Welcome to the party George. Did you make sure Phil Bryant got a copy of your letter?

For some time now, devious undercurrents of hate and anger have been festering in our country.

In recent months, as rhetoric grew red-hot over healthcare reform and immigration, the wounded Arizona Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords had been the target of numerous death threats. Her local office in Tucson had been vandalized and the corner across the street had become a central location for protests. Most recently, a Sarah Palin graphic depicted her district in the crosshairs of a gun.

Politicians in Arizona used the immigration debate to spread falsehoods about mass killings in the desert near the border, sparking hysteria in the streets, portraying a state under siege by immigrants.

The discourse quickly turned venomous. The dangerous rumors were being perpetuated on Internet blogs and by the noisy back-and-forth bickering on cable news networks that covered the congressional campaigns.

As we see now, this practice of feeding on fear and spreading hate is dangerously irresponsible and potentially deadly, and yet, in today’s America it seems there is no escaping it.

To the extent politicians, generally in the GOP these days,  fan the flames of hate to further their own personal goals, it seems to me the political class has brought this upon themselves. While I applaud Mayor Schloegel for penning this letter, I’d also be remiss if I did not remind him that he sure kept quite for a long time while charlatans in his own party like Phil Bryant crisscrossed this state back in 2007 with his now discredited, taxpayer-funded  “immigration study” which scapegoated hispanics for all that ailed the state. And let’s not forget our current Secretary of State, Dweebert Hosebag, based his entire campaign on anti hispanic themes back in 2007.

OK folks, let’s do this again since there are finally some signs of intelligent life in the GOP as evidenced by Mayor Schloegel’s letter:

Thank God for Arizona.

Back in Black – Glenn Beck’s Nazi Tourette’s: Thank God for Arizona Part Deux.

Thank God for Arizona Part 3: Blaming the surge in drug violence on the Mexicans. God damn the pusher man (and his U.S. banker).

Hate coupled with self-interest dies hard. Let’s hope Mayor Schloegel’s letter is the beginning of a process that raises the level of discourse from his party. With idiots like Phildo and Dweebert running around the state on an election year, somehow I think not.


7 thoughts on “Welcome to the party George. Did you make sure Phil Bryant got a copy of your letter?”

  1. Please allow me to “fan the flames of hate”. Jared Lee Loughner is a WACK JOB. I don’t give a damn who his Momma and Daddy are, what his politics are (but if he was d devoted “right-winger” then the “Lame-Stream Media would have shoved that up our ass days ago), or what his psychiatric diagnosis is. Give him a fair trial AND HANG HIM, the sooner and more publicly the better. I also wish the Media could tell us once and for all if the dead victims of this POS total 5 or 6, and whether the wounded total 12, 13 or 14. This horrible incident is being used to argue for more “gun control”. Well, if one person in the crowd had been armed, maybe Loughner could have been subdued (or “neutralized”) sooner. When he WAS subdued, I believe he was in the process of reloading a 33 round clip into his Clock. I also read that his primary subduer was a lady, although she got some additional “help” fairly quickly. As for illegal immigrants, who have entered this country and remain here in violation of our laws through fraud and deception GET THEM OUT! Them and their “anchor babies”. Ashton O’Dwyer a/k/a “The WHITE Henry Glover”.

  2. Agree on conceiled weapons. Disagree on immigration as undocumented workers are are symptom of the problem, not the problem itself which is our nation’s schizophrenic immigration policy. Speaking of schizophrenia, I’m against capital punishment as a general rule but especially the severely mentally ill.

    In my mind the question the media and others should be asking is how this guy managed to slip through the cracks in our rumored social safety net. There is a price to be paid when society turns it back on such people and too often that price is paid in blood. Blood is cheaper than building mental health facilities and staffing them I reckon.

    Mayor Schloegel is a Republican who knows of what he speaks that has correctly identified the cancer in his own political party. No where in this post did I say the trailer trash at Team Palin were responsible for this sick man’s crimes. That said politicians that scapegoat minorities are akin to the high school kid that started the food fight snickering on his way out the door unsoiled. Giving people something to hate and easy targets is an invite of sorts to every lunitic out there to engage their baser emotions.


  3. “The SLABBED Nation” should check out some of the things being directed at Sarah Palin on TWITTER, as reported at “The Hayride” today. Yet, Ashton O’Dwyer (that’s ME) remains “in the criminal justice system” with a brief due Tuesday the 18th in the Government’s appeal of the dismissal of the indictment against me. NOTHING that I ever said come “close” to the threats being made against Palin, but NO ONE will be prosecuted. It really is quite shocking. Ashton O’Dwyer a/k/a “The WHITE Henry Glover”.

  4. I better not Ashton. I like Scott McKay and the Hayride but I’m liable to derive some satisfaction so I’ll pass on that.

    So rather than being negative lets think positive as in Mrs. Palin doing a Penthouse spread. :mrgreen:


  5. This event was horrible and tragic. I often wonder why JFK was put out in a convertible limousine and paraded around a per arranged and published parade route. He was the President of the United States for God

  6. I see no more hateful dialog coming from Palin and Beck than from Olberman, Ratigan, Matthews, Maddow and Schultz on MSNBC. Both the extreme Left and Right are spewing propaganda that is hate inspired. Enough!

  7. The “Twitter Users Wish Death on Sarah Palin” Comments have been removed from “The Hayride” web-site, but are available elsewhere on the internet, for instance at http://www.abovetopsecret.com/forum/threads649547/pg1. The irony of this hateful speech is the fact that my brief in my criminal case (I am accused of making “threats” against unnamed and unidentifiable persons) is due on Tuesday, the 18th. Yet no one who posted THREATS is being prosecuted notwithstanding clear threats against Sarah Palin’s life and encouragement to others that she should be killed. “It is dangerous to be right, when the government is wrong.” A perfect example of “selective persecution.” Ashton O’Dwyer a/k/a “The WHITE Henry Glover”.

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