Could the Chehardy PR blitz be a prelude to a run for Parish Prez….

After all folks, no one in their right mind spends their own money running farewell ads unless they are gearing up to run for another office.  Now leaving aside the fact the ads are frankly silly IMHO as the good folks in Louisiana are taxed to death he leaves out that the pols need your tax dollars to loot out on the back end of earmark scams and to employ their cronies.  IMHO career politician Lawrence Chehardy is simply a slicker version of Byron Lee and a guy who probably never missed a chance to double dip his entire career.

In respects what we are seeing unfold could well be a continuation of the old Connick/Mamo feud.

Slabbed reports you decide.


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  1. Ooooo, I bet Magnum backs Chehardy. But he can’t run now because if he does, your chronology will make it appear that he was trying to pull a fast one on the voters by using his endearing “Thank You and Goodbye” commercial for political gain.

    Way back when the bait and switch from Big Lawrence to Lil Lawrence occurred, what do you think those conversations were like and who do you think was privy? But make no mistake about it, there’s no love between the Mamou/Capella faction and the Connick/Young faction. The former group is still smarting over that razor thin election margin of about 15 years ago.

  2. if this were to happen you would see numerous big dollar associations and individuals rise forward to stop him. Make no mistake about it the business community has no love for Lawrence Chehardy with the exception of Latter & Blum.

    1. Thanks. I bet the backstory on that report is worth hearing. A Friday evening release is normally for burying bad news in the weekend news cycle. I do not think that was the case here.


  3. I have no idea where to put this so… why not here.

    So… I heard an interesting story while talking to someone who works at a local Metry car dealership.

    Turns out that the Royal olds dealership that used to be on Vets Hwy was owned by a Vernon Brinson.

    Well this dealership was located where the Whole Foods grocery is now, corner of vets @ Severn. The real estate does not get any primer.

    Well, turns out guess who OWNED the LAND under the Royal dealership?

    One Lawrence Chehardy.

    When Whole Foods came calling they wanted that primo spot on vets…. so Chehardy went about offering Brinson WHATEVER it would take to get him out of the contract, to get him to move, and to get him set up in a new spot…. which amounted to at least a million dollars, maybe two million, who knows how much.

    Sure enough Brinson made the move and now it’s a Royal Honda further down on Vets.

    So question – IF this is correct, did Whole Foods BUY that land from Chehardy? And IF so for how much? OR does Chehardy still own the land under Whole Foods and what does he get paid for THAT?

    And what other land does Chehardy own?

    And isn’t that a helluva thing for a grandson of a Lebanese immigrant tailor? Because what is it the Chehardys Sr. & Jr did/do for a living exactly, what besides assessing `n all?

    What was Chehardy Sr. doing before getting himself APPOINTED to JP assessor by McKeithen back in the day? Who knows.

  4. 6/2/90 TP:


    Jefferson Parish Assessor Lawrence E. Chehardy has declared bankruptcy, saying he is left with $103 in the bank and $4.5 million in debts that apparently resulted from soured real estate deals.

    The politically influential Chehardy, assessor since 1976, listed $1.2 million in assets in documents filed Thursday in federal bankruptcy court in New Orleans.

    The bulk of the assets are from interests in property, insurance policies and annuities, and money owed his law firm, the court documents show.

    Chehardy filed for himself and his wife under Chapter 7 of bankruptcy law. That means most assets must be liquidated to pay creditors.

    Most of Chehardy’s debts are to area banks that gave unsecured loans to him, his real estate partnerships and a corporation he formed with businessman Leonard Bordelon and longtime Deputy Assessor Wilson LaGraize Jr. Bordelon owns Bordelon and Associates, a Kenner industrial supply company.

    Since 1978, the three men formed real estate partnerships called Lac Du Bay, Severn Properties, Arnoult Properties of Louisiana and Lac Bienville II.

    In 1981, they formed Timber Ridge Corp., with Bordelon as president, LaGraize as secretary and Chehardy as director, according to the Louisiana secretary of state’s records.

    Chehardy’s bankruptcy attorney, Douglas Draper, said Friday the partners’ investments in apartment complexes and land have fallen on hard times in recent years and that banks were trying to collect from the partnerships.

    Draper said Chehardy’s two partners recently filed for bankruptcy – leaving him on his own to try to keep the businesses afloat.

    “He was the last one left alive,” Draper said.

    Chehardy was out of town and unavailable for comment Friday. LaGraize could not be reached and Bordelon declined to comment.

    Of Chehardy’s $4.5 million in debts, $4 million is owed to creditors who gave him, his partnerships and law firm unsecured loans.

    Among these loans are $1.6 million from First National Bank of Commerce in New Orleans, $975,960 from First National Bank of Jefferson Parish in Harahan, and $661,339 from First National Bank of Commerce in Gretna.

    Chehardy or his partnerships owe $525,172 in secured loans to Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. in Bossier City, La., and to First National Bank of Jefferson Parish and Investors Bank, both in Grenta.

