In this episode of Magnum J.D.: Magnum is Magnanimous, Donates 4717 St Charles Avenue to Charity.

Our spies are literally everywhere and no detail goes unnoticed, especially this one from page 10 of the real estate transfers in the T-P:

St. Charles Ave. 4717: John W. Houghtaling II to Preservation Resource Center of New Orleans, donation, no value stated.

And this from the PRCNO website:

The mission of the Preservation Resource Center: To promote the preservation, restoration, and revitalization of New Orleans’ historic architecture and neighborhoods.

We at the PRC believe that preserving a city’s architecture is tantamount to preserving its soul. New Orleans would not be the city we love today without the past successes of the PRC, and it is critical that we maintain our staunch defense of the city’s rich architectural legacy. In post-Katrina New Orleans, it is particularly crucial that we rebuild in a way that is sensitive to our past, or we risk losing everything that makes our city unique.

This sounds like a charitable remainder trust or something similar.  With all the controversy and such surrounding Magnum this could be a way to cement in his use of the mansion and shield it from would be creditors. Or it could be that he is just a swell guy and Kevin Costner’s good qualities are rubbing off on him.  I personally think it may be the former rather than the latter.


8 thoughts on “In this episode of Magnum J.D.: Magnum is Magnanimous, Donates 4717 St Charles Avenue to Charity.”

  1. I wouldn’t know or even recognize this MOTHERFUCKER if I ran over him in my car (“difficult” since my driving privileges have been suspended), but I’ll stake my left NUT that he hasn’t donated his house to the “Preservation Resource Center”. Something else is at work here, and SLABBED hasn’t discovered it, yet. Ashton O’Dwyer (still with two balls).

  2. I saw this in the transfers Saturday. Did a little research and saw the “easement” section of the PRC website. You donate the facade of the building for a tax credit. Not a big deal.

  3. you’re right, Sop….what happened to the good ole days of people just being nice? Or was that a fantasy land I was in? Naive or not, I’ll never give up on believing that most people inherently want to do good, want to treat others as they themselves would like to be treated, etc., et al.


  4. Donating the facade of the building for a tax credit seems to be a pretty big deal to me. If this is done frequently by people who own mansions, this practice should be scrutinized.

  5. Sock,
    Perhaps, I was a little careless with my turn of the phrase “not a big deal.” What I meant to relate was that there appears to be no deeper reason for this donation other than for tax purposes. Magnum donates the facade for a tax credit, and in turn the PRC controls the appearance of an architecturally significant property. I was not commenting on my opinion of the practice.

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