River Birch tried “volley” – latest shot in the Tournament of Trash was a backhand that fell shorter than a Venus Williams’ skirt

The Times-Picayune got the story out River Birch launches new volley in Jefferson Parish landfill debate:

River Birch Inc. opened a new front Thursday in its effort to sway public opinion in the Jefferson Parish landfill debate.

The company placed a full-page advertisement in The Times-Picayune as its latest flyer landed in residents’ mailboxes…Both pieces take aim at Waste Management, the company that now operates the parish-owned landfill at Waggaman…

While Nancy Drew tried to use the story as an attempt to thwart his effort to revirginate John Young, Tele called the shot:

The return PO, PO BOX 1938, Gretna, is that of LIVE OAK HOMES CORP.

In other words, the Birchers who have the brass ballz to present that they are separate and individual entities who have been unfairly searched and seized from are using one of their corporate nicks/subenitites to do the money shoveling and pimping for their very, very, very dirty business.

Trash is indeed dirty business but garbage is garbage –  but the search team’s photographs talk truth about trash better than a River Birch advertisement.

First, this introduction from the Heebe-River Birch “Tour Guide”

On the third floor…after entering the office suites through the waiting area, there is a reception counter directly ahead with file cabinets against the back wall. On top of the file cabinets are numerous boxes labeled “scanned leases.” The plaintiffs point out that this is an immediate indication of the presence of Shadowlake Management, a residential apartment management company.

SLABBED readers first saw a photograph of the”numerous [sic] boxes labeled ‘scanned leases'” in Ladies and gentlemen, Fred Heebe is your docent…)

SLABBED readers got a closer look at those boxes of scanned leases in 99 boxes of files on the wall

However, SLABBED readers haven’t seen this shot as it had no significance until now – but it’s important to note that there were no “numerous boxes of scanned leases – just 7 open cardboard boxes  marked “scanned leases” (no lid).  These 7 open boxes sat open atop 19 closed plastic file storage bins identified by nothing but numbers.  These bins, in turn, sat atop a wall of at least 7 file cabinets –  4 had  no label at all on the drawers,  and 1 had what appear to be post-it notes as labels.

How could anyone taking an up-close look at what’s shown in this picture be certain all files represented entities separate from River Birch?

No entity located on the third floor of the River Birch office building  –  Shadowlake Management, (“Shadowlake”), Willow, Inc., Fred Heebe Investments, Live Oak Homes Corporation (“Live Oak”), Heebe & Heebe, P.L.C., and River Birch, Inc. (“River Birch”) – can launch a volley against the evidence these pictures provide.

The backhand attempt to score using John Young…

…fell shorter than a Venus Williams’ skirt – and the message mattered not!

Not even Waste Management matters.  What matters are two Latin terms “ultra vires” and “void ab initio” and they matter a lot because they mean River Birch has no standing in this Tournament of Trash.  The Jefferson Parish Council has no power to give River Birch a bye and hold a hearing that would, at best, be nothing but an Exhibition Match.

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  1. Nowdy,

    When it comes to the art and finesse of a one-handed backhand, one thing is for certain, no one on the River Birch team has ever watched or taken lessons from Justine Henin or Richard Gasquet. It’s a thing of beauty and accuracy and not bumbling and stumbling.

    The buying of full page newspaper ads by River Birch is the equivalent of bribing the T-P to slant their coverage in favor of River Birch and it’s principals and Public Officials who are part of this criminal conspiracy. So far it seems as though the bribes have paid off as it relates to the stories, all one has to do is read Nancy Drew. But what does it matter, most people don’t buy or read the T-P anyway.

    The mailouts by River Birch are the equivalent of Nazi propaganda…trying to drum up fear in the populace…deceptive bully threats…and out right lies. These mailouts are further evidence of Fred Heebe’s and Jim Ward’s stupidity seeded by their boundless arrogance and greed. Manipulating public opinion is not their forte, backroom deals are.