    Assets listed by Chehardy include $50 in cash; $103 in a checking account; a half-share in a condominium in Pensacola, Fla.; a one-twelfth share in 288 acres in Pearl River County, Miss.; a one-sixth share of 43 acres in Grand Isle; $7,500 in household goods; $500 worth of books, pictures and collections; and $2,200 in wearing apparel and personal possessions.

    Chehardy was elected in a 1975 political coup still talked about today.

    In the last minutes of qualifying for the assessor’s post held by his father, Lawrence A. Chehardy, the younger Chehardy qualified to run and his father withdrew. That left the son unopposed for election. The elder Chehardy is now a judge in the state 5th Circuit Court of Appeal in Jefferson.

    Like his father before him, Chehardy – champion of the homestead exemption that shields many homes from parish property taxation – has held an iron grip on the office.

    Along with District Attorney John Mamoulides and, sometimes, Sheriff Harry Lee, they have dominated Jefferson Parish’s political scene. With Chehardy’s blessing, candidates have been virtual shoo-ins for public office.

    However, Chehardy-backed candidates have failed to win some major elections in the past two years, and political watchers began to question whether he was losing some of his savvy as well as clout with the voters.

    …Lawrence E. Chehardy Lost money in real estate deals…

    Assessor Chehardy’s business assets and investments

    Insurance policies

    Annuities – $457,971

    Deposits of money – $103

    Companies, stocks

    Lawrence E. Chehardy, a professional law corporation

    Timber Ridge Corp.

    Catahoula Bank, a.k.a. Catahoula Holding Co.

    First Banquers Holding Company for Bankers Trust Stock

    Delta Savings and Loan

    Colonial Bank


    Arnoult Properties

    Lac Bienville Apartments

    Lac Dubay Apartments

    Severn Properties Ltd.

    …The Times-Picayune, based on U.S. Bankruptcy Court documents, reported incorrectly Saturday that First National Bank of Commerce in New Orleans gave an unsecured loan of $1.6 million to a partnership involving Jefferson Parish Assessor Lawrence E. Chehardy. Bank President Howard Gaines said the loan to the partnership, Arnoult Properties of Louisiana, was secured with a building as collateral.”

    You might remember Catahoula Bank and Bankers Trust etc. from the Jefferson Guaranty Bank collapse and scandals of around 1989-90.

  5. 8.2.03 TP:

    “Building on the success of its Arabella Station location Uptown, Whole Foods Market has announced plans to open a store in Metairie, though the specialty grocery retailer is remaining mum on the location.

    The new Metairie store will feature 50,500 square feet of market space and 280 parking spaces, said Neal Hixon of Sarpy Hixon Development, which will develop the site. Sarpy Hixon is the same firm that redeveloped the Arabella barn at a cost of $15 million.

    Hixon said construction of the Metairie site will begin next spring, and the store could open in the spring or summer of 2005. He said he could not estimate the cost of the store, which will be built according to plans Whole Foods uses for its largest locations.

    Developers, Whole Foods and local real estate specialists are holding the location of the Metairie store close to the their vests.

    But sources familiar with the deal say that a site being considered is the Royal Oldsmobile -Mazda dealership at the corner of Severn Avenue and Veterans Memorial Boulevard. The dealership, at 3400 Veterans Blvd., is owned by the Royal Automotive Group, headed by Vernon Brinson. Brinson did not return phone calls Friday.

    ++++++++The land on which the dealership sits is owned by Jefferson Parish Assessor Lawrence Chehardy and other Chehardy family members.

    Chehardy said Friday that he could not comment on whether Whole Foods was interested in the site.

    Malin Kvist, owner of Malin Construction, was the general contractor for the Arabella Station Whole Foods. Kvist said Friday that she also could not comment on whether her firm would build a Whole Foods store in Metairie, and she would not confirm whether the dealership was the proposed site.

    Any new retail site along the congested Veterans Memorial Boulevard commercial corridor is hard to come by, and several national retailers that have entered the local market there have had to either buy existing users

  6. It’s funny reading all of this years later, by the know it alls… Mr. Chehardy never did run for any other office again. It’s clear now he really just wanted to thank the people of Jefferson for their support and love. Yes, he spent money on an ad to do that; To merely “thank” the people . Maybe that’s why the people kept re electing him. He’s a good man.

  7. As I read the chat from years ago, Reinhold Niebuhr’s ‘Moral Man and Immoral Society: A Study in Ethics & Politics’ became the background theme. “OK Carolyn or whatever PR firm is posting for little Lawrence using his baby sis as a cover.” The ubiquitous Alan Katz wrote in the (metro) Uptown Messenger (Aug. 8, 2014): “We recently asked retired Jefferson Parish Assessor Lawrence Chehardy – now head of a powerful Jefferson Parish law firm…”. In full disclosure, I lifted “ubiquitous” from an old James Gill article at the TP before he turned rebel. As to the essence of a powerful law firm, I’ll leave it to others as my legal practice began & ended pro se in forma pauperis. I’m left with a minor addiction to caselaw & my dangerous memories.

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