It’s Official, Anderson Cooper joins Bobby Bermdoggle Jindal as an oil spill idiot. Snookered again: How the National Media let us down after the Oil Spill

Is it news or is what we see on the TeeVee all show biz? The answer folks, is show biz aka self-interest driven propaganda, as Jonathan Tilove at the Times Picayune explains:

About of a third of the way through the National Oil Spill Commission’s 400-page report, there is a 43-page chapter on the oil spill response and containment efforts that suggests that berms and boom were pretty much a bust, collecting more headlines than oil.

Along the way, the report also casts a rather unflattering light on Louisiana officialdom, singling out Gov. Bobby Jindal and Plaquemines Parish President Billy Nungesser.

And while Nungesser was cashing in with BP along with St Bernard Parish Sheriff Jack Stevens, the media was running to him for the self serving sound bite de jour, making the media in general and Anderson Cooper in particular mighty useful idiots for this corrupt local politician as we continue:

According to the commission’s narrative, the festering animosity in Louisiana’s relationship with Washington was nurtured by a news media that thrives on conflict.

“Local resentment became a media theme and then a self-fulfilling prophecy,” the report concludes. “Even those who thought the federal government was doing the best it could under the circumstance did not say so publicly.”

Instead, according to the report, “journalists encouraged state and local officials and residents to display their anger at the federal response, and offered coverage when they did. (CNN reporter) Anderson Cooper reportedly asked a Parish President to bring an angry, unemployed offshore oil worker on his show. When the President could not promise the worker would be ‘angry,’ both were disinvited.'”

Now before I piss off everyone in the media I would be remiss if I did not mention certain news outlets that “got it” from the jump in the Sun Herald and the Mobile Press Register via reporters Anita Lee and Ben Raines who well knew both bermdoggles and Nungesser. The NOLA traditional media as a general rule (Bob Marshall specifically excepted) flunks here mainly because they were (and remain) too dicked up with the Oil Industry to objectively report the events IMHO.  Simply put, credible media reports facts without helping others manufacture self-serving scams or political angles selling out the local populace in the process.

My own opinion as moderator of this blog is that the DC set did not trust much of the reporting either or the MMS, The Executive Offices of the POTUS and numerous other federal agencies would not have camped out with us on Slabbed last summer getting the real story from locals on the ground.

For those so interested Drake Toulouse over at Disenfranchised Citizen continues to do a great job covering the spill and its aftermath.


10 thoughts on “It’s Official, Anderson Cooper joins Bobby Bermdoggle Jindal as an oil spill idiot. Snookered again: How the National Media let us down after the Oil Spill”

  1. “…Garret Graves, Gov. Jindal’s top adviser on coastal issues, said Wednesday that the contempt displayed by Washington for the “Cajun ingenuity that was the real saving grace in this disaster.”

    This inappropriate cracker quote was given by one of Piyush’s pundits as some sort of cover rebuttal to the Commission’s critique relating to this Bermdoggle.

    I am very upset with the reference to “cajun ingenuity” by this Jindal jackass… it’s a backhanded insult to an overall intelligent and hardworking people…this racist remark only reinforces the stereotype ‘dumb coon-ass’ made popular by the equally insulting Boudreaux and Thibideaux jokes…trust me, I am not amused !

    The French people of Louisiana, which Jindal and Nungesser are not, are owed an apology by this clown of a Governor and his sorry-ass mouthpiece.

  2. Kind of like Piyush’s awfully-delivered Texas A&M joke on behalf of L.S.U. Piyush knows nothing of academics at L.S.U., and he certainly knows nothing of athletics anywhere. When Piyush was running for Gov., there was a photo of him in the La. Sportsman, allegedly taken after a duck-hunt, holding a stringer of ducks with some other guy. Piyush was wearing camo. Do you think Piyush ever has shot a gun, much less a duck? Then there was that awful photo of him holding a fish down in Venice after the oil gusher on He looked like a 5- year-old who just caught his/her first fish, but does not want to hold the yucky thing for a photo. Some sportsman Piyush is.

    If anyone doubts his sincerity, genuineness, or authenticity; just remember he lifted his name from his childhood hero, Bobby Brady. I never doubt his intellect, but the guy is just a pandering, political-climbing, creep.

  3. ‘Gate, my cousain, take comfort in the thought that here in Washington DC, as in Louisiana, Jindal and Nunguesser equally share the reputation comme

  4. Whitmergate and Pelican deBrief,

    I agree with you both. The racist remark made by Mr. Graves on behalf of the Jindal administration is inexcusable and unacceptable. Mr. Graves’ off-handed and inept corollary to cloak their debacle of incompetence, by comparison, to the historical and factual accounts of Acadian accomplishments in the face of adversity, is truly an insult to all of us of French Louisiana heritage.

    The actions demanded and taken by both Gov. Jindal (Indian descent) and Mr. Nungesser (German descent) can best be summed up and described as stupid is, as stupid does.

    Mr. Graves (English descent) should not only be made to appologize to the French American citizenry of this State; he should be made to resign !

    Chiming in and agreeing with Whitmergate and Pelican deBrief let me conclude by writing and attributing to both Gov. Jindal and Mr. Nunguesser…ces connards sont une honte putain.


    2.3.08 Who interviewed Garret Graves? – $47 million – father of Garret Graves is the owner of engineering firm that is among top contract holders in Louisiana with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

    (12.23.08 Evans-Graves Engineering – State officials signed a $100 million contract)

    Nungesser Testing the Waters

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