“Well, kiss my assessor” – James Gill on the retirement of Lawrence Chehardy

I missed Gill’s column in Wednesday’s Times Picayune (which isn’t all I’ve missed over the holidays) and, then, the spam filter caught the email tip sent by a reader – but no one should miss reading, Assessing a lifetime in Jeff politics:

Lawrence Chehardy’s retirement after 34 years as Jefferson Parish assessor brings to mind the Samuel Johnson crack: “That fellow seems to me to possess but one idea, and that is a wrong one.”

Chehardy’s wrong idea — that the homestead exemption should not only be retained but periodically raised — certainly resonated with the voters, however. It did not originate with him but came with the job, which he landed 34 years ago in a triumph of nepotism over democracy.

Daddy, the wildly popular long-term incumbent, drew no challengers when he came up for re-election until his 22-year-old law-student son turned up clutching his qualification papers with minutes to spare.

The mantle was passed seamlessly. Chehardy pere had appropriated the homestead exemption as his signature issue and parlayed it into a position atop the parish’s political establishment, where he and then-District Attorney John Mamoulides stuffed the courts with their protégés.

The elder Chehardy himself waltzed into a seat on the state court of appeal, while his heir took over as the exemption’s most vocal proponent, winning re-election hands down ever since.

The most bizarre aspect of the story is that, had the job become vacant a few years later, and the law required it go to the most qualified applicant, Chehardy would probably have been hired. He is an accountant as well as a lawyer, and nobody has ever doubted his office is professionally managed.

But sending out tax bills is a pretty humdrum business, and the assessor’s life must have been more fun in the heady period that followed the old switcheroo. Back then a Chehardy letter, like a Schwegmann bag, could sway an election.

But endorsements disappeared from the grocery bag long before the supermarket chain collapsed, and the notion that Jefferson Parish voters would do what their assessor told them now seems impossibly quaint. But they more closely resembled sheep when Chehardy pere ruled the roost and for the first several years of fils.

Long before the younger Chehardy announced his retirement, the mass election-eve mailings had faded away, although he would still pipe up whenever a tax increase or millage roll-forward was proposed.

Politics no longer offered much relief from assessor drudgery save for the annual attempt to amend the state constitution and raise the exemption. And that has proven frustrating, since it has remained at $75,000 since 1982. Chehardy will no longer make the trek to Baton Rouge to lobby for bills calling a referendum on the issue, and Sen. John Alario, R-Westwego, who has dutifully filed them, says he won’t bother any more either.

Both suggest a fresh face will emerge to carry the torch, but it is hard to imagine a bigger waste of time. Constitutional amendments have to be approved by two thirds of the Legislature before they can be put on the ballot, and this idea is too perverse for that to happen, even in Baton Rouge. The issue has joined Chehardy in retirement.

The Louisiana exemption is still the highest in the country, and opposition to raising it will always come from business, which shoulders a higher percentage of the tax burden thanks to the homeowner exemption. Chehardy argues that homeowners are entitled to extra relief because business gets breaks of its own, and it is true that industrial tax exemptions have been too liberally handed out for the sake of new jobs that have often turned out to be pie in the sky. Still, one wrong idea does not make another one less so. Besides, most businesses pay full freight, so the exemption puts an obvious damper on the employment market.

Property taxes, moreover, are passed on to renters, who will often be much harder up than homeowners, who may pay little or nothing at all. The notion that the homestead exemption helps the little guy is thus a fable.

Local government, meanwhile, can hardly be expected to provide adequate schools and other services without a fair contribution from the middle class, that being where the money is.

Chehardy’s political clout may have waned, but it was still unwise to cross him, as Arthur Sterbcow, president of a local real estate firm, discovered last year when he provided information for a newspaper story showing that Chehardy assessed properties at 14 percent below market value.

Sterbcow was fired not because anyone questioned his data but because chairman Bob Merrick, as he explained in an e-mail to employees, was “in the process of mending fences.”

Well, kiss my assessor.

How about it SLABBED nation? A standing O for James Gill!

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  1. Chehardy is running a “thank you” commercial, which says “Paid for by Lawrence Chehardy.” Is he really shelling out this much of his own money just to say thank you to an apathetic electorate that cold care less? It would have been cheaper, but much more personal, for him to call each voter on the phone or send an e-mail. Why the publicity campaign? He’s running more TV commercials now than he ever ran for one of his “elections.” His tenure as assessor started with a sneaky, distrustful act. Is it ending on one as well? Is he greasing us up for Tommy Boy?

    In one of the articles, it said something to the effect that he wanted to practice law. Chehardy never has “practiced law.” One does not generally start practicing law 35 years after law school, unless the term “practice” means something completely different from what it means to most lawyers.

