Guess what’s behind the door marked “office” – not unless Monty Hall led the search of Heebe-River Birch!

Judge “Ginger” won’t see 99 boxes of files on the wall behind the door simply marked “office” –  or a description of this surprisingly different “common space” in the Heebe-River Birch “tour guide“.

Of course, no one would want to call Judge Berrigan’s civil-right’s-focused-attention to the obvious “discriminating” taste of whoever decided to cram “the little people” in modules at the “expense” of this fine custom-designed space.

Surely, it’s not an absurd argument to claim that Oriental carpets of exceptional quality should only furnish the office space used by exceptional people – “high type folks” who can be trusted to sit on leather.

Below, a collection of gold-framed paintings hang over a custom-made desk with a leather executive chair.  Directly in front of the desk is an antique table for small meetings that seats four comfortably in side chairs upholstered in neutral leather…

Should more informal conversation be desired, a sitting area furnished with a full-size sofa and two leather wing chairs is in front of the linen-draped wall behind the table.

The area can be entered directly from the stairwell – a convenience for those attending larger meeting that require a table seating eight.  A sideboard for food service and a small kitchen area (not shown) make it possible to meet over a meal and an executive washroom (not shown) makes it unnecessary for anyone to leave the area while in the building .

How much longer could it possibly be before Heebe will want to play “Let’s Make a Deal” for real?

(photograph below added after Reader comment on other paintings)

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  1. I don’t know, Bayou, but, thinking it might provide a clue, I just added a photograph showing a painting I particularly liked.

  2. Bayou D., Nowdy, yes they are Drysdales! I noticed those too, in No. 73 at least.

    Those cost quite a pretty penny.

  3. Any idea how much, Tele? I did a quick search and pulled up estimate of around $2000 but that’s without consideration of size, quality and so forth.

    The rugs, paintings and so forth add up to nicer surroundings than one would think necessary to talk “garbage”.

  4. $2,000.00 a bit low. The man by the sea may be able to help.

    But I did not see anything that identified this office space as a law office.

    Looks like a bunker or a “counting room” of modern day. Makes you want to go green.

  5. As to the “white door” I would bet that metal material is hard to make blend in or look like wood. But, I do not know if the door is made of metal material only guessing….

  6. Gretna decorating at its best folks…it is hard to believe it could get any worse. Trashy isn’t too strong a word methinks…lol.

  7. Replying to [email protected]:38

    Funny you mention not seeing anything identifying the space as a law office, Bayou, I noticed the same and even took a closer look at photographs from other offices. Didn’t see anything identifying any office as a “law office”.

    Replying to [email protected]:56

    If you’re talking about the white door in photo #78, it’s appears to be a “fire code compliant” self-closing metal exit door. Without seeing the floor plan of the building, I can’t be certain, but typically, there are all sorts of regulations that would prevent anything that made such a door less obvious.

  8. On the topic of artist a.j. drysdale…

    Unfortunately the prices of his art has steadily declined since 2000 when an oil/canvass 47 x 71 hammered out at $38,000. Prices of course range due to medium, sometimes size, subject matter and in drysdale’s case those muted in darker colors the more desirable.

    In 2006 a 20 x 24 oil/burlap sold for $10,000; 2007, an oil wash/board 18 x 24 sold for $19,000; 2008, an oil/board 17 x 46 fetched $10,000 and a 30 x 30 oil/canvass hammered at $15,000.

    In 2010 there were two auctions that featured a.j. drysdale paintings. In September an oil/canvass 20 x 31 sold for only $9,000 and a rare watercolor on paper 13 x 27 hammered at $2400. Then in November an oil/canvass 10 x 20 fetched $6,800 and an oil wash/board 7 x 21 sold for $5,800.

    If in fact the art as depicted on the walls in this office are genuine drysdales, then it would simple enough to make a comparative survey to an auction catalog to questimate it’s current value, but not necessarily the amount paid when acquired. In any event the collection as shown is conservatively in the tens of thousands of dollars.

    Pelican deBrief

    PS: Nowdy, I wish I had known Mr. Heebe was decorating with oriental rugs; presently I have a collection his interior designer would have loved, although seeing how tasteless the furnishings are I probably would have refused to sell them to him. And those wood walls, my lord, he should be arrested for destroying a forest…they are dreadful !

    ‘Gate still can’t stop laughing after seeing those pictures.

  9. With all due respect, the “greenish” landscapes on page 2 of 5 are NOT “Drysdale’s” in my humble opinion. The “rumor” is that Mr. Drysdale was a drunk and a gambler and attempted to pay off his debts with his paintings, sometimes successfully, sometimes not. Ashton O’Dwyer.

  10. My opinion, this office is designed to keep tract of the $$$$. Nothing else. A family enterprise to rake in the bucks. Does anyone know of plans to expand?

    This is not a corporation looking to expand it’s growth to other garbage collection areas. They have all the money they need for two lifetimes and that of their children. Only exception in the area of Methane recovery (see Gate and Tele.)

