And the word for the day is Transparency…….

Transparency: trans·par·en·cy

The full, accurate, and timely disclosure of information. Example: The disclosure of a relevent and ongoing federal investigation.

Hopefully, since the gang at Team River Birch is suddenly now interested in doing their business dealings with the Parish “publicly and openly” maybe they won’t mind explaining their relationship with folks like the Coulons and Dutchie Connick including a detailed accounting of all money payments made to them so the people can decide for themselves.

In fact should the River Birch folks, who saw an advance copy of the P&N report, get their way on that confab, I would hope, in the interest of transparency, media outlets like Slabbed be allowed to attend along with Citizens groups like the CFGG as full participants to that discussion.

In reality this marks a significant escalation in the Team River Birch PR campaign. Their propaganda knows no shame.


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  1. Here’s a partial list of ” parish technicians” I would like to depose:

    Marnie Winter
    Katharine Costanza
    Rick Buller
    David Fos
    Alan Gandolfi
    Tom Wilkinson
    Tim Whitmer
    Gwen Bolotte
    Louis Gruntz
    Deano Bonano
    Bobby Bourgeois
    Barry Bordelon and his boss Elton Lagasse
    Eula Lopez – Council Clerk and sister-in-law to former Parish Atty Wilkinson

    And others

    Michael Peytavin ( former JP Asst Parish Atty)
    Peter Butler, sr and jr
    Fred Heebe
    Waste Managment folks
    Cytec folks re at the least the Methane Recovery plan for JP

    That’s a good start.

  2. Oh and Assistant Parish Attorneys:

    Nicole Tomba re land swaps and all things River Birch and Insurance Dealings between Coulon, Whitmer and Katz ( deceased)

    John Luck re all things Tomba

    Leighton Ciravello re land swaps

  3. Just shamless. River Birch and the politicians of Jefferson Parish wouldn’t know transparency and accountability if both words were tattooed on their foreheads. WTF! John Young, the now-Parish President, thinks that the River Birch contract might be a bad deal and had “directed his legal team to figure out a way out of the contract with them.” Uh, John, where in the hell were you when you were on the Parish Council and this contract was signed (one of many copies, we now know) under the cloak of darkness. It was only a PRR by counsel for the competition that brought the multiple signed and partially signed River Birch contracts into the light of day.

  4. Freakin’ unbelievable. The council must be compelled to hold the discussions at night under the bright lights of local TV and national media(FOX) Better get more chairs for a piss pot full of angry peeons like me, fat city business owners, citizens of wegaman and the FBI.

  5. accountability: ac-count-a-bil-i-ty, as in noun 1. ability to ‘count’ how many thousand ‘bils’ given each member of the council to vote on a contract not completely signed; 2. ability to be aggressive arrogant hypocrites due to power to ‘count’ on Letten not prosecuting criminal ‘bils’; 3. ability to be no ‘count’ M* &$^$ F$#King lying pieces of excrement; and 4. ability to ‘count’ the number of decades ‘i’ wish to ‘ty’ up the monopoly on trash in metropolitan

  6. I agree with Tele. Let’s have an O’Reilly- like word of the day personally defined by the Russia spy . You could award ‘booby’ prizes for correctly guessing her daily pumped -up breast size. Good thing O’Reilly sits behind a desk when she’s on his show. Bet he ‘pulls more senior boners’ then we can ‘count’ .

    I just set fire to my Funk and Wagnall’s for lack of ‘accountability’, so please post the Russia spy link .That way one new word a day will be boob-etched in my mind and I’ll develop the vocabulary of ‘Gate.

  7. There now exists extrinsic evidence from the forensic analysis of Postlethwaite and Netterville advocating the thesis that the aquatic life cycle of the ever evolving, pestiferous species Rivera Birchae may be extirpated and on verge of unconditional extinction.

  8. Boys boys boys … you are all acting like ‘boobies’. They are just breasts…don’t let them beat you. Man Up. Oh never mind…minds in the gutter will always remain there.

    So fantasy Russian boobies distract so easily? If only I ‘ d known…

    Hilarious sop, now how about some Chippendales for the lady folk?

  9. The proposed “special public hearing” means to me that the Council (which voted 7-zip in their favor previously), and presumably the current Parish President, are all prepared to put on a very public “dog and pony” show, that will shovel down the public’s throat how great the River Birch contract really is. The special public hearing will validate what the Council did previously, approving the contract (although certain signatures are “missing”). Let’s see who endorses the River Birch proposal for a “special public hearing”. Ashton O’Dwyer.

  10. I ‘m with ya Ashton. Looks likes a distinct possibility. These Bozo’s have too much “invested” with the RB gang to let it go too easily. Ought to be quite entertaining — AND hopefully PO a few folks in JP.

  11. Ashton…YAAFR…to give these MFs a venue to spin is the tell…Connick’s punk has the script shoved up his ass !

  12. I will make a few Nostradamus predictions on how all of this might play out: 1) They (JP Council) will give in to River Birch

    1. If the true interest here is saving money this whole deal would go back out for RFP, both for the private operation of JPL and alternative sites such as River Birch. In the real world money talks and bullshit walks.

      I agree on the plan Nolakat. The whole thing stunk from the beginning and it still does. Team Heebe is using Edelman PR based on our site traffic from there that includes the use of Radian 6.

      Along those lines today’s OpEd in the T-P is very weak and most certainly penned by Stephanie Grace, who IMHO is way too close to the people involved to be writing anything on the subject, even if it is called “opinion”.

      The air space has value only if it is worth more in 25 years than it is today. And that more most grow faster than inflation. Its called rate of return/discount rate/APY and is the reason why you pay more than double your purcahse price on a 30 year mortgage.

      Form the standpoint of a resident it makes absolutely no sense to pay more for something today on the possibility they save money 25 years from now.

      Should Team River Birch get their way and hearings are held all the owners of River Birch should attend on behalf of the landfill and not just the mouth pieces.


  13. I, as in the public, don’t remember being invited to participate in any backroom “executive sessions” with Council members, or join in coffee shop parleys with Heebe and Peytavin or to go lunch lounging with Dutchy and baby Butler or pig out at the Beef Connection with Whitmer and Wilkinson to discuss this criminal conspiracy to award River Birch a landfill monopoly.

    So why would I now want or need to hear anything these politico mafia and their mouthpieces have to say about anything ?

    This proposed”public” meeting is intended to be a spin pit orchestrated by River Birch’s high priced PR firm. If there is any public there speaking in favor the River Birch deal you can believe they were paid to be there and speak.

    Recent polls tell us that 92% of the voters in Jefferson live in LaLa Land when it comes to Jefferson Parish being a great place to live. The ugly truth is that recent elections tell us that voter turnout averages between 9% and 11%. With these type of numbers, manipulation of the message is the game and River Birch’s newspaper ad is evidence of the same.

    Fred, Jim, Tim, Tom, Aaron, Council Clowns, Steve and yes Johnny…vas te faire encule, vas te faire encule beaucoup…but no meeting !

  14. Gate:

    Right on! Go figure team RB pays out around $8,000,000.00 in dividends alone annually. They can throw $$20,000,000.00 back at the prosecution in a heart beat! Dueling expert reports will not get you a conviction. All the other piss ants like Broussard and company can

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