  2. I wish to report something very disturbing to “The SLABBED Nation”. Yesterday, a letter to the editor from Professor Carl Bernofsky of the “tulanelink.com” web-site was published in The Time Picayune, featuring “me”, and accurately reporting that “Both law enforcement and the judiciary in New Orleans and Baton Rouge have apparently been engaged in REPRISALS against the outspoken former attorney ever since his very public criticism of the state and federal government’s response to the Hurricane disaster of 2005.” (capital letters added). Before I tell my “story”, I want to recall a quote from the first Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court, John Marshall, who once said: “The power to tax is the power to destroy.” No truer words were ever spoken. The story should begin with “Little Lawrence” Chehardy, since he is featured in Nowdy’s BLOG. I haven’t lived in Jefferson Parish since getting married in 1967, but my Mom and Dad lived there (Mom still does; Dad is deceased), and I got periodic reports on the taxes assessed on the property owned by the Family in the Parish. Not once in 45 years or so did I EVER hear Mom or Dad complain about being treated “unfairly” by Little Lawrence” or his Dad. My only personal contact with “Little Lawrence” was through some of his law partners, who did some maritime work, and more recently directly with “Little Lawrence” when I tried to determine how he and his Dad could have assessed property taxes against my Family’s batture property on the East Bank of the River in Jefferson Parish, and allowed the Sheriff to collect those taxes, but then allowed other agencies within Parish government to allow “squatters and trespassers”, who pay no taxes, to erect structures on my Family’s land, without requiring the “squatters and trespassers” to produce any evidence that they owned the land. I never have gotten any explanation for this, not from “Little Lawrence”, not from our Councilman Elton LaGasse, not from the Department of Inspection and Code Enforcement, not from ANY branch of Parish government. Nevertheless, it is my belief that the residents of Jefferson Parish probably enjoy some of the lowest property tax bills of any parish in the State, while the residents of Orleans Parish, right next door to Jefferson Parish, probably pay some of the highest property taxes of anywhere in the State. One of the reasons for this is “waste, fraud and abuse”. I mean the Bill and Mose Jeffersons of the world, the Elenesse Brooks-Sims’, the Dereck Sheperds and the Ray Nagins couldn’t STEAL unless they had something to steal, and it has come from the taxpayers. Even when dealing with simple incompetency, as opposed to criminal conduct, the taxpayers get “soaked” – witness the recent debacle at Civil District Court in the Conveyance Office caused by Dale Atkins and “Judge” Piper Griffin, and others. Now to the point of my story: Pre-KATRINA, my real property taxes at 6034 St. Charles Avenue, river-side, between State and Webster Streets, New Orleans 70118, ran something equivalent to a private school tuition. I was making money, so it wasn’t a “big deal”, and since I believed that my neighbors were paying about what I was paying, who was I to complain? And if I could send a “minority youth” to a private school, maybe he wouldn’t SHOOT me or a Family Member with an illegal handgun or assault when he reached the age of 11 or 12, while pulling off an armed robbery with some of his sociopathic delinquent friends. When KATRINA hit I became concerned, because it was my perception that the City lost a good bit of its population and tax base, meaning that if the City’s revenue stream was to stay at pre-KATRINA levels, taxes for those who remained (ie. white people who lived “on the sliver by the river”) had to go “UP”. It also was and is my perception that the City spread itself too thin, and directed resources to re-habilitate areas that should have been allowed to remain “swampland”. Things remained fairly “sane” between 2006 and 2009, and although the numbers were slowly creeping “up” there was no real cause for alarm. My assessments and taxes between 2006 and 2009 were as follows: 2006 – assessment $37,190 – tax $7,082.88; 2007 – assessment $42,070 – tax $7,448.74; 2008 – assessment $78,200 – tax $10,162.82; 2009 – assessment $78,200 – tax $10,233.20 plus a $500 “security fee” for extra police protection. Some of you may know that, in September 2009, after a “lazy, stupid and corrupt” Federal Judge, who is a Negro, and is where he is today SOLELY by virtue of his skin color, entered a Default Judgment against me for almost $200,000, I was forced to file for bankruptcy. Then in January 2010, I was arrested by “the Feds” for allegedly threatening nameless and unidentifiable people, spending 34 days in solitary confinement in “The Windsor Court St. Bernard”, and several months thereafter on “home confinement”, meaning that I couldn’t put the garbage out without “permission”. To make a long story short, I only recently learned that in 2010 my property assessment jumped dramatically to “$117,880 (from the prior year’s $$78,200) and that my tax bill had increased dramatically to $16,553.22 (from the prior year’s $10,223.20 plus $500). I didn’t get the 2010 papers because of the bankruptcy, or because I was in jail, or both. The total liability, when one adds penalties, interest and the City “collection fee”, is over $20,000. And if I was hopeful of any respite in 2011, my hopes were recently DASHED, when I got my 2011 tax bill for a WHOPPING $18,503.57. The bill informs me that my total liability to “The Cesspool” called New Orleans (assuming the 2011 taxes are paid on time) is $41,784.97. If “REPRISALS” are at work here, then to whom do I turn, since the reprisals are being ordered and directed by “law enforcement and the judiciary” – the very institutions that honest, law-abiding citizens should petition for redress of grievances. But even if “reprisals” are not at work in connection with my 2010 and 2011 real property taxes, THESE TAXES ARE CONFISCATORY and should not be allowed to stand, in a setting where the taxpayer’s income has been reduced to ZERO, where City services are virtually non-existent, and property values are “down”, not “up”. Ashton O’Dwyer a/k/a “The WHITE Henry Glover”.

  3. Lawrence will be greatly missed by the people of Jefferson Parish. Any criticism of him is this—Sometimes someone who is so good and so sincerely concerned for “we the people” against the strong arm of government, is hard to believe. Simply, they just couldn’t believe their eyes and ears. Lawrence was the best and beloved by the people of Jefferson as evidence in his overwhelming support each time he ran! His deep concern for people to babe to own their home without high back breaking taxes was real and sincere. I know. I grew up with him as his sister.

    Thank you Lawrence on all your hard work for the people of Jefferson Parish.

    Carolyn Chehardy

  4. TO: “The SLABBED Nation” FROM: “The Planet of the Apes” a/k/a The CESSPOOL known as “The City of New Orleans”. I omitted a very important fact: My house is @3200 square feet, which is a VERY modest size. My 2011 tax of $18,503.57 comes to $578.00 per square foot WHICH IS CRAZY! Could things have been “worse” on the Planet of the Apes? Ashton O’Dwyer a/k/a “The WHITE Henry Glover”. The power to tax is the power to destroy.

  5. Dear Catherine/Carolyn Chehardy,

    With regards to your glowing and somewhat delusional attribution regarding your family’s stranglehold on the JP Assessor’s Office, I would quote Enid, the church lady on SNL: “Well…isn’t that special”.

    WTF?…Chehardys’ beloved !…not once in my lifetime have I ever heard that sentiment expressed regarding your father and/or your brother. Their collusion in ‘gaming the system’ to have your brother anointed Assessor was a disgrace then and remains so to this day.

    And don’t lose those rose colored glasses you and your JP politico entitlement class find so fashionable to wear as you will be blinded by the truth of the matter…your father and brother are as responsible, as much as any past or present public official, for the hellhole of corruption that is Jefferson Parish !

  6. Hm.

    AOD – one of these days, that batture story will get some notice. I wish I fully understood it, but maybe I need to read through your posts again one day. I recently met someone who lives on the river batture (by the parish line, in JP) and she described her and her husband living there in some kind of fine, renovated comfort. It sounded remarkable. Has anyone ever been back there besides residents and guests? I feel like I’ve seen every nook of this town and yet I have not seen *that*. How does one get back there and in maybe 3 sentences or lewss can you summarize what happened? How did you lose possession and why can you not evict squatters?

    About Sis Chehardy: Family is family and blood is blood. Give the lady credit for appearing here and taking the blows. Doesn’t mean she’s right, just that she’s loyal. Hell, JP corruption is bad but I’d have greater contempt for someone who abandoned their kin. Just one thing I don’t understandL why sign in as “catherine” if the name is really Carolyn? As for the rest of the JP elite and your slavering coterie, come one, come all, we all know you’re reading; pick up a sword (the pen really being mightier than, right?) and defend yourselves.

  7. AOD, sorry about the “in maybe 3 sentences” comment, I just meant in terms of presenting some basics, for the uninitiated. You obviously have broken the chains of self-suppression long ago, the wronged should never feel constrained to be brief nor quiet.

