Slabb O’Leak Presents the Awesome Ladies….

Along with various and sundry other goodies from Tim Whitmer’s November 2009 email inbox.  This installment checks in with over 60 pages and includes Slabbed luminaries such as Chereen Gegenheimer and State Senator Danny Martiny.


13 thoughts on “Slabb O’Leak Presents the Awesome Ladies….”

  1. The term “public servant” is so alien to these pigs. Chris Roberts’ e-mail to J. Gonzales at page 46 (in the middle) describes a complaining citizen. The manner in which Roberts describes this vocal citizen is bad enough, but then he arrogantly and obnoxiously boasts how he basically suggested to the man that he move to Orleans Parish if he does not like road work. What a way to deal with your constituents/citizenry.

    What a tool this Roberts is. But it’s been many weeks now, and every time I see him or read/hear his name, all I can think of is this self-important jerkoff sitting on a toilet with his laptop. This is disturbing, and no, I am not gay. I just can’t erase that visual. Does anyone know what this guy does/did for a living before becoming a career politician?

  2. it is amazing that jeff parish continues to operate considering the simpleness of these emails. are these people as dumb as they seem?

    1. Dumber! Best way to think of most of them is to think of that mothball smelling thing in the bottom of a urinal in a world of piss. These are the otherwise unemployable idiot relatives of the “friends and family” that were given a “position” in the “family business”. Their only talents are lying cheating and stealing!

  3. Tidy Bowl man Chris Roberts is a graduate of marketing from Holy Cross College on the best bank, went to Shaw high school before that. He shows one employer on his public resume – the Rainbow Automotive Family, located on the northshore, since 1995 through current. He is a partner there.

    As to the emails – Page 1, does anyone know what “DH” means?

  4. Page 33: THAT is the famed Gegenheimer film display?

    THAT is what the estimable Clerk of Court dropped his public work to set up?

    1. Maybe\maybe not…But for sure he married into the extended Ward family (like Butch Ward’s cousin or niece). Might explain Butcher-boy backing the sissy onto the school board, before he resigned to get Butchie’s former CD-1 seat. Birds of a feather…

  5. The Fat City emails…. er…. what’s going on there?

    “””From: TAWhitmer
    To: CLeesheng
    Cc: RHinyub
    Sent: Wed Nov 04 14:09:58 2009
    Subject: Tommy Cvitanovich

    Tom and I are meeting with Tommy C and his mother reference fat city property on Tuesday 11/10/09 2PM at my East Bank office.

    Please let me know if you would like to attend. If the time is an issue we can adjust.


    Timothy A. Whitmer””””

  6. So where did Chris Roberts get the money to become a partner in a car dealership and own several franchises (Quiznos, Baskin Robbins)? Is it family money? ‘Cause he had all of this back when he was running in his mid-twenties and I could never figure out how he made so much money so early in life.

  7. Where to start, holy douchbagery ? First this explains why Danny boy aint on the DOJ witness list and seems he could be the Kingfish the “A Team” is looking for beyond Heebe and can only imagine what his significant chirping would unfold right to Jindal doorstep with those Fazzio and Caldera contributions for one , eh?. As for the counsel I have with many, (I’m sure CFGG ) suspected it was routine on the council to violate the open meeting laws which would explain all those uncontested unanimous votes and the e-mails in code. And lastly I leave it to Doug to point out how the hell Rebowe & Company could be in violation of standard accounting principals as an independent auditor following councils instructions to change or add items.

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