A quick programming note and our current policy on advertising

Almost a year ago I wrote a post mentioning something about slabbed.org coming soon and soon never came.  Nowdy and I self fund this site and that model has been a key part of the reason such a diverse group of people engage us. We’re non-partisan and equal opportunity though we have a consistent message in these pages about these days and times here in Soggy Bottom.

Change is certain and the one thing we can all count on in life, so it was in the cards that we were going to move to our own host and begin taking advertising. And then I pulled up a post this morning and GASP there it was, an ad by Google on Slabbed despite the fact that WordPress bloggers are prohibited from advertising on their blogs. Any Ad you see on Slabbed is WordPress paying the bills to host and provide the platform, not us.

Our days on WordPress are numbered IMHO.


6 thoughts on “A quick programming note and our current policy on advertising”

    1. Nowdy and I gotta have a confab soon Editilla on the move. For those interested we’re projecting 750,000 page views for 2010 and I think that will turn out to be a conservative number. We’re running between 25K and 30K unique visitors per month these days.


  1. Actually I have loved the format here. Quite impressed.

    Zombie went advertising, it makes sense and it helps (I think, I bet) generate the content given the blood sweat effort, etc.

    1. This site is not breaking us but Nowdy and I have easily spent 5 figures on PACER through time. Even if we make the jump we still may not take ads but people have inquired correctly pointing out IMHO that a site like Slabbed needs to be a part of the local cyber landscape. One way to ensure that is to make it financially self sufficient.

      Long ago I was offered $15 a post and $7 per original reply to work as a paid pumper on the finance boards. That is not bad money if you think about it, especially back in 2004. No way would my conscience let me do that though.


  2. I have been following Nola type blogs since Kat. Zombie got ads and now is off on special assignment. We Could be Famous now writes for Lens. Everyone goes somewhere else and doesn’t post as much. Man, I hate change.

    1. Therein lies the dilemma Elliot as money changes everything, that was true when we laid out the first penny on this project with no particular end in mind. The very introduction of money into the equation carries all manner of connotation. We’ve been in no hurry on this and will continue to carefully weigh our cyber strategy go forward.

      Slabbed.org is already paid for so moving won’t necessarily mean we take any advertising in and of itself.

      All that said I’ll point out that I’ve already benefitted in certain ways as my day job skill set is marketable in and of itself as I’m considered an expert within the legal meaning of the term in certain areas though I really haven’t tried to cross sell time. Coming in to this project there were and are certain lawyers and cases which I do not write about or comment upon.

      I understand your angst Elliot. The best I can say is we’ll continue to be very deliberate and thoughtful as we chart our future course.


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