  8. AOD: It is hard to believe that taxes in NOLA have increased that much within 2-3 years. I would check the assessment book ASOP to see if your neighbors received such increases.

    Sounds like political constructive eviction at best.

  9. To telemachus: The area that is populated with squaters is located just inside of Jefferson Parish with an asphelt ramp to the top of the levee. However, since no one is allowed on the levee with vehicles but these folk, you will have to park close and walk up to see the various types of residences located there.

    This came about by the COE inane permit process that requires no proff of ownership for anyone requesting a permit. Further the permits they use are presently void due to date limit for all construction after 1997. The JP Council passed certain acts to allow what has been done there as well, again without proff of ownership although they require it. The building code enforcement folk also did not follow law and all concerned allowed a mansion to be built replacing two small buildings that were destroyed either by decay or Katrina?

    The O’Dwyer family has owned & paid property taxes on this property since around 1945 to present.

    Further these camps/homes have be sold to others throughout the passage of time and again apparently without any check as to ownership. One act of sale even mentions that the seller did not own the land but was only selling the camp! Strange isn’t it?

    When the COE was contacted concerning their void permit application, they simple stated that they would not go back and review any permit issued after the void date. Way to go COE, you just can’t seem to follow law & orders. Also strange is they do have a current permit for coastal properties, but apparently do not use it since it has a little stronger language in it.

    Strange also is all the correspondence about these structures between the COE & JP and still no change and the mere fact that no permits have been issued for waste trewatment for most of these structures doesn’t bother state agencies, but they threaten if found they will fine the O’Dwyer family!! They even send letters stating that there are no records for installing these waste treatment systems!! YOUR GOVERNMENT AT WORK – if you are their supporter!!!!!!

  10. Dear Whitmergate….Well, you wouldn’t have witnessed as much as I did growing up in this family, would you. Every where I went growing up, many people would come up to my dad and now my brother, and thank them for what they did for them. I recall at a young age going out with my family when I was a little girl, and a man of little means coming up to my father with tears in his eyes. He thanked him for what he did and told him with tears in his eyes that it was because of him, he was able to keep his home. I saw this over and over again every time we ventured out. I am not in politics and instead became an elementary school teacher but I saw this happen many times through the years. My brother was re-elected 8 times overwhelmingly by the people in Jefferson Parish, and every citizen had a chance to run if they opposed his views. If you Whitmergate, had different views, why didn’t you run? Stand up for what you believe in and run. Yet you didn’t. Yes, it probably would have been tough but there’s only one reason for that. The people were overwhelmingly “pleased” with his work and what he did for them. The majority agrees with me, so my thoughts are nothing new. My father believed the property tax was an antiquated tax. It was the first tax placed upon the colonies in order to obtain revenue. At that time there were no other taxes. Today, we have a state tax, a federal tax, a sales tax, a capital gains tax, and on and on. People are taxed out of existence! My father’s philosophy was that the government should never be able to touch your home and the property tax is just that–a lien on your home— and even if you have your home paid off, if you can’t make the tax on it, the government can take your home away. In my opinion, this is NOT what the Founding Fathers of this country intended. It’s difficult already today even being able to own a home. Why not give the people a break in their property taxes, so people can achieve the American Dream of home ownership for their families? When my father came along and dropped the property taxes in Jefferson Parish, Jefferson was the largest growing parish, (county) in the nation. It was because then a man had more money to spend in their communities and the community grew! High taxation hurts families. No Whitmergate, the stranglehold you speak of was placed upon the people by government, not by Mr. Chehardy. He released that stranglehold by government upon the people, and Jefferson thrived! I grew up with Lawrence and I can tell you he is one of the most honest men I know and this is reflected by the support of the people in Jefferson for him all these years. Everyone has their opinion and you are entitled to yours, but they are in the minority in this parish. Personally, I was so blessed to have had such a wonderful mother and father. My father was a great man, one of great humor and joy! He left me with the best memories of a fun childhood, fishing in Mississippi as a kid, laughter and joy all throughout our lives. My brother and sister and I truly had remarkable parents who taught us good values… I can only say now, I will always remember my dad telling me two things.. Stay close to God and keep your sense of humor. God knows he needed it and had it when reading posts like yours. LOL. Have a nice day Whitmergate and good luck to you. Thanks for your post.

  11. Carolyn Chehardy: If you believe so strongly your brother Lawrence is “… so good and so sincerely concerned for ‘we the people’ against the strong arm of government……….and of ……”His deep concern for people….” ; why don’t you mention to him this pitiful case of Ashton O’dwyer paying his taxes yet having his land stolen and occupied by political crony squatters.

    All Mr.Chehardy has to do is enter Ashton O’dwyer’s name , his 6034 St.Charles St. address into the super computer and send one of his assistants to check the permits, jefferson property and help reverse the tyranny of the….”strong arm of government”. He’s still a powerful person even out of government and knows politicians who could do it if he wanted to show he is the man his sister claims.

    Ms. Carolyn, if you and Lawrence did that what a true heart warming story, more believable than his departing TV commercial and I would believe your appraisal of your brother’s character was a true one and apologize for having my doubts.

    Ashton, in probable absence of Carolyn or Lawrence doing the humane thing how about you going see the new assessor, Ron Maestri, a man with a reported outstanding reputation. Or maybe he will call you, so explain your situation and be nice.

    Injustices can be reversed , just remember the homeless man with the golden voice.

  12. Carolyne:

    I am sure you had a wonderful childhood, loving parents and siblings. You in all likelihood lived quite well.

    Can you answer two things?

    1. Why were the voters of Jefferson Parish intentionally deprived of the right to choose their assessor when your brother took office in the manner in which he/they did: and
    2. Why does your brother have to tell us how great he was in these TV commercials?

    Thank you

  13. telemechus…. Sorry about the Catherine. I was advised as we are not to use my real name when posting online….as all of you have not used your real name, which is ok…However here, I “DID” want to acknowledge who I was and did so after the post. I merely forgot to change it before I hit the send button…. I also corrected it in my second post to Whitmergate. I used that name to post online, not really in political folders; just other junk online…..I usually leave the politics to my brother and sister but I guess at some point you have to speak up when you hear the false statements….Anyway, Catherine was suppose to say Carolyn. Thanks for letting me know and thanks for understanding about “kin.”

