Tour guides filed for Judge Berrigan’s tour of River Birch office building

Welcome to 2000 Belle Chasse Highway, Gretna, Louisiana – the offices of River Birch!  The third of the three documents in Scribd format below is the government’s Digital Photographic Log – a descriptive listing of the photographs taken in the raid of River Birch and Exhibit A to the Memorandum filed by the United State’s.  Each of the 29 parts of the exhibit has to be download separately and then each of the photographs must be resized before uploading to SLABBED.  Stay tuned for more!

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15 thoughts on “Tour guides filed for Judge Berrigan’s tour of River Birch office building”

  1. Nowdy…excellent work and KUDOS to you dear…

    And ‘Gate…it’s Beevers, not Beavers, like that damn chomping rodent.

  2. PS
    I may be naive but here’s a thought: Just because a folder in a targeted search area or building is labeled as Calypso Cay or Bay or whatever why in the world would anyone in their right mind think the Feds should TRUST that those same folks they didn’t trust to cooperate with an ongoing investigation would not try to misdirect attention by MIS-LABELING folders?
    As I recall in the old days ( and probably still today) many nefarious doings were done IN CODE and with elaborate letter and word codes to which only a few trusted miscreants or the boss of boss had the key.
    Ergo, anything in the River Birch office building could be pertinent to the ongoing investigation and since the raison d’etre of the RAID was that the FBI did not believe the bums were giving them the real goods…hmmmm I don’t know…I would have grabbed everything.
    AND given the Wards and Heebes and Butlers penchant for duplicity, and leger de main and for convoluted corporate structures…let ’em have it Ginger, the feds are entitled to all of it.

  3. PSS
    So for my pea brain to understand the issue is it:
    The Feds knew, were tipped , suspected that River Birch et al were not ‘cooperating’ and that evidence pertinent to the ongoing investigation was being withheld and possibly destroyed or altered.
    So the Feds raided the building housing the Corporate Office(s) of River Birch et al.

    So if the Feds can produce one iota, one shred of evidence , obtained in that raid , which evidence had not been produced , intentionally or unintentionally, by River Birch et al
    would that mean that anything found in the raid is admissable due to the fact that River Birch et al withheld evidence?

    And does that mean that all actionable evidence ( including de facto contraband unrelated to a normal white collar prosecution) is admissable? Or is de facto contraband always admissable?

    To state it perhaps more succinctly: If River Birch can prove that everything pertinent to the ongoing investigation and which was obtained in the raid had already been submitted to the Feds, does anything else found which is not pertinent to the ongoing investigation become fruit of the poisonous tree?

    And if the Raid -parameter-documents exceeded the scope of the cooperation -parameter -documents is that a whole other issue?

    Just curious.

  4. Unslabbed, point well taken. Here is an excerpt from the T-P article written contemporaneous to the event:

    River Birch Landfill offices raided by federal agents
    Published: Thursday, September 23, 2010, 7:48 PM Updated: Friday, September 24, 2010, 2:26 PM
    By Paul Rioux, The Times-Picayune

    “We have been open and cooperative with the authorities from the beginning. We have offered to provide any additional information and any and all records,” the company said in a written statement. “We are disappointed that the government elected to proceed in this fashion. At the end of the day, we are confident, our good name will be vindicated.”
    Donald “Chick” Foret, a former federal prosecutor, said the search warrant and subpoenas suggest federal authorities don’t believe River Birch has fully cooperated.
    “There may be a level of concern by the federal government that all of River Birch’s records might not have been produced,” Foret said.

  5. Pardon me for being obtuse, but the Government already has Berrigan’s prior decision that the FBI and that U.S. Attorney’s Office (that’s called the U.S Department of “Injustice”) exceeded the scope of the search warrant HANGING AROUND THEIR NECKS LIKE AN ANCHOR. I’m no criminal lawyer, but that “could” render EVERYTHING that exceeded the scope of the warrant INADMISSIBLE as fruit of the poisonous tree. Then we have the separate issue of whether the Government has complied with the terms of Berrigan’s Order that the Government return to River Birch (and others) what she told them to return (or rather what she “thinks” the Government “should” have returned. I’ll stick my neck out some more: A better than even case can be made that Berrigan isn’t going to make that trip to the River Birch offices. I may revise or reinforce my opinion after I see the photographs. Ashton O’Dwyer a/k/a “The WHITE Henry Glover”.

  6. All of this just shows how corrupt Letten and the Eastern District of Louisiana have become.

    The Law on Judaical Recusal is pretty easy to understand – and not a person with more than a second grade education does not think that a complete conflict of interest exist.

    Yet Letten has not filed for Change of Venue – and neither has Heebe.

    What is clear is we have a Senior Judge in the Eastern District of Louisiana whose son is tangled in Criminal Corruption having another Judge in the Eastern District review the case.

    Letten is the biggest whore in the United States and Greg Kennedy must be actually servicing Lettens wife –

    One thing is for sure James Letten is neck deep in bribery payoffs and corruption and is fixing this case.

    Old Helen and Senior Heebe really do establish a new standard for whore Judges in Operation.

    Here is a nice document on the Law. What I can’t figure out is why some nice outside Attorney has not tried to interven in the Case and seek the removal of Letten and a change of Venue based on this corruption.

    Got to wonder what Waste Management Attorneys are thinking.

    Recusal: Analysis of Case Law Under 28 U.S.C. Sections 455 and 144$file/Recusal.pdf

    Disqualification Based on Question of
    Partiality: Section 455(a)
    A. Standard for Applying
    When Congress amended section 455(a), it made clear that judges
    should apply an objective standard in determining whether to
    recuse. A judge contemplating recusal should not ask whether he
    or she believes he or she is capable of impartially presiding over the
    case. The statute requires recusal in any case

  7. In my meandering research of all things River Birch I ran across the name(s):

    B. Clark Heebe
    Bernhardt C. Heebe
    Clark Heebe

    Are they all one and the same person? If so is this a Porteous/Orteous ploy?

  8. Oh and how about:

    F. Heebe
    F. A.Heebe
    F. R. Heebe
    Fred Heebe
    Frederick Heebe
    Frederick J.R. Heebe
    Frederick R. Heebe
    Frederick R. Heebee

    And the last one Frederick R. Heebee is associated with a corporation named Dolphin Group Inc with Jack Stephens out of Chalmette Louisiana. Sheriff Jack Stephens? Frederick R. Heebe is the registered agent for this corporation.

    Any wonder why the Feds raided 2000 Belle Chasse Hwy , Third Floor? Check the number of corporations with that domicile address just under the Heebe name.


  9. Gate:

    Like the other pleadings by the plaintiff, it is well written. But, I call the pleading stupid because of how patently offensive it should be to Berrigan. She already knows why she is going there. It’s a fact-finding mission, like the one she’s on in Islamabad right now. As I read it, I thought: “My God, they think she’s so stupid that they have to tell her exactly what steps to take (literally) and which way to turn at all times. I do understand the plaintiffs’ desire to point out certain things that favor their arguments to the court, but a step-by-step guidebook is way overboard.

    I’m not sure if she welcomed this pleading, but it would appear from her Order that she wants to do this on her own without any input or suggestion from the lawyers while the inspection occurs. I’m surprised she is even permitting the lawyers to be present.

    I guess my best explanation of my comment is that if I were Berrigan and I received this pleading, I would think, “This is sooooo stupid.”

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