Boring people may talk about the weather – but there’s nothing boring about this weather news or the financial disaster to follow!

°When the news reports a Massive storm begins trek across midwest, it’s a safe bet that the nation’s disaster assistance funds will be tapped:

As a monster storm began to bear down on the middle of the nation Tuesday, those in its frigid and dangerous path could only hope it wouldn’t live up to the hype.

The storm threatened to leave up to a third of the nation covered in a hodge-podge of brutal winter weather. Its reach was impressive: Snow and ice could fall along a 2,000-mile stretch from Colorado to Maine, tornadoes were possible in the South, and the weather was disrupting millions of people from Super Bowl travelers to schoolchildren.

Saturday here was a glorious 72° of sunshine!  The weather this storm is bringing, however, is an entirely different matter.

The storm brought the potential for some strange happenings…some regions could get up to 2 inches of snow per hour through parts of Tuesday night and Wednesday morning…Even Chicago, where snow is common, could be in for its third-worst blizzard since record-keeping began, with up to 20 inches forecast…Making matters worse was the expectation of brutal cold and winds gusting to near 60 mph.

Some thought hell froze over yesterday when a federal judge tossed the health care reform legislation in total; and, in one sense, perhaps it will because:

After burying the Midwest, the storm was expected to sweep into the Northeast…Federal workers in Washington were given the option of working from home because roads on Tuesday were already slippery…

SLABBED has followed the weather since Katrina and learned that every major weather event has its own set of insurance issues.  For example, melting snow and ice causing flooding, often in areas where few have purchased flood coverage from the National Flood Insurance Program.  Before it melts, however, snow and ice can do a lot of damage to a structure and, like the wind damage from Katrina, the claims for damage can be caught up in a legal storm – particularly if a roof gives way under the pressure and the snow and ice melt inside the covered property.

Keep an eye on the weather and remember, when the cold air from this storm, hits the warmer than usual air that gave us such a beautiful Saturday, trouble is on the way – tornadoes!

One thought on “Boring people may talk about the weather – but there’s nothing boring about this weather news or the financial disaster to follow!”

  1. Up here in the north…waiting out the storm to come…and the damages it could entail…so far, so good…but the worst is yet to come I keep reading…all I know is me and my ilk are working this day like tomorrow don’t exist and all the people depending on us got meds, food and money…

    Here’s to keeping the fingers crosses and staying the hell off the roads…


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