3 thoughts on “Sop again reports on Ex Rel Branch, stock basher style…”

  1. As I have said all along – Vance is nothing but a Business whore dressed up in a Federal Gown.

    Canons and ethics do not exist in New Orleans with Federal Judges. I wonder how much money was laundered by the Defendants to Vance and her Husband R. Patrick over at Jones Walker to fix this case.

    Vance is one of the biggest whores on the Federal Bench- Her husband funnels money to Landrieus on a regular basis- Look at the pac money and campaign money he controls.

    The Look at the fact that Little Bobby Vance was an intern for Landrieu in Washington.

    Then look at the Vances personal Checkbooks and see how much political money and check were written.


    A. All Judges and Candidates

    (1) Except as authorized in Sections 5B(2), 5C(1) and 5C(5), a judge or a candidate* for election or appointment to judicial office shall not:

    (a) act as a leader or hold an office in a political organization,*

    (b) publicly endorse or publicly oppose another candidate for public office;

    (c) make speeches on behalf of a political organization;

    (d) attend political gatherings; or

    (e) solicit funds for, pay an assessment to or make a contribution to a political organization or candidate, or purchase tickets for political party dinners or other functions.

  2. Sop, you’ve been peeking at my draft! She did indeed zap Kanner. Unfortunately, she stunned the very competent attorneys he brought to the case, obviously, too late.

    Although I understand others, including FifthCircuit, feel differently, I have a great deal of respect for Judge Vance’s command of the law. However, she really needs to provide a summary when she issues a whopping 68-page Order and Reasons. I ‘ll finish the post tonight – just have to stop and pick up another pair of glasses on my way home from work!

  3. nowdoucit – It is not about the knowledge of the law – its the fact that she and other think they are above the law- Its also about how Judges are appointed to the bench – Proteous is just an example of the problem.

    Vance is not above the law – yet her husband runs political campaigns, pac funds and her son gets congressional appointments-

    Justice and perks should not be for sale – and if your a Federal Judge that is the most important fact of the LAW!

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