River Birch tried “volley” – latest shot in the Tournament of Trash was a backhand that fell shorter than a Venus Williams’ skirt

The Times-Picayune got the story out River Birch launches new volley in Jefferson Parish landfill debate:

River Birch Inc. opened a new front Thursday in its effort to sway public opinion in the Jefferson Parish landfill debate.

The company placed a full-page advertisement in The Times-Picayune as its latest flyer landed in residents’ mailboxes…Both pieces take aim at Waste Management, the company that now operates the parish-owned landfill at Waggaman…

While Nancy Drew tried to use the story as an attempt to thwart his effort to revirginate John Young, Tele called the shot:

The return PO, PO BOX 1938, Gretna, is that of LIVE OAK HOMES CORP.

In other words, the Birchers who have the brass ballz to present that they are separate and individual entities who have been unfairly searched and seized from are using one of their corporate nicks/subenitites to do the money shoveling and pimping for their very, very, very dirty business.

Trash is indeed dirty business but garbage is garbage –  but the search team’s photographs talk truth about trash better than a River Birch advertisement. Continue reading “River Birch tried “volley” – latest shot in the Tournament of Trash was a backhand that fell shorter than a Venus Williams’ skirt”

Jaunita Jean reports Texans getting “foreign aid” to survive cold weather

When I read this massive storm was the result of cold air from northern Texas meeting tropically warm air from the southern part of the state, I raced to “the world’s most dangerous beauty shop” for Juanita Jean’s report on the weather:

“As you’ve learned here, Rick Perry’s Perfect Texas doesn’t have enough electricity to survive a freeze, and not a monumental freeze at that,” Juanita smiles through slightly bluish lips.

“We’re all walking around with flashlights under our blankets,” she admits.  “We are a hardy people, we Texans,  having survived hurricanes, fire ants, the occasional tornado, and some really bad UT football teams.  However, you wave cold in front of us and we immediately start building a fire in the middle of the living room.  We are not at peace with cold.  We leave that to the Yankees.”

“So, where do Texans go for help when we are desperate to quit shivering?”

“Uh …. blush …  The Tea Party’s Number One Evil … Mexico,” she reports.

No kidding.  Mexico.

While the Tea Partiers are down on the border trying to keep Mexican people out of Texas, Rick Perry’s Texas is trying like the dickens to get in. Continue reading “Jaunita Jean reports Texans getting “foreign aid” to survive cold weather”

Jim Brown

Thursday, February 3rd, 2011
Baton Rouge, Louisiana


So who ya’ rootin’ for in the Super Bowl game on Sunday? It’s an easy choice for me living down here in Louisiana. The Packers are one of the best examples of how a sports franchise should operate. They don’t go to the state capitol hat in hand, looking for a handout. The team is owned by citizen stockholders all over Wisconsin, and the Packers’ management doesn’t regularly try to blackmail public officials into giving more handouts under threat of picking up and moving the franchise.

Recently, when it came time for Green Bay to revamp and refurnish legendary Lambeau Field, the state of Wisconsin didn’t put up one penny. All proceeds to pay for the renovations came from the private sector. Season ticket holders were charged a one-time user fee of $1,400, which fans can pay over several years. In addition, the Packers did a stock offering, just like many corporations do for capital improvements. And finally, the packers took out a team loan to be repaid out of yearly revenues. No sweetheart deals from the state, no special considerations, no coming to the public trough for taxpayer money.

What happens in some states, including my home state of Louisiana, is that team owners cry wolf saying that they will have no choice but to move their franchise elsewhere if, the tax incentives and outright dollars are not bountifully offered. But a review of the NFL team financial arrangements will show that team income is structured in such a manner that it is theoretically possible to run a profitable franchise even in a small location like my old home town of Ferriday. Continue reading “Jim Brown”