Meet my gabby cousin Slabb O’Leak as we roll out a sneak peek of Tim Whitmer for the Slabbination

Peter Butler Jr and the gang at Shadowlake not knowing who was involved with Tim Coulon selling insurance???? Surely they jest….

From: Tim Coulon [[email protected]]
Sent: 11/30/2009 2:56 PM
To: [email protected]
Cc: TAWhitmer
Subject: Re: Humana

Damaris, no doubt that releasing rates would be helpful, however you will painting your self in the corner with respect to turn around time from carriers as the majority of them are dealing with quotes for Jan 1st.

Also is MD Anderson coverage a requirement, if so that would a factor as well.

Spoke to Dana and her boss this morning and told them to sharpen their pencil, is there a number in mind that would be satisfactory as it relates to rate, right now Humana is at a 12 percent increase?

Finally, we can meet with Humana and still send proposed rates to save time, let me know, asap

—– Original Message —–
From: Damaris Winters
To: Tim Coulon
Sent: Mon Nov 30 12:19:18 2009
Subject: RE: Humana

Dear Tim,

Would it make any difference with Blue Cross and United if we were to release our rates at this time? Please let me know. Jackie is prepared to release the rates now.


3 email chains total in this installment of Slabb O’Leak.


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  1. By this time all hell had broken loose in the press on Whitmer’s double dealings yet the gang motors along like nothing has happened continuing to use the Parish’s email servers to double deal. Absolutely amazing IMHO.


  2. Several years ago IMA and I found out, “The Devil is in the e-mails.” What a tangled web we weave . . .

  3. Shadowlake of course is at the River Birch building. No, nothing to see here right Judge Berrigan?

    Also, it’s Coulon that copies Whitmer. Are these people really that bright?

    Mere historical note here – elsewhere, they were selling a chunk of property in Gretna and transferring from JP to Gretna. The piece of property is referred to as in the “Town of Mechanickham”. There was an old German town there called Mechanickham or Mechanicksburg or something similar so it’s interesting to see that still in the books.

    On a political note why the heck is Chris Roberts the sole decision maker on this? They couldn’t use that property as a park or sell it at private auction as planned? Weird.

    This is part of the 24th JDC’s courthouse property.

    Even more oddly, the City of Gretna turned he purchase down.

    “considering the current economic downturn and the City of Gretna

  4. Wow, I did not realize this: Gretna was considering a deal with Redflex too. It must have gone through?

    And apparently it went through:,%20Louisiana.pdf

    OK: so who got paid?

    And presuming this was not the only one apparently Mark Morgan gets paid for Gretna/JP transactions out of the Redflex red-ligh fund.

    1. That email confirmed something I was told months ago about a possible federal investigation in Gretna over the cameras. Frankly I had hoped to hold some of these but am considering releasing everything given Mr Letten’s propensity to drag things out for no good apparent reason.

      I’ll grant on Jamie Perdigao I’m in the minority but I actually believe Letten jerked him around for 2 years while he spilled his guts. After I joked about someone having pictures on Mr Letten a month or so back I was disturbed by some of the information sent me in response.

      I’m more than happy to let the process unfold but frankly I’ve also seen enough NOLA style fixes to be very skeptical. I’ll be sharing more along those lines including some of the reasons at some point in time soon.

      The first Shadowlake email references a Dominick who would be the River Birch CFO. He shows up in some curious land transactions with a major NOLA media personality I referenced in December.


  5. Blow the roof off the sucker, SOP. This delay is complete bullshit and totally unacceptable on the part of Letten. They are more worried about second-guessing cops post-Katrina, than rampant governmental corruption, which is a far greater crime and profound in its effect on the citzenry IMHO.

    I know for a fact that the Feds have had the crap with Mamou and the RTA, etc. for well over a year now. My first grader could have assembled that case by now!

  6. OK so taking it from the top:
    The Dominic guy is on Shadowlake Corp docs as I recall, and he responded on behalf of the corp re insurance dealings with Whitmer et al
    He also reportedly was involved with the ex-husband of a current WWL anchor in a land deal or deals…weirder and weirder.
    And then of course there is Lettenemgo. Disturbing information has been available on him since he left law school…as per usual no one wants to listen/believe it once the miscreants have wheedled their way into the big time…probably because they do not want to admit or believe they had such bad judgment in trusting the basturds.
    Heard that repeatedly from media folks when Whitmer / Hubbard scandal broke: How shocked everyone was at media outlets because ‘everyone’ spoke so well of Tim Coulon/Whitmer/Aaron Broussard et al
    Question: WhoTF did they talk to? Certainly not to the folks below the Adminsitrative Salary levels.
    And in a segue to Witness Protection touted by Orleans DA and Police Chief and Mayor: If no one will listen and investigate and indict, AND if no media will pick up the banner and push AND if the Witness ( or Whistleblower) is not protected THEN do not bemoan the corruption , the violence , the reticence of the people to come forward.
    Don’t try to put it on the backs of the little people…and Media Geniuses: DO YOUR JOBS…STOP SUCKING UP TO THE POWERFUL FEW.

  7. Ummmmnh…let’s talk JPAS which shows up in the link sop just posted, in an email :
    Jefferson Performing Art Society.
    AlanGandolfi was one of their Board Members and his children participated in were always part of any performance by Dennis Assaf the Director. Assaf’s wife ( the very able singer) and his entire family receive(d) salaries etc from JPAS as ‘workers’.
    Assaf also received ‘freebies’ from School Board and other money sources.

    Made a nice little living in the six figure range from odd jobs.

    Also reputed to be a lush. Maybe more.

    Not well respected in the Artist community…shameless, sham con man…suck up.

    Lots of animosity out there about him and his…just ask I am certain there are many who would love to comment.

    Check how many times over the last 15 to 20 years the Council through their Research and Budget dept sent $ to JPAS… Gandolfi is the Director of the Council’s R & B dept…

    Just saying Boobie.

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