    I wish people really knew my brother and father personally. I wish some could have sat down with them, had dinner with them and really gotten to know them. They are good men, both of them. I recall a man who fought my dad when the rewriting of the Louisiana State Constitution took place back in the 1970’s. My dad authored the section on taxes. Back then there was a man who fought him on my dad’s beliefs. He fought him very hard….That man became his close friend and such a good friend after knowing him. When my father was sworn in for Chief Judge on the 5th circuit court of appeal, this man introduced my dad along with my brother. This man again, had tears in his eyes when introducing him and saying that my father had become like his own father, since the man’s dad had passed away. He went from being my dad’s enemy to a close close friend, who loved him…He introduced my father as a ” man of such great heart.” Dad had won him over as he did many of his opponents. Dad had a BIG heart, as big as his size….. When having a kidney removed in his later years, the surgeon had made a mistake. The surgeon admitted this and told my dad he could fix it but he had to go back in and out my dad back under anesthesia. Dad said ok, and never dreamed of suing. He would never do that and was not that kind of man. That surgeon was at my dad’s funeral crying his eyes out that we had lost such a great man. You people do not know my father at all nor my brother.

  14. To “telemachus” re: The O’Dwyer Family batture property. My Family has owned and paid property taxes on this batture property since 1945, when it was acquired from “The Texas Company”, precursor to Texaco, Inc. When I was a boy, the land was occupied by “white trash river rats”, who lived in shacks, without running water, sewerage or electricity. They were VERY BELLIGERANT people, and my Dad used to tell me, “Ashton, leave those people alone; they’re not hurting anyone; and they won’t be there forever.” My Dad was 100% correct, and NONE of the “boogalees” who were there when I was a boy (and who were allowed to stay there through the beneficence of my Family) are still there. Rather, they have been replaced (but not 100% – as far as I am concerned all of the current “squatters and trespassers” are also WHITE TRASH) by “sophisticated land-grabbers”, which prompted me to file suit against them, post-KATRINA. The litigation, which bears Civil Action No. 06-10811 on the docket of the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Louisiana, has been “administratively closed”, as has ALL of my litigation, save for one case in which I am defendant, in which a lazy, stupid and corrupt Federal Judge entered a Default Judgment against me, and cannot move forward (have any of you ever heard of such a thing?). For general background you might want to pull up two articles from “nola.com”, namely: (1) Mark Waller’s article of May 29, 2007, entitled: “Batture Property Rights in Question”; and (2) Stephanie Bruno’s article of February 26, 2010 (while I was in solitary confinement at “The Windsor Court St. Bernard”), entitled: “Homes on the Mississippi River Batture in Jefferson Parish Have Whimsical Appeal”. Mr. Weiser is correct: There are two means of vehicular access: (1) Up the “ramp” right at the Parish line, next to the first condominium inside Jefferson Parish, which is perpendicular to River Road, and (2) up another ramp, @ 500 feet upriver, near the powerline crossing, which is parallel to River Road, and runs up the levee at an angle. Technically, driving on the crown of the levee is prohibited, although “law enforcement” has never prohibited the squatters and trespassers from driving up the levee, along the crown, and down to “their” – I mean my Family’s – property. The squatters and trespassers are “in cahoots” with the East Jefferson Levee District Police and with the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office, neither of which will lift a finger to investigate, much less prosecute, the criminal trespass which has occurred under their very noses, and the falsification of numerous public documents in connection with obtaining government “approval” to build structures on land that they do not own and have never owned. None of this could have happened without incompetence and malfeasance by the U.s. Army Corps of Engineers, various agencies of the State of Louisiana, including the Louisiana Department of Justice and the Department of Health and Hospitals, as well as agencies within the Executive Branch, the East Jefferson Levee District and its successor, and various Parish agencies, including the Department of Inspection and Code Enforcement, as well as the Office of the Parish Attorney and Councilman Elton LaGasse, among other Members of the Parish Council. This is but a partial listing of thos in “government” who have conspired to permit and facilitate CRIMINAL TRESPASS ON MY FAMILY’s PROPERTY. I commissioned several “expert reports” from Christopher Compton, an abstracter and title expert, which have concluded: (1) The O’Dwyer Family has an unbroken chain of title going back to 1945, and are the owners of the subject property according to the public records of Jefferson Parish. (2) The squatters and trespassers, none of whom have occupied the land for 10 years (with one exception), much less 30 years, have NO TITLE, and none of the documents which they have produced to “prove” ownership (mad up out of whole cloth) was ever recorded in the Conveyance Office records. I have been telling this story over and over again since the Fall 2005, when I decided to sue the current bunch of “sophisticated land-grabbers”. Unfortunately, I have been unable to get the attention of anyone in “government”, because government is smack-dab in the middle of everything: Like being “in the middle” of my abduction, brutalization, torture and false imprisonment on September 20, 2005. Perhaps things will change if SLABBED can help get the word out about this injustice to one honest individual in government or law enforcement, if such a person exists. Ashton O’Dwyer a/k/a “The WHITE Henry Glover”.

  15. Oh, just wanted to clarify. The surgeon repaired the error and my father lived for many years after that….My dad died many years later of congestive heart failure. I miss him so much as my brother and sister do too. My mom died 3 years after my dad. She was a little saint. A funny story, cause this is the humor I grew up with…A friend told my dad back in the 1940’s that he had a girl he wanted him to meet. Well, my dad said ok, went to the party and there he met my mom…. Being such a large man, ( overweight..lol) my mother was only 95 pounds when she met him. Well, when my dad first saw her, he said yes, she’s beautiful but— ” She’s too little for me! Look at me!” LOL….. Well, they fell in love and he asked her to marry him when he was still in college. She said no, not until you finish school. She wanted him to finish school first and get his degree…My mom said dad got mad at that and tore off in his red convertable. LOL…..They met two years later when he was the best man at a friends wedding and she was the maid of honor. He came up to her and asked her to dance…… Then he surprised her and said, “Well, I finished school. Will you marry me now?” He did what she asked….She said yes, as he hoped she still loved him. They were together for 50 years when he died and still in love like at the beginning. He adored her and she was the sweetest mom and wife in the world. My mom was a sweet but wise woman. My father and brother are good men. Mom wouldn’t have stood for anything else.

  16. AOD:

    Interesting and remarkable.

    I read the 2007 TP article.

    My impression is that this is a plain and simple old fashioned civil law case which should be ruled in your favor. It does not sound like you or your family members ever indicated surrender of the property but rather took steps (esp. paying property taxes) which indicated an intent to maintain ownership. I also believe there are original, unchanged rules concerning batture or riparian rights which should apply in your favor.

    This also reminds me of some of the recent cases involving the old Howard museum and the Newcomb trust and the college. Our modern district courts, and even the appellate ones, have contempt for our civil law, not respect for it.

