5 thoughts on “How about a Friday Slabb-a-leak as we welcome Chris “Gretna Mentality”Roberts to the party.”

  1. Aside from mini-me Roberts’ desire to spend a lot of money on fancy signage, I found these two to be interesting to say the least:

    And why I am I not surprised,

    “From: Krystral Cooper
    To: CRoberts
    Sent: Mon Nov 30 09:10:47 2009
    Subject: disney character

    Can you give me the e-mail address for the Disney Characters

    Krystral Cooper”

    And yes, I was surprised,

    “From: [email protected]
    Sent: 11/30/2009 2:54 PM
    To: CRoberts
    Subject: Young’s statement

  2. Was the doctor appointment with Dr Romaguera Parish business or was Roberts having his Parish staff make his Personal appointments?

  3. Gate:

    You might be seeing something I’m not. It does not surprise me that Rainey is calling Roberts trying to get his reaction to Young’s statements. What’s your take?

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