A quick programming note and our current policy on advertising

Almost a year ago I wrote a post mentioning something about slabbed.org coming soon and soon never came.  Nowdy and I self fund this site and that model has been a key part of the reason such a diverse group of people engage us. We’re non-partisan and equal opportunity though we have a consistent message in these pages about these days and times here in Soggy Bottom.

Change is certain and the one thing we can all count on in life, so it was in the cards that we were going to move to our own host and begin taking advertising. And then I pulled up a post this morning and GASP there it was, an ad by Google on Slabbed despite the fact that WordPress bloggers are prohibited from advertising on their blogs. Any Ad you see on Slabbed is WordPress paying the bills to host and provide the platform, not us.

Our days on WordPress are numbered IMHO.


Biff Baby Biff! Team River Birch queefs a reply to the Parish’s Landfill Cost Study. (Its getting deep folks)

Team Young leaked the news yesterday that the Parish is already studying ways to get out from the fraudulent and expensive contract with River Birch and naturally the T-P’s Paul Rioux garnered reaction from the other side, in this case River Birch spokesman Glenn Smith and discredited economist/River Birch hired gun Loren C Scott, who is sticking to his silly assertion that the thin air above JPL is worth a fortune.  Leaving aside for a second that in Scott’s world, his methodology could very well yield the absurd result that River Birch is better off not taking any additional trash due to the diminution of value of its air space, we also have Glenn Smith spouting nonsense that it is somehow better for River Birch take out of Parish trash next door to JPL than it is for JPL to accept the same. The sophistry and self serving gyrations are stunning. Here are a few snippets from Rioux’s report:

Roll me over and scratch my belly cause I’m elected to the JP Council, ignorant and aim to stay that way:

Councilman Elton Lagasse said he is still reviewing the 64-page report released Friday evening.

“I’m going to lean heavily on the administration and the Parish Attorney’s office for their recommendations,” he said. “It’s all kind of up in the air right now.” Continue reading “Biff Baby Biff! Team River Birch queefs a reply to the Parish’s Landfill Cost Study. (Its getting deep folks)”