BREAKING: John Young is fixing to bust Karen Parker’s balls. A Jefferson Parish Political Corruption update.

Does this mean Ken Trahan’s balls are on the line too? Could be as Rich Rainey has this breaking story for the Times Picayune.  If I were Mr. Young I’d also be looking closely at the supervisor who signed off on all these fictitious paralegals too.

In other news Patrick Quinn wants Judge Ray Steib booted from his divorce case .  He is accusing Steib, “of bias in favor of his ex-wife and her attorney, Wiley Beevers of Gretna.”

The fact that Quinn, a millionaire is going to court pro se, which is the latin term for “already defeated”, is an important clue that Mr. Quinn could well be back on the sauce. That said it appears Judge Steib is getting comps from lawyers that practice before him and that is cause for concern but Beevers is from Grenta and per the Porteous impeachment that is the way things are done there thus the legal term “Gretna Mentality”.  Paul Purpura has the skinny in a new episode of Leave it to Beevers over at the Times Picayune.

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6 thoughts on “BREAKING: John Young is fixing to bust Karen Parker’s balls. A Jefferson Parish Political Corruption update.”

  1. Ms. Forshee we could become friends with this news…and if you don’t sue Wilkinson and Barton we won’t be…hell Parker should third party Wilkinson and Barton !

    Quinn front page again… trouble…Young slithers away…

  2. Quinn is shit if he is not paying his child support, but it seems like Ray Steib is morphing into just another connected JP politico. What a shame. When they’re running for office, they all talk about how fair, respectful and accommodating they will be when elected. Then, once they put on that stupid black robe, they have so little time and patience for litigants and most lawyers. The mere fact that Beevers is Steib’s lawyer should have prompted Steib to recuse himself. This sounds almost like the Younce case all over again. But in that case, it was LaDart and Beevers; this time it’s Steib and Beevers. Wiley always seems to wind up in the middle of this shit. T.H.T.M.B.

  3. ‘Gate alerted me to both of these T-P Nola posts.

    I am very disappointed with Steib, and not at all surprised with Beavers !

    Patrick and Julie deserve each other’s grief.


    There are always two sides to any story and I wager Julie Unangst or whatever her maiden name is , has as much to do with the end of the marriage as did Quinn himself.
    Her attorney Wiley Beevers has been a loud, foul-mouthed Gretna-ite who shoots innocent animals on safari and brags about his and his family’s prowess. As they use highpowered guns and guides.
    No surprise Senator Julie has Beevers, his connections in 24th JDC are legend (Windhorst, Steib etc)
    Beevers funnelled tons of $ to Steib at the end of the campaign and sent out mailers and made phone calls for him. Beevers law office looks like a horror house of dead animals and skins shot by his wife and daughter. So Julie Unangst Qquinn has him for her atty.
    Whatever Pat Quinn is, was or did, Senator Julie did no less. She is not known for her integrity or decency: Need I remind everyone of her infamous statement immediately post_k when she lamented that the measely $250,000.00 flood insurance was not going to hellp her or her friends on Northline in Old Metairie and what was the govt going to do for them?
    Gold digger? Deadbeat? She and her ex are NOT NEWS.
    I will allow that with the stench of corruption in Jefferson Parish the news about more potential corruption in 24th JDC courtrooms via Steib and Beevers is news.
    Tell me it ain’t so…will it ever end?
    Posted on Patrick Quinn seeks to have Jefferson Parish judge removed in his domestic case on January 28, 2011, 6:09PM

  5. Freakin Young you want to be a freakin fiscal reformist man then sue Whitmer and Wilkinson for illegal raises and all fraudulent paralegals , including Mortillaro, for salaries from day one of illegal employment. Set back their freakin pensions based on the true salaries they earned thus receiving back and saving the parish about $1,000,000. Then fire all parish attorneys still employed who supervised and condoned this fraud , cancel the River Birch contract and get butt to Sylvester’s to be fitted for your 10 gal white hat.

  6. Hattip to notseaux at Nola who also posts Giangrosso received 30% payraise to refuse all PRRs and asks Young to reveal the Chris Roberts’ report on illegal pay raises.

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