Magnum strikes back! Messes around and files suit against his Bro in Texas.

Meantime back on the ranch over in Harris County Texas this Bro versus Bro thing is getting mighty nasty……

As of November 11, 2010 we will be practicing law at our new firm, Huber Slack, Houghtaling, Pandit & Thomas, LLP.

The matter that we are handling for you is still active, and we would appreciate the opportunity to continue representing you. ·

Please sign the below signature line to inform our former firm that we will continue to handle your case. Furthermore, your signature authorizes and directs our former firm to send us your file.

Please return this letter to me by the enclosed self-addressed envelope or by email at Brian……

With best regards, I am

Sincerely Yours,

Brian J. Houghtaling

From our source on this suit, a legal observer not connected to this litigation in any manner:

Paragraphs 12 and 13 are my favorite. The lies are head-spinning, but this lawyer cannot even keep the names straight.

This is getting good folks.


12 thoughts on “Magnum strikes back! Messes around and files suit against his Bro in Texas.”

  1. Todd Slack, Steve Flack, Steve Slack . . . go pack. I’m not sure what’s the worst part of this disastrous pleading: 1) the atrocious grammar and spelling, 2) the self-aggrandizement of Magnum and “Judge” Williams, 3) the outright lies, or 4) the fact that Magnum Y.B. (younger brother) was making nearly a mil a year.

    Hey Buddy (said in a coon-ass dialect), you don’t think I’m going to remain dead and let you sodomize my legacy. That’s right, I’m talking to you, you little slicked-back, Ferrari-driving punk. You know in those dark places you explore with your therapist that I’m there ripping at your insides. It scares you because I did it the right way and I was a true believer. I made those 12 people in the box believe my causes were just, and I made those evil corporations pay. I NEVER would have performed political felatio on a corporate scum-fucker like British Petroleum. You’ve never looked a jury in the eye and made a closing argument because that takes testicles.

    Drop my name from your firm, or I’ll rip your tiny, black fucking heart out. I know you and you are mentally weak. This will come to you in your sleep.

  2. I’m sure they didn’t file suit in another state to avoid slabbed scrutiny. Magnum, you can run but you can’t hide. It’s probably the most awesomest reputation you aver you have developed in the community. Humility is not your strong suit.

  3. Wow, Magnum really managed the firm since Gauthier died in 2001? That would come as a shock to the lawyers and staff who worked at 3500 North Hullen back then. I wonder if Celeste knows this. They’d better cross their fingers that the defense lawyers don’t notice the deposition of Ed Downing. Methinks Downing not the type to lie under oath.

  4. These two brothers obviously watched too many reruns of Dallas.
    I guess it really is true that your friends are God’s apology for your family.
    Wonder if they tried to kill each other as little boys? What a field day for a child psychologist! And parents wondering where they went wrong.
    IS competition good for boy siblings? OR should they be taught to cooperate and share and oh wtf…Cain ain’t Able and that is that.

  5. I cannot recall the “claims adjuster” in LA that was sanctiond for unauthorized practice of law. He adjusted claims for a % of the fee with the insured. If he could not settle with the insurance Co. he would send to a lawyer friend who protected his fee. He was charged with unauthorized practice of law. What was this guys name? Anyway sounds familiar here.

    I agree with comments on Paragraphs 12-13. Funny.

    Well, Brother Plattsmier what do you do here? Between a rock and a hard place. Bet you punt for a few years until this mess is over.

    But, you have alot on your plate don’t you? Or is it just bullshit talk to keep the money comming in? I say bullshit. You better stare justifying yourself. Can’t just focus on lawyers who have been charged with a crime any asshole can do this, even you. Asshole!

  6. Fuck Plattsmier…my cousain, Pelican deBrief tells me Plattsmier still has his head stuck up his ass in the Senate Chambers since the Porteous Impeachmet Trial…

    Now I ask y’all, the SlabbedNation: why does Porteous, his law clerk and now Young’s COO, Cox, Chopin, Levin, Levenson, Mole, Gardner, Tom Wilkinson, Magistrate Jay Wilkinson, Fonte, Judge Liljeberg, Forstall, and any and all the other lawyers who intervened to corrupt the Federal Judicial system through that reprobate Porteous still have a license to practice law ?

    1. Earl Carr? Slabbed has been there and done that. I spent an hour or so on the phone with Earl the day before the show, he is knowledgable about insurance adjusting.

      Unfortunately I mentioned, without knowing, the name of the lawyer who busted his balls on air during our interview. Earl became Mount Earl and semi-erupted on air LOL.

      I need to go back and read the suit again. My eyes were crossed yesterday when I put it up and evidently missed some good stuff.


  7. I agree with Bayou. The paragraphs that caught my attention were his admission of using runners. I’m sure Jerkins was not the only one. No firm that gets its business legitimately can afford to pay a 3 year associate 7 figures. As an attorney licensed in LA and TX, I am confident that the TX ODC will not look the other way on this one.

  8. The self-aggrandizement and admission of a referral relationship with an adjuster are just mind-numbing. Mr. P, where are you?

  9. “Mister P”, you cocksucking motherfucker. I haven’t forgotten you, you cocksucking motherfucker, and I firmly resolve to put you and that CUNT you “pimp” for in the Federal Penitentiary. Ashton O’Dwyer a/k/a “The WHITE Henry Glover”.

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