    It also reminds me of the story from St. Bernard in which the powers that be (Torreses? Perezes?) in Parish Government, especially in the Sheriff’s office and a parish created board, basically seized control of the old Meraux property and fortune.

    Aside from that I see a growing, if not already accomplished, writing out and complete ignoring of our great old civil code and civil law. Frankly this seems like the kind of thing that should be taught in law schools, but that would require a completed, appealable decision. In the end I fear that the lesson in any law school class would be: “There Is No Law.”

    Good luck, I will try to look at this some more and get the word out as well.

  17. What a pitiful sham and shame you are Carolyn as you can only give a self centered tirade about how great your father was and brother Lawrence is, but you show absolutely no mercy and concern for Ashton O’Dwyer’s plight. Action speaks louder than words so why don’t you answer Bayou’s two simple questions and compassionately address how you can get your “wonderful” brother to address Ashton’s concerns.

  18. Many of you also may not know that all three of us were adopted…. Mom and dad were married in 1945. After 5 years they still had no children. Back then the medical procedures were not as good as today so the doctors didn’t know why. Everything had checked out, but they still wanted children. They waited so long…. After 5 years, they decided to adopt. Being Catholic, they went to St. Vincents on Magazine Street, where the Sisters of Charity ran the orphanage there back in the 1950’s. They waited almost another 5 years before they got the call, and adopted my brother. Many people in the family, aunts and uncles said they had never ever in their life seen two parents so happy!!! My brother was the apple of their eyes.. A year and half later came me. They told my dad on the phone that my hair color was the same as his. They even tried to match you physically. ( I always thought YES! —My hair got me sold! LOL) And then 3 years later, my little sister Susan. They were so happy, they now had their family!

    I was sooo lucky. If I had to pick my own parents I could not have picked better….None of us have ever even looked for our biological parents. We were so loved.

    Dad was a such a down to earth person. He hated the elitists. He was first and foremost such a “family man” at heart. In the end, his family was all that mattered. Dad only had 500 dollars in the bank when he married my mom…But he worked hard and promised her a home and food and you know, the things you need. As dad worked hard and became more successful, he was a man who could have had a driver, cooks, butlers and the rest..But he hated all of that. He was a simple guy who drove himself places and loved just being so much with his family. THAT’S who he was. He wasn’t a wealthy kid when he grew up, and was one who was more of a country boy. His parents too would take him down to the Gulf Coast as kid who fished all day. Dad taught me how to bait a hook and rig a line.

    I recall fishing with him as a kid. We’d always catch those catfish and once he was stung really bad by one. He just bleeded it out and poured alcohol on is thumb. He knew what to do… He was a simple guy whose favorite thing in the world, was having us all together over dinner as we grew up! Just having his family around him. I remember one day on Christmas day, the phone ringing. He said, “Let it go. Don’t answer it. Everything I care about is sitting right here at the table with me.”

    People don’t know these things and usually don’t know what they talking about when they speak of public figures. Dad made little money in politics. He made his money in real estate. He went into politics because he truly felt a man’s home is his castle no matter how grand or small. He ‘hated” government flexing their strong arm upon people and raising their taxes all the time on their homes. That’s why he did it.

    He loved “his” home so much.
    My bedroom was very small. It was a ranch style house, one floor and the rooms were not all that big. After he made some money we were going to move into a larger home. But everyone and dad decided not to. We all loved our home so much. Dad said in the end, “Why do I want to sell all my memories? This is where my kids grew up!” He had bought the home back in 1959, because it had a big backyard. He wanted his kids to have a big back yard to play in…They were going to buy a fancier home on the street we lived in, but chose that one because of the yard for his kids…We stayed in that same home, although we could have had a grander one, and at the end of his life, a few years before he died, he moved my mom closer to my brother. My mom had become ill with a certain kind of palsy. Dad wanted her to be close to my brother so he could take care of her and take her to the doctor….Dad was becoming ill eventually too at that time.

    When dad moved after almost 40 years in our home we grew up in, he sold it to a builder, who tore it down… That broke my dad’s heart although he knew it was going to happen. One day, dad just asked us, as we had driven buy to see it demolished,… “Is it gone?”
    We reluctantly told him it was… He just said ok. We asked if he wanted to be driven by to see the empty lot I guess, and all he said was, “No.” He couldn’t bare seeing it gone. It was our home, a house filled with so much love for all those years.

    This is who we are. Many people know this who know us…We are not elitists or money hungry people. My mom and dad were frugal people, having grown up in the Depression. We all only took ONE trip to Europe for example in our lives. Dad wanted to see Italy and a priest took a group from all over the United States on a tour there…. Dad was again so funny as he went up the Swiss Guard there trying to get them to speak…. In Venice they put all the gondolas next to each other, all 5 of them filling the people on our trip, in The Grand Canal there. Dad made everyone laugh so much as he stood up and waved to the Venetians on the shore. LOL…… He laughed as we said they are going to think you are some dictator there or special person. Of course he was not…..He was being so funny and had everyone in stitches. At an Italian restaurants there in Italy, the waiters there would be at the door telling you goodbye as you left and thanked you for coming… They had a napkin over their arms. Dad takes a napkin and stands at the door with them pretending he’s an Italian waiter there—and speaking with an Italian accent… started thanking the people for coming! LOL…..Dad was so funny and so down to earth.

    He was simple country boy, who just loved his family so much and my brother is the same way.

  19. While I do not necessarily agree with the thought that property taxes should be mittigated or eliminated (per the whole Chehardy philosophy), I give credit to you for your explanation of your father, brother, and family. As to your sister, she is/was one of the worst judges ever. That, I can say from experience.

  20. Like I said, I am not in politics. I am a first and second grade school teacher. I am sure any problems would have to have been addressed to Lawrence. I merely wanted to respond to the “tone” of which my family was being spoken about….I do not speak for Lawrence. He speaks for himself… And yes, I do think my dad and brother have done such good things for the people of Jefferson. Nothing will change that ever for me. Thanks for letting me share a few memories of the wonderful family I grew up in. I am happy the people of Jefferson agree in the majority and feel Lawrence has done a good job!

    1. Hey Carolyn you’re doing good and frankly admire the fact you have it in you to appear here and give everyone another point of view to consider. Good on you!

      The problem isn’t your brother or sister in my opinion. It is one of low expectations where double dealing and cronyism is not only tolerated but rewarded.

      I’m busy with the day job and not returning most emails but the commentary on this post is so damn good I had to come out on the community.


