Biff Baby Biff! Team River Birch queefs a reply to the Parish’s Landfill Cost Study. (Its getting deep folks)

Team Young leaked the news yesterday that the Parish is already studying ways to get out from the fraudulent and expensive contract with River Birch and naturally the T-P’s Paul Rioux garnered reaction from the other side, in this case River Birch spokesman Glenn Smith and discredited economist/River Birch hired gun Loren C Scott, who is sticking to his silly assertion that the thin air above JPL is worth a fortune.  Leaving aside for a second that in Scott’s world, his methodology could very well yield the absurd result that River Birch is better off not taking any additional trash due to the diminution of value of its air space, we also have Glenn Smith spouting nonsense that it is somehow better for River Birch take out of Parish trash next door to JPL than it is for JPL to accept the same. The sophistry and self serving gyrations are stunning. Here are a few snippets from Rioux’s report:

Roll me over and scratch my belly cause I’m elected to the JP Council, ignorant and aim to stay that way:

Councilman Elton Lagasse said he is still reviewing the 64-page report released Friday evening.

“I’m going to lean heavily on the administration and the Parish Attorney’s office for their recommendations,” he said. “It’s all kind of up in the air right now.”

Councilman Chris Roberts also said he would give significant weight to the recommendations of Young’s administration.

“If the administration is in agreement with the audit findings, then the parish attorney has an obligation to make recommendations for the proper course of action to cancel the pending contract,” he said.

Be careful what you ask for as you might just get it:

Scott’s study concluded the River Birch contract would save the parish $42 million to $59 million in operating costs over 25 years. He said the parish’s study contains some “very curious” figures.

For instance, Scott said the annual cost for professional service contracts to keep the parish dump open are estimated at $163,000 in the parish study, even though the actual costs for such contracts have averaged $825,000 over the last eight years. He said the difference between the two figures is more than enough to eliminate the projected savings linked to keeping the parish dump open.

“Some of their numbers just don’t make sense to us,” Scott said, noting that River Birch sent letters to Parish Council members calling for a public hearing to try to resolve differences in the two studies.

Somewhere in the fog of my memory banks I seem to remember getting emails detailing how costs were purposely shifted to the landfill so as to make the Parish’s landfill fund look financially worse than it was in reality. Now I don’t remember if these allegations dealt with Nancy Cassagne’s tenure as JP finance director or the tenure of her successor but I think I trust P&N’s numbers regarding the evergreen costs of operating a landfill, especially given their extensive governmental auditing practice where they would see lots of landfill data.

With Glenn Smith and this Scott hired gun what we are seeing is a feeble attempt at damage control. Team Ward/Heebe maybe able to buy lots of politicians but I think its clear the people who would be fleeced won’t be buying Scott’s thin air BS.

For those so interested a reader was kind enough to email me the resolution where the Parish Council approved publication of a RFP in early November for the operation of the Parish Landfill just in case. The actual 435 page RFP is here and the reader wanted to make certain I read the timeline on pdf page 7. When I confirmed that was my actual first stop (greats minds obviously think alike) the reader offered this bit of advice, which I thought very good:

…..a preproposal conference should have taken place on January 5 and that tomorrow is the deadline to answer written inquiries. You may want to keep an eye on the DOA website to see if those inquiries are posted as an addendum

I think at this point folks all that is left is to pop some popcorn and wait for the indictments.


22 thoughts on “Biff Baby Biff! Team River Birch queefs a reply to the Parish’s Landfill Cost Study. (Its getting deep folks)”

  1. Queef? Really? Really? Predominantly all MEN involved in River Birch and you use Queef?

    AAAAGH you all are such juveniles. Funny but juvenile.

    If memory serves there was revenue as well as cost shifting initiated by Whitmer and Wilkinson, the former requested of and effectuated by Gwen Bolotte, Finance Director post-Casseigne. Bolotte no doubt has beaucoup information on all things River Birch $-wise.

    In fact she has beaucoup information on MANY SHADY DEALS during her tenure.

    In fact so does Alan Gandolfi , Director of the Research and Budget Dept for the Council and , wait for it , wait for it, one of the players on the River Birch Technical Evaluation Committee with Wilkinson and Fos. Both those names appear in Chris Roberts’ emails you recently posted sop.

    In fact if you really want to dish some dirt go find Kenneth Hughes, former Administrative Assistant, Council Assistant and Research and Budget Director pre-Gandolfi. Word is he is still in the area, possible Northshore. Now HE has background and details and possibly pictures since he was instrumental in the Tarpon Rodeo round-up every year.

    And don’t forget Sonny Burmaster with his Council AND JPSO connections…the Cleaner if you know what I mean.

    Have a grand day, Slabb O’leak. Me bony bony lads and lasses.

  2. Well nobody said that Heebe, the Wards, BK Sneed, Whitmer, Wilkinson et al were not a bunch of bully mouth pussies, which they most certainly are…hmmm…queef did they say…

  3. Word [rumor] is that Broussard lost his former marital home in bankruptcy and is now living with dear ol’ mom.

    If so, makes me wonder if they drag this stuff out so long to drain `em dry before going in for the kill.

  4. I still find it most interesting that the River Birch Landfill Air rights are worth so much less than the existing Jefferson Parish Landfill Air rights.

    Can someone please explain it to me in simple English?

    What makers such a big change on the same road in the same parish that makes River Birch’s air so much less valuable?

    When I look at the Google Earth picture it looks like one big continuous dump in the middle of a big old field?

  5. “…makes me wonder if they drag this stuff out so long to drain `em dry before going in for the kill.”

    Intended or not, Tele, that seems to happen a lot. I’ve wondered why time spend hanging and draining and waiting for the shoe to drop isn’t considered in a sentence – it’s definitely punishment.