    I mean really, how stupid can they and their PR people be, not to know that the public in JP as a whole doesn’t know who their councilman is, much less the Parish President; nor to they care. Consistent 10% voting turnout statistics tell us that. Hell in the latest TJR poll, 92% of the people in JP think everything here is honkey-dorey; so I guess that would include the services of Waste management too !

    Nowdy, yes team River Birch has a weak volley game, but it’s the inability to get their second serve in that’s killing their game.


  2. The entire Garbage contract deal to oust Waste Management and substitute River Birch hatched by Whitmer, Wilkinson, Coulon, Broussard, Heebe, Ward et al is tainted beyond repair. At this point the only decisions to be made are:
    1. Was the dealings by the above-named individuals, and possibly unknown or un-named others, criminal and if so who should prosecute them,
    2. Is it in the best interest of the Parish of Jefferson to take the six months necessary ( per Landfill Engineer Rick Buller’s email on how to go about bidding out for a new company) to create a bona fide Request for Proposals ( RFP) and begin the process over following the legal and sensible procedures ?

    In the event #1 comes up with a yes answer then the FEDS need to self-examine and find a non-conflicted Judge and Prosecutor

    In the event #2 comes up with a no answer then the Parish needs to stop the closure and fire ‘er up again with Waste Management

    If #2 comes up with a yes then the Parish needs to stop the closure and fire ‘er up again with Waste Management by exercising any available Option Years and begin the correct procedure to let the RFP.

    Waste Management of course if free to submit.
    Renovar and Cytec can continue trapping the Methane
    The enviro company JEDCO punted over to Rick Buller can come back in and start paying JP to take woody waste or whatever they wanted to recycle.

    Sounds simply sound to me. IMHO

  3. Where is the outrage that the Parish has hired yet another outside law firm (McCranie Sistrunk) to “advise” it regarding the River Birch matter? The Parish has already paid Gaudry, Ranson $120,000 to sue Waste Management to lay the groundwork for the River Birch deal. Talk about a waste of taxpayer money! They don’t know if they are coming or going – incompetent boobs. And, if you look at the docket entries on Jeffnet for the Waste Management lawsuit that Gaudry filed for the Parish, you will see that all that the Parish has received for its $120,000.00 is the filing of a lawsuit and receipt and review of an Answer. What is that, about $100,000.00 per hour? I want those rates too.

  4. Yikes, IAA, that’s a lot of money to pave the way for a River Birch contract that legally “never happened”!

    Any idea how many “meals on wheels” that kind of money would buy?

  5. Nowdy, Young instructed his parish attorneys to find a way to cancel the RB contract. Now expensive outside attorneys are doing research to achieve the same end.

    How about asking RB to produce an officially signed contract with all required council and proper administrative names. No one including the FBI has ever seen such a contract.

    ‘ Screw in a light bulb’ kids, even the dimmest, and request the original signed contract. A non-existent written contract means an unenforceable contract unless RB sues on the oral word and vote of a council/administration which has zero credibility.

  6. Pardon me for being obtuse, but the Internet has posted “RESOLUTION 111542” dated January 14, 2011, authorizing (by the Council, moved by Capella, seconded by Young) the hiring of “Michael D. Peytavin” (yes, that’s the son of the presiding Judge in “the Broussard Flood” litigation) of the firm of Gaudry, Ranson, Higgins & Gremillion “for the purpose of assisting the Parish attorney in negotiating a contract with River Birch, Inc. for operation of a landfill, and to provide for related matters (Parishwide). ” Could this date be wrong? Could this date be correct? And on top of the $120,000 or so identified by “imaangry” on the Waste Management case, within the past few days the Council also authorized that Michael Peytavin and his firm would be hired to represent the Parish in any litigation arising out of the BP oil spill. If we were to have “disclosure”, I think we all would be surprised how much the Parish has paid to “outside” counsel over the years. This is particularly interesting to me since we only learned within the past few days that Judge John Peytavin and Attorney Michael Peytavin are father and son, which is a SCANDAL in the context of “the Broussard Flood” litigation. Ashton O’Dwyer a/k/a “The WHITE Henry Glover”.

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