  21. To “telemachus”. Thanks for your insight and observations, which I agree with 100%. As for “The Confederate Museum” a/k/a “Memorial Hall” and “The Howard Library”, justice DID prevail! The Museum was ably represented by my former law partner and Federal prosecutor (a Member of “The Organized Crime Task Force” which successfully prosecuted Carlos Marcello), Eades Hogue. I’m fairly certain that justice was NOT done in the Newcomb case. Tulane’s “influence” in our judicial system is truly mind-boggling. See for yourself at “tulanelink.com”, which is Professor Carl Bernofsky’s web-site. And I am firmly convinced that EVIL is still at work in St. Bernard in connection with the Mereaux estate. One additional point: The Civil Code provides for acquisitive prescription, even by persons in bad faith (ie. who KNOW they do not legally own or occupy the land), of land that they possess (1) uninterruptedly, (2) for 30 years, and (3) with the intent to possess as owner. If an occupier of land is in “good faith” (ie. if he reasonably believed he had acquired the land from the “real” owner, having “good” title), then he can acquire through adverse possession in 10 years. None of these “squatters and trespassers” (save one) had been there for 10 years when I filed the lawsuit, and NONE of them is in good faith, anyway. All they had to do was check the Conveyance Office records (“public records” of Jefferson Parish to determine that the “white trash rats” who they were allegedly purchasing from DID NOT OWN THE LAND, and that The O’Dwyer family owned the land. All of this was well-known by the batture-dwellers and those who conspired with them to attempt to STEAL my Family’s land. It was simply IGNORED in the hope that the O’Dwyers would simply “go away”. Additionally, if all of the prerequisites for “acquisitive prescription” are not met, then the “adverse possessor” does not acquire. The true owner of the land does not “forfeit” his or her land, or “surrender” it, under any provision of the Civil Code. I also want to say that my Family and I don’t want ANYTHING belonging to the squatters and trespassers, and that part of the relief I am seeking is REMEDIATION of the property, which means tearing down whatever these people have erected on our land and restoring the land to the condition it was in before their criminal trespass. Ashton O’Dwyer.

  22. Your subjective family history means nothing when you won’t address Bayou’s simple question asking for your response concerning the way your father withdrew minutes before registration for candidates closed allowing your brother to walk into the assessor-ship unopposed without an election.

    As a teacher of our innocent kids , would you agree if all political elections were so craftily conducted this way we would not be called America but a royal monarchy.

    As a first grade teacher do you accept it when you ask your kids a simple question and they refuse to give you a direct responsive answer but ignore your question and talk about some other subject. You might think they are avoiding the hurtful truth, huh.

    I hope you grow up and enjoy your self induced, delusional life. I know that’s the only way you can survive not answering simple questions .

  23. Carolyn:

    Your father was a very nice man. He was very intelligent also. He was proberly one of the few political geniuses in LA. I would say he may be on the Huey Long level but smaller scale.

    So greatness/niceness aside, why did he dictate the political landscape for decades? Why did anyone who wanted to be a judge in JP have to kiss his ring? Yes, he and Mamou ran the show. No one would dare cross him if they wanted to survive in this Parish. My personal opinion was that Mamou and he fell in line, finally, to keep your brother in office. Remember all of that nasty Mamou stuff around the house?

    Now, the gift your brother received from your Dad will be given to another who does not deserve the position but that is politics in JP. I think we need to demand the right to vote for our elected officials whatever that means these days.

    Bet you guy

  24. sop8..hey, thanks. lol

    Good grief! Now I know why I stayed out of politics. lol….ChrystalClearCorruption..( wow, what a screename..lol) Maybe if you tried to be a little nicer and positive in your life, you’d have a more appealing screename and people would talk to you. gheesh.

    Um, I’m not on trial here buddy. And also, I’m am not qualified to answer any problem regarding these issues. I am not qualified to be an assesor. I wouldn’t know the first thing to do if I had to take over that job, any more than anyone would. I majored in elementary education and cannot speak of that issue. However I merely wanted to defend the “tone” in which my family was being spoken of here. It’s awful being called self centered when you are a happy person and merely love your family… Oh yea, I’m also “delusional.” LOL…

    Now I know why you just have to ignore. It’s always the best thing to do.

    Back to my cave. LOL.

    Post away ClearCorruption… You’re good at spreading the corruption indeed. LOL. gheesh again.

    ( Like dad always said, “keep your sense of humor,” and I have.)

  25. Carolyne:

    Oh yes, the “ruby slippers” and the words”I want to go home…” Sound familiar?

    It will be OK.

    Many suffer from denial. It is so much easier than the truth.

    Do not tell brother you tried to get involved with “family business”.

  26. Oh one more thing CORRUPTION..My dad did not do anything illegal, and by the way–Since you are a Chehardy hater, ( who is in the minority) why didn’t you run against him? Or get a bunch of people to put up a candidate against him?

    It’s so good you are so interested in politics, and I believe totally in free speech. You are entitled to post your points of view. I disgaree but you have a right to say as you feel. So again–why didn’t you run against my brother and try to make a difference, since you obviously feel so strongly about this? Instead YOU are the one who hides behind a screename and posts ugliness against another.

    Do something then. Put your money where your mouth is. Why complain all these years later. Why didn’t you run against him then? You had every right to, as any of us would.

    I believe a couple of times Lawrence did have an opponent. Was it YOU who ran? If so, great! Or did you back and campaign for another which is completely your right to do so? If you did—They lost… “The People Have Spoken.” They voted Lawrence back in. So in short, you’re really mad at the people of Jefferson for voting him back in over and over again…he had to run every 4 years! So what’s your problem? This sounds like a personal vendetta like most of these posters have.

  27. I have to weigh in here…….the personal attacks on people, especially in this forum (where I am an irregular poster) are needless and detract from the message.

    While I certainly don’t buy into the “Palin made him shoot Giffords” argument being floated by the MSM, there is a more subtle message therein, which is that people are tired of the personal attacks – period. Move on, do something constructive. Quit your fucking bitching, as my Dad used to say. The Chehardy daughter is just trying to give her viewpoint. It is neither right nor wrong, but don’t villify her for it. Just because she won’t respond to questions about things her Dad or bro did. Attacking someone personally in this forum will dissuade people of other viewpoints from posting. We, here at the Slabbed nation, do not want that!

  28. Like I said thanks for letting me defend my family. My brother would be proud I defended him. And again different view points and discussion and debate between opponents who run against each other for an office, is what makes this country so great. It gives the voter a clear choice then on who to vote for. Lawrence had to run every 4 years. Anyone could have run against him, if they wanted. He was overwhelmingly elected by the people each time. There are many local races across this land where they are run just like this.

