Transparency, you bet – easy to see right through action of Jefferson Parish Council

Possibly the most naive statement ever written can be found in an editorial published in today’s Times-Picayune:

Good government watchdogs in Jefferson Parish will no longer be forced to sift through campaign finance reports to learn whether companies seeking parish business have supported the campaigns of those making the decision on whom to hire.

True enough, “good government watchdogs” won’t be sifting. They’ll need shovels to dig out the buried campaign contributions, if not steam shovels like Mike Mulligan’s Mary Ann.

“Bing, Bang, Crash, Slam”

Corruption in the form of “a little lagniappe” is so deeply entrenched in Jefferson Parish that “pay to pay” will, no doubt, continue, albeit more difficult to dig out – that much is transparent, but not worthy of  praise in an editorial.


3 thoughts on “Transparency, you bet – easy to see right through action of Jefferson Parish Council”

  1. What difference does this make if the council members won’t make a real statement as to WHY they are voting for the contributor, as the original ordinance provided?

    Even when it was specifically pointed out by M&M at the meetings who the contributors were, the Council still didn’t do their duty and put their reasons for voting on the record.

    This is just smoke and mirrors. They’re just trying to put off everything on the contractors without addressing the real issue- their own objectivity.

  2. This says it all as I quote Click Jeff’s Walt Bennetti:

    …At the last council meeting, Councilwoman Cynthia Lee-Sheng was criticized for receiving tens of thousands of dollars in campaign contributions in a single day from a group of businesses owned by the same individuals.

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