Ladies and gentlemen, Fred Heebe is your docent for this tour of the River Birch office building

Maybe next time, Unslabbed, but Fred had his people write the tour guide and it’s only right that he give this tour of the River Birch office building.  Sorry.

“After entering through the glass front door, there is an open doorway straight ahead and a stairwell on the left…”


“The plaintiffs would then suggest that the Court enter the elevator room and take the elevator to the third floor, again noting the building directory…On the third floor, outside the elevator, is a waiting area with two chairs and a small table.” Continue reading “Ladies and gentlemen, Fred Heebe is your docent for this tour of the River Birch office building”

Tour guides filed for Judge Berrigan’s tour of River Birch office building

Welcome to 2000 Belle Chasse Highway, Gretna, Louisiana – the offices of River Birch!  The third of the three documents in Scribd format below is the government’s Digital Photographic Log – a descriptive listing of the photographs taken in the raid of River Birch and Exhibit A to the Memorandum filed by the United State’s.  Each of the 29 parts of the exhibit has to be download separately and then each of the photographs must be resized before uploading to SLABBED.  Stay tuned for more!

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BREAKING: John Young is fixing to bust Karen Parker’s balls. A Jefferson Parish Political Corruption update.

Does this mean Ken Trahan’s balls are on the line too? Could be as Rich Rainey has this breaking story for the Times Picayune.  If I were Mr. Young I’d also be looking closely at the supervisor who signed off on all these fictitious paralegals too.

In other news Patrick Quinn wants Judge Ray Steib booted from his divorce case .  He is accusing Steib, “of bias in favor of his ex-wife and her attorney, Wiley Beevers of Gretna.”

The fact that Quinn, a millionaire is going to court pro se, which is the latin term for “already defeated”, is an important clue that Mr. Quinn could well be back on the sauce. That said it appears Judge Steib is getting comps from lawyers that practice before him and that is cause for concern but Beevers is from Grenta and per the Porteous impeachment that is the way things are done there thus the legal term “Gretna Mentality”.  Paul Purpura has the skinny in a new episode of Leave it to Beevers over at the Times Picayune.

We now return you to our regular programming.


The National Association of Insurance Commissioners picks Mississippi Commish Mike Chaney to chair its Property and Casualty Insurance Committee. Now we’re truly f*cked.

Mississippi Insurance Commissioner Mike Chaney

Folks never mind Mississippi has some of the highest homeowners insurance rates in the nation and that Mike Chaney has sat on the wind mitigation program and stonewalled any other solution to giving relief to coastal homeowners who are being price gouged for wind coverage. The NAIC, a stone age relic and barely living testament to the failure of state by state regulation of insurance has named Chaney to chair its P&C committee.

I’m pretty sure this means Mr Chaney gets more free trips to locales like Key Largo.  For everyone else except the insurance companies who whom Mr Chaney works, this means another year of ankle grabbing.

Hat tip: The Sun Herald


Sop again reports on the now dismissed Ex Rel Branch case, stock basher style.

Allan "Show me the money" Kanner

Here is a nugget for you team insurance freaks.

There is talk that Team Branch may appeal Judge Vance’s latest ruling as rumors of a malpractice suit swirl around Allan Kanner, the “Show me the money” man whose balls Judge Vance busted earlier this week.  Nowdy assures me that Judge Vance has a few flaws in her reasoning but it is her opinion Judge Vance got the procedural problems with Branch right.

For my part I sense a budding soap opera in the making.