    If anyone is upset, then to me, they are upset with the people of Jefferson who voted him in each time… I am proud of how he helped people and proud of what he did, and I have no doubt there are thousands in Jefferson who agree. I respect others opinions however, and respect ther right to say how they feel.


  29. Sorry Carolyn but I posted originally only to try to help a citizen whose property rights were violated by the government and who got no help from the government including the assessor’s office.You then immediately started into your tirade of self glorification of your family showing no compassion for his constitutional rights to enjoy and pay taxes on his property.

    And then I asked you to sincerely try to help him and you only continued with your tirade showing no compassion or even interest in his unjustified plight.

    If you are going to personally glorify a related politician than you should be prepared to answer simple questions about their ethical political actions.

    I never stated he did anything illegal nor that he did not do some good things. I think he was in general a good intentioned person and did some great things. I never called him corrupt just wanted your personal opinion on one specific ethical political action.

    I don’t think I personally attacked him but just can’t seem to get you to admit that what he did was not a transparent, honest political way of electing the best candidate through an open forum where all candidates’ qualifications and promises can be evaluated. Which is exactly what Mr. Gill stated in his editorial column.

  30. Ok Carolyn or whatever PR firm is posting for little Lawrence using baby sis as a cover:
    Your father and brother made a mockery of the democratic election process for which young men and women in the United States Armed Services continue to die on a regular basis.
    Respect your family? I despise them for their belief that the democratic process of our great country was open to their chicanery. They were and are nothing more than greedy con men with no respect for the citizens or the country. IMHO.

  31. “Ok Carolyn or whatever PR firm is posting for little Lawrence using his baby sis as a cover:”

    Only a person hiding behind a screename would say such a contradiction. HIlarious.

    No, sorry, just little ole me, his sis as you put it, sitting at my kitchen table, and obviously wasting my time. It’s ok. I was hurt when I read some things here and finally had to say something. Guess not being in politics, I’m not as thicked skinned as my brother and sister are. You have to be…But know what? It doesn’t matter. There will always be people who don’t agree and that’s fine…Post away. Gotta go.

    Take care,

  32. WOW I see it so differently than Carolyn, but that is to be expected. Big Daddy was her father. I must be of the same vintage as Mr. Gill. That dates me, but I agree with his take on this one.

    AROD call Carolyn, ask her divine intervention with her saintly brother. See if they will help. I bet not, but hope you the best. You deserve it on this one!

    They called Big Daddy the

  33. Carolyn, vous pauvre fou…

    I appologize. My original comments concerned a Chehardy family that lives here on Earth, in fact, Jefferson Parish, La. in the USA. Apparently you live in some parallel universe where the Jefferson Parish Chehardy family you were adopted into is located somewhere on Uranus.

    Karma is universal: A curse upon some may be a blessing to others. Carolyn, your Uranian, ‘Leave it to Beaver’, apologetic discourse about your LaLaLand family life is at once, disturbing and dellusional, yet again.

    However let’s move on…

    In the real world Jefferson Parish where I live, a 24th JDC Judge Susan Chehardy was Louis Marcotte’s bond whore for the the five years between Porteous and Bodenheimer. And her then husband Bruce Netterville was Louis’s pimp ! Oh, I forgot, being from Uranus, you may not have been aware that Louis Marcotte was Susan and Bruce’s best man.

    So should I now ‘line up’ your brother’s real world faults, transgressed in this earthly Jefferson Parish for you to get it ? I hope you would not demand such…

    And having just watched the half-time of the BCS Championship game, delighting in the reunion of families with their loved ones returned from fighting for the ideals of freedom throughout the world, I remember a father and son, Lawrence Sr. and Lawrence Jr. Chehardy who trampled on the graves of dead soldiers and spit in the face of our soldiers fighting as I write; these dead and living soldiers giving their lives for the democratic process of free elections, only to be made a mockery by these political pigs, your father and brother !

    Le monde r?el ma pitoyable…


  34. Gate, well said.

    In my earlier years I remember a wild duo Lawrence and W. who had a boathouse at the lake front marina and mucho mamas y coca (cola). Fast cars and yahoo! Bang DIVORCE.

    Bad business deals that did them in. Is this the same duo? Bet you say not. Maybe I am mistaken. Hope so.

    Abandonment is a bitch. Get over it.

    Baby brother did well. Be happy don

  35. I would point out that Adolf Hitler probably had folks who would have defended him citing the wonderful times they had experienced in his company. That said, it would not and does not excuse his atrocious acts against others.

  36. Can I ask a question…since bayoudegradable told me to shut the F up?
    Tsk, tsk, weren’t you raised better by your mom than to use such language?
    I think you are sorely in need of watching a Leave It to Beaver episode. LOL.
    It would do you some good.

    My question is:
    I was wondering who Lawrence Sr. and Lawrence Jr. Chehardy are?
    I don’t know who those people are.

    If by chance you were referring to my dad and brother, neither are their names.
    My brother is not a Junior. He has a different middle name than my dad.
    So maybe if you are going to smear them, at least get their names correct.
    If you don’t even know their correct names….hello?

    Gotta go. A rerun of “Donna Reed” is coming on. lol.
    (Funny, I think any parent raising kids today would welcome shows like this, rather than the junk their kids see on tv today. )

  37. Hey don’t pick on Barry! lol… He’s a great songwriter and singer! I traveled to Vegas a couple of times and got to see his show. It was so good. He’s a good musician. And he doesn’t even use any curse words in his songs either! Ha!

  38. Carolyn, your comments and reader replies have so captured my attention that, like Sock, I’ve been silently reading and, in my case, letting Sop do the “official” welcome. However, I, too, appreciate your willingness to contribute a different perspective.

    Although I am a real “outsider” in terms of the “who” and “what” of Jefferson Parish, I do believe that our readers are telling a truth they see, albeit a very different truth than the one you see.

    In terms of the language used, I can only offer that the Jefferson Parish seems like a place that was ceded to Wally Eddie Haskell and not left to Beaver.

    Nonetheless, I’m tying “a yellow ribbon round the old oak tree” hopeful that with the transparency SLABBED provides, Jefferson Parish will become a place where public officials conduct themselves in a way that can be described in standard English.

  39. I think I watching a great oldies show right here entitled “The Chehardys Know Best” starring Carolyn in her opening role as PR queen of the family.I hope James Gill is watching. In the next episode Lawrence runs for 5th Circuit.

