10 thoughts on “We have another Waste Management nuke: The deposition of Rick Buller, Jefferson Parish Landfill Engineer.”

  1. Looks like John Young may actually have some cojones:

    He may be throwing in the towel on Waste Management suit:

    And he actually dared to question the evergreen contracts of the privileged few:

    Is Redflex next? Regardless of what you think about the constitutionality of red light cameras, I’ve never understood the reasoning behind jerking one contract for no clear legal reason (Redflex) and then bending over backwords to save another one that is clearly questionable (River Birch).

  2. There certainly will be more said concerning Mr. Buller’s deposition, but first, I have a few questions for Mr. Peytavin, who may some day, in the very near future, have to give answers to the same under oath:

    QUESTION: Mr. Peytavin did you at any time meet with Fred Heebe prior to your firm being retained by Jefferson Parish to negotiate the River Birch contract ?

    QUESTION: Mr. Peytavin, at this meeting, isn’t it a fact that Fred Heebe instructed you as to how the proposed contract was to be written favoring River Birch’s interest ?

    QUESTION: Mr. Peytavin, in light of the fact that you met with Fred Heebe and engaged in a discussion concerning River Birch, having been told by Tom Wilkinson that your firm would be chosen to represent the Parish in future negotiations with River Birch; and given the obvious conflict, should you have refused the appointment as a result of a pre-existing professional conflict ?

    I suggest the FBI, if they haven’t already, interview Mr. Peytavin, and ask him these very same questions.

  3. May I ask a “dumb” question: Is the “Mr. Peytavin” referred-to herein in any way related to “Judge Peytavin” who is presiding over the Jefferson Parish KATRINA litigation. Thanks. AROD.

  4. To “whitmergate”: I want to be “sure” about this, because I have been unable to independently verify it. The names are: “Judge John L. Peytavin” and attorney “Michael D. Peytavin”. If the two are indeed Father and Son, then we have a scandal of MASSIVE proportions on our hands. AROD.


    Note that it starts on May 05, 2006 at 5:57 pm with an email from Rick Buller to PEGGY BARTON and cc

  6. And for those who just HAVE to know what Bobby Bourgeois knew and when did he know it:

    Email from him to Rick Buller dated Jan. 09, 2008 at 5:03 pm


    From: RBourgeois
    Sent: Wednesday, January 09, 2008 5:03 PM
    To: RBuller
    Cc: MWinter

    Rick, how much air space do we have available under the current contract.

  7. But Mr. Bourgeois, then why did you ask about available ‘air space’ in January 2009? And is Council Clerk Eula Lopez trying to put you under the bus? Was the Cc to Marnie Winter a ‘heads-up’ to her that you were distancing yourself? Someone must have questions for you Mr. Bourgeois.


    From: RBourgeois
    To: Avandenweghe
    Cc: MWinter
    Sent: September 03, 2009

    I have not been involved with this negotiation. Therefore I have nothing to offer in the way of e-mails, negotiated contracts, nor do I have any oral or written documentation pertaining to Riverbirch.

    From: AVandenweghe
    Sent: Thursday, September 03, 2009 10:34 AM
    To: RBourgeois
    Cc: MWinter
    Subject: FW: River Birch Records Request

    Please see Eula

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