  6. The comments by Lagasse and Roberts are disgusting. Just passing the buck so Young can take the heat. Where were Lagasse and Roberts when the Council voted 7-0 to pass this deplorable contract?

    Has anyone heard if Walt Bennetti or someone credible is running against Roberts for Council at large? We need to support good people that will look out for the citizens of Jefferson Parish not people that always have their hands out to every company seeking a JP contract.

  7. Gee, maybe Leone will put up the same fierce fight he put up against Broussard. I respect the fact that Leone is involved in issues of Parish Govt., but he already has demonstrated that he’s not a candidate who is willing to do what it takes to take down these entitlement slugs. Had he run a commercial with AB’s lying and crying, he might have won.

    1. Well, if Mr Leone needs a little toughing up we’re just the guys to do it. I know this, Tom Capella is a rattlesnake and he won’t go down without a fight. Leone needs money and a message if he wants to win, the emphasis being the money.

      IMHO he needs to think outside the box and raise money like Barack Obama did in 2008 using the internet. The Connick’s have already withheld their support from one would be candidate for assessor. There is no reason to think they will back Leone or that such would even be good for the public at large.


  8. At least Leone is a real estate agent by profession and should have some concept of property valuation and taxation. Tommy Boy is a career politician whose chosen profession is law, but his main area of concentration appears to be curatorships, which an attentive 5th grader could handle.

    1. Our readers may remember he was one of the folks that stuck up for the bloggers when TheRiot tried to sue cyberspace. That youtube vid of him is still up and embedded somewhere back in our May 2010 archives.


  9. Just scanning the comments and saw my name mentioned so I thought I’d chime in.

    – Michael – thanks for the support.

    – telemachus – not to correct you but just to clarify, I will not be running in April. I have never said that I won’t be running in the Fall. In fact, I hear from people like Michael almost everyday asking me to run because they think that I can help Jefferson Parish even more from the inside. Obviously, I can’t raise the $500,000+ in the campaign coffers of the existing Jefferson Parish council members, but votes count more than dollars.

    – Regarding Allen Leone, Allen is a personal friend. I am supporting Allen and will do everything that I can to help him and his campaign (for the record, Allen is not paying me and I will not use as a campaign tool – my support of Allen is personal). I encourage every citizen interested in good government to support Allen’s campaign whether it is financial, by volunteering in the campaign, getting their friends and neighbors involved, everything helps and could make the difference.

    As Sock Puppet mentioned, Allen is a Real Estate Professional and a Businessman and I feel that he is uniquely qualified to be Assessor. I have no axe to grind with Councilman Capella. We have disagreed on issues, but there is no personal animosity between us. In fact, I saw him earlier this afternoon at an event for Jefferson Beautification. Again, Allen is my friend.

    – sop81_1 – thanks for referencing I check our web site referrals everyday and we receive significant traffic from Slabbed. I appreciate you helping to spread the word and for your efforts. If there’s anything I can do to help you, let me know.

    I love the “names” BTW. I don’t want there to be any questions so, I always post under my name.

  10. Some observations regarding the diverse comments under this post:

    FIRST: I too want to take this opportunity to compliment Mr. Bennetti for his vigilent coverage of Jefferson Parish Government. I would also like to thank him for the respect he has paid the M & M sisters (CFGG) for allowing them to be part of his efforts over at I myself used a quote from Walt to begin my tirade on Nancy Cassange just last night.

    SECOND: Tele, I know criminal lawyers grab you by the balls in these types of matters but do you really think Broussard is on skid row yet ? His retirement is $115,000 a year (that’s $9,583 dollars a month); he has multiple layers of health care payed for by Kenner and the Parish; averages about $32,000 dollars net on curatorships per year*; pays no child support or alimony; and now you say he lives with his mother; well that can’t cost much. Is he still with the D’Aquila law firm ? Maybe we should check out the bankruptcy, I assume it’s in his real name, right ? Who knows, his lawyer will probably be spending his spare time fishing in Nova Scotia on his newly acquired and former Broussard retreat.

    THIRD: I have been told by a most reliable source that there will be a candidate to run against Capella with sufficient name recognition and resources to run a real race, and that person is NOT Mr. Leone. I’m afraid his failure to go for Broussard’s jugular foretold his future in politics…he can’t win as evidenced by his most recent run for office.

    FOURTH: fifthcircuit, even if I explained it to you in French, the facts remain the same and your observation is simply, correct !

    AND FINALLY: Micheal, you asked where were Lagasse and Roberts…why sitting with their buddy Councilman-at-Large John Young for 6 1/2 years, who has always voted for the furtherance of the illegal landfill monopoly desired by River Birch. There’s no buck to pass to Young; he’s sharing in on that too…and I hope the heat gets turned up a notch and burns that lying Connick punk’s ass !

  11. Check out the one-page ad that River Birch is running this morning in the front section of the Times-Picayune. It is a full page ad addressed to the residents of Jefferson Parish entitled “A PUBLIC CALL FOR TRANSPARENCY AND ACCOUNTABILITY.” It’s not running on, it’s in the paper.

  12. Maybe River Bitch should have been transparent enough to tell the residents of J.P. that the Federal investigation and FBI raid on its headquarters is all a big misunderstanding, and then explain why.

  13. John Young….please investigate the pure incometence at WJMC by Nancy Cassagne and ESPECIALLY Angela Greener. You must want to know why. If you really are concerned about doing the right thing get rid of these corrupt individuals…lets move forward and hire people with the miniumum requirements at the least. You have no idea how badly things are at WJMC. One MUST have healthcare experience and advance degrees!

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