus, more direct exposure to DOJ and FBI.

    Possibly a Hollywood station which may find character profiles and raw criminality worthy of a reality series , rights to which have been already claimed as the original work product of Whitmergate.

  5. Just an fyi:

    – I just heard that Amy Sneed Barrios is an executive producer at Ch. 6, WDSU.

    Here’s betting she’s related to the BK Sneeds, Emily, Jennifer, etc.

  6. I was just in a local eating establishment by WDSU so in walks the Sports Mackel of WDSU.

    The woman at the counter says ‘oh you’re such`n`such’ and talks about how she went to a party he threw some time last year with his brother.

    Sports Mackel confirms yes that was a party at their house (or one of their houses, but he said “our house”) in Mid-City and says, ‘oh yes that was me and my brother with Vince Marcello, that was a great party.’


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