    Can someone tell me what happens to the Parish income from the recovery of Methane from the Parish land fill if this RB deal sticks? That is another $1,000,000.00 plus per year! Is this figure included in the $9,000,000.00 RB will cost the Parish?

    Sleep well you garbage sucking MF’S. Wilkerson you “bitch boy”, Karma will catch up with you soon.

    I was told that Whitmer is working in Florida? WTF!

  11. I think it’s the private bath door I’m seeing. Now why would you think they built anything to code?

  12. Code? With Debbie baby all is overlooked. Just call her favorite knee bend Tom Wilkerson! These people can swing a $200,000,000.00 deal and be required to abide by code under Wilkerson’s reign? Freaking metal door to keep people out of the counting room.

  13. Has anyone seen a floor plan for the third floor? I’m thinking “doors” at the moment and would love to see a copy.

  14. Thanks, Tele! Great information!

    I caught the “angel” reference, by the way – but, who wouldn’t call on angels if they spent their days fearing one day they’d be buried alive under piles of files and stacks of boxes?

    My concern, however, is for the search team that appeared to do a by-the-books professional job. Someone once told me that “government work” chewed up the good people and spit them out.

    I’m going to keep the faith and hope Judge Berrigan doesn’t miss the evidence show in the pictures – IMO even Ray Charles would have “seen” there weren’t any walls dividing the space.

  15. Again KUDOS Tele…

    So can any one tell me…NOW…that River Birch is not a political criminal conspiracy of proportions that we never ever thought existed…

    “River Birch” is depravity personified !

  16. Nowdy, let’s just hope that ‘the good people’ are giving Government a Prilosec moment or two before being spit out. And maybe if the Government has to be the Cow it is, it will be forced to chew its cud and think again and again about what it did/does wrong. One can dream.
    I for one would love to see Government become bulimic with its graft and corruption: fire all the ‘consultants’; reduce the Govt Work force above necessary services by 1/2 ( trust me no services will go untended); privatize everything and require the elected officials to do their jobs of monitoring the work…not awarding it…that should be done by Citizens committees appointed ( much as juries are for trialsor Grand Jury duty) on an as needed basis. And then reduce the remaining 1/2 of govt workforce by 1/2 again once that system is in place…which should be less than a few months since the same system that picks juries can pick Citizen committees to choose companies to supply necessary services.
    Screw the Entitlement junkie professional politicians and their cronies. Let’s take government back.

  17. IMHO, the search team may very well prove to be the only “arm of government” touching the Parish that has demonstrated any competence and acted with integrity – but, the government’s crappy briefs and the decision to file the photographs AFTER the team’s integrity was questioned proves “no good deed goes unpunished”.

    Unslabbed, if the team hangs tight, they won’t be “spit out” IMO – just a matter of time for those chewing on them to choke.

    Maybe Judge Ginger will include a layout of the floor plan with whatever she decides/issues after her visit.

  18. David Vitter is a republican only in sheep’s clothing. Look at his campaign finance reports and you will see the likes of Heebe and, wait for it……..John Mamoulides contibuting to his campaign. Wait a cotton-picking minute; I thought the big Mamou was a died-in-the wool Dem. I guess Vitter will perform for anyone willing to pay, or is it vice versa, Diaper Dave?

    Money + Life-long Politicians = Corrupt System

  19. These Bircher morons have really outdone themselves.

    The Broach posts their latest missive (which reads more like a commandment) to the citizens of JP:

    The return PO, PO BOX 1938, Gretna, is that of LIVE OAK HOMES CORP.

    In other words, the Birchers who have the brass ballz to present that they are separate and individual entities who have been unfairly searched and seized from are using one of their corporate nicks/subenitites to do the money shovelling and pimping for their very, very, very dirty business.

    Live Oak Homes IS River Birch.

    Charter Number: 34141808 D
    Registration Date: 4/18/1984

    …Registered Agent(s)
    Address 1: 2000 BELLE CHASSE HWY., 3RD FLOOR
    City, State, Zip: GRETNA, LA 70056
    Appointment Date: 4/18/1984

    Officer(s) Additional Officers: No
    Title: Secretary/Treasurer
    Address 1: 2000 BELLE CHASSE HWY., 3RD FLOOR
    City, State, Zip: GRETNA, LA 70056

    Officer: ALBERT J. WARD, JR.
    Title: Vice-President
    Address 1: 2000 BELLE CHASSE HWY., 3RD FLOOR
    City, State, Zip: GRETNA, LA 70056

    Title: President
    Address 1: 2000 BELLE CHASSE HWY., 3RD FLOOR
    City, State, Zip: GRETNA, LA 70056”

  20. Freakin’ tele you are on the ball boy. Eyes of an eagle. Hopin’ Ginger baby reads your post and opines, ‘Enough is enough. U MF’s have perceived me to be stupid by giving me a route map, changed the furniture and added signs around claiming business boundaries when several businesses claimed immune are in fact all mingled together in the same covert operation’.

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