5 thoughts on “Meat and taters – were you invited?”

  1. I made my first trip to the Peoples’ Republic of China (the PRC) in 1988, as part of a delegation hosted by “The Society of Maritime Arbitrators of the Port of New York”. Each delegate bore his (or her) expenses. While in Bejing, we were hosted to the Chinese equivalent of “a State Dinner” at the Great Hall of the People on Tiannemin (spell) Square (where hundreds, if not thousands were killed after the Chi-Com Government pulled the plug on international television), among other “niceties”. The delegation visited Shanghai, Bejing, Xian, Guangxo (formerly “Canton”) and Hong Kong, lecturing about maritime arbitration everywhere but Xian (home of the “terra cotta warriors”). What Americans must realize about the Chinese is that THEY ARE COMMUNISTS, and that it is just a matter of time before they will expand they Communist muscles to take over other territory, first on the list being Taiwan, which they already consider to be part of the PRC. And they know that the United States Government is WEAK and will not lift a finger to provide assistance to a Government half a world away. Americans today need to “re-educate” themselves about COMMUNISTS by studying the PRC, Cuba, North Korea, the former USSR, the former Eastern Bolc, and probably Iran. Ashton O’Dwyer.

  2. A State steak dinner…really !

    For Christ’s sake…couldn’t this moron of a president just as well have called a local Chinese restaurant and had food delivered ?

    And I bet the Chinese guy ordered his steak well done…

    WTF… when is this kind of pompous crap going to end ?

  3. Personally, I thought the menu was brilliant and hope to see the White House host more than just one State Dinner a year.

  4. Nowdy, if I didn’t know better I would think your buttering up for an invite to the next State Dinner your proposing…

  5. Well, Whit, I’ve attended other White House events, just not a State Dinner – so, almost “been there, done that” and would jump at the opportunity if ever invited. Meanwhile, I was more impressed with the First Lady’s dress than anything else about the dinner!

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