  40. A man writes a nasty article about a family. It’s not the first and it won’t be the last. Don’t you people realize my family is so use to this garbage? I suggest to some of you, don’t believe everything you read online about my family. There will always be vicious people and to me, this is seriously nothing new. Cowards post here and online behind screenames, and most of the lot would never identify themselves. It’s because they are cowards. Why would anyone even believe anything they would say? The internet is filled with them. What they don’t realize is that I’ve figured out who one of them is. It’s not that hard.

    Anyway, anyone can come here, hide behind a screename and be nasty and vicious. It’s what people do unfortunately, instead of getting a real life and sincerely trying to make a difference. Unfortunately I got sucked in because sometimes you have had enough and want to say something. But look at the posters here. There’s only a few and of course the same ones have merely changed their screenames. Do they think people are that dumb?

    Mr. Gill and the others are in the vast minority. In the end, it matters not what a few people say. They are frustrated with their lives, so they have to lash out at others who were more successful and maybe just truly happy. They are so jealous and you can see that written all over here. They spelled it out so clearly.

    Not ever even worth the time I wasted here. Anyone who believes people online who hide behind screenames, are fools and believe me, this is nothing new at all for my family. Mr. Gill? I never even heard of him before, but— People will always remember my brother and all he did for them. They will remember Lawrence and how he fought for them so much… That my friends, is just the cold hard fact and the way it always goes.

    Lawrence accomplished and helped people. I was never more proud of him as when he was able to pass into law, a freeze on senior citizens property taxes. They will no longer go up for the elderly, and that my friend’s is doing good work. It showed compassion and kindness to the elderly and I am so darn proud of him. Lawrence is the one who will always be remembered…the one who actually accomplished something.

    To “quote” the great Barry Manilow,since someone here brought him up–Like Barry said when he reads a nasty article about him, because people made fun of him physically, like these low lifes did here about my dad’s size….

    “That newspaper article or magazine article with it’s nasty comments, is merely rolled up at the end of the day, and used to wrap my fish in.” LOL.
    (Barry Manilow)

    I couldn’t have said it better myself.

    Have a good day everyone,
    Carolyn Chehardy

  41. If your family was used to it, you’d never have graced us the first time here Carolyn.

    With each post we all reveal a bit of information about ourselves to the world. While I understand your frustration, I do not necessarily sympathize with it.

    If fluff and positive PR is what you’re after, might I be so bold as to suggest the West Bank Beacon.

    Later sweet.


  42. Great blog site.I was eating some tacos and started to choke reading some of these posts. Freakin’ hazardous to your health. But not as hazardous as revealing your real names to PR Carolyn so you can lose your livelihoods like Arthur Sterbcow did by the likes of such nice family people. Enjoyed,thanks to you and Gill for exposing the family mindset.

  43. With his legacy, perhaps Mr. Chehardy would be a good candidate as the Democratic opponent to Bobby Jindal?

  44. “Mr. Gill? I never even heard of him before.”

    Well now, there’s indicia of lack of contact with the real world.

  45. Punditto – were those tacos from one of the taco trucks banned in JP?

    Just went to a party this weekend where they served us excellent, spicey – and illicit – tacos.


  46. My last post.

    I was lucky. So very lucky and blessed to have the mom and dad I had. I know the truth, for everywhere I went I heard the truth, from the great people of Jefferson Parish. I did not go into politics and no one knew or recognized me wherever I went. I was dad’s only child that decided against it. None of us were ever forced to go into politics. We could choose. He was proud of me as a teacher of the little ones and always told me so. I always loved children so I set out in my life to become a school teacher. It was my choice and dad would even say at times, I had one of the hardest job there is., Yet it came with no ceremonies, and little recognition and that was by far ok with me. I didn’t want the limelight.

    Whenever I went to a drugstore, department store of grocery store, if i had to sign my name people would always ask if i was related to Lawrence Chehardy. Yes, I would say and said that’s my dad. I was always received with a smile and told how wonderful they thought he was. They would tell me to thank him for all he has done and that he was a good man. I heard this hundreds of times over my lifetime, again and again, and still do now over these many years for my brother.

    The truth lies within the great people of Jefferson who loved my dad and brother. You cannot fool the people. Oh, maybe for a short time sometimes, but eventually, Americans will always catch on. And they caught on early that my father was the real deal; Someone who would fight for them. My dad and my brother were humbled and grateful for their support, and never once forgot that they were a servant for these people. That’s the difference. That was the difference between them and other politicians who realized this when it was too late. Dad and my brother got it, that it was the people’s voice whom they served, not theirs.

    Dad was also so humble and never took himself seriously. He was lighthearted and enjoyed life and everyday. I remember asking him once when he was old, if he go back and do it all again, would he. His quick response was YES! He just loved life so much and grabbed the gusto it brought every single day. When that man, who had tears in his eyes, came up and thanked him that day we were out when I was a little girl, I recall looking up at my dad. He too had tears in his eyes and was so humbled and just told the man he was happy he could help. I remember him then saying he knew he was doing what God wanted him do… I realized later in life, even Christ turned over the tables of the tax collector, who raped the people financially, and stole their money. Dad had another way, to lower them as much as possible for the people because he knew government would always come back and ask for more and more money. He felt government should be held accountable for the spending they do, for the money they steal from the people.

    We saw the same thing today in the November election, where the American people stood up and said “NO MORE!” No more high taxes will be placed upon us and we will fight our government every time they do so. People are indeed taxed out of existence and it’s WRONG!

    Dad was not a man to be feared. He was an unbelievably forgiving man, with that great big heart of his. He understood people very well, and always greeted them kindly and humbly when we were all out. He was a man with a deep faith in God, who never took himself seriously, and who always lived his days with that great sense of humor had and his great outlook on life. He also told me not to sweat the small stuff.. he knew what was really important and what’s not. He always taught us to be honest and kind and respect the laws.
    Was he perfect? No, of course not. He got in trouble once when rewriting the state constitution for shooting spit balls through a straw at the back of the necks of his opponents. LOL. He was sorry, and apologized, and realized he shouldn’t do that.
    ( My Mother fussed at him for that. lol)

    But that was my dad. One of the most colorful politicians ever, who had a ball along this journey of life. And the ones who were hit by the spitballs, became his dear friends in the end. Grown men cried when they had to introduce him and weren’t ashamed to say, they loved him.

    I recall standing for hours when he died, at his funeral. Thousands of people came. I remember my feet were killing me. lol… But I recall one man, a black man who when it was his turn in line, just grabbed both of my hands and said, ” Carolyn, you don’t know me because the last time I saw your dad, you were a little girl. But your father did so much for me and help me get a good job!” His words touched me so much. He was crying when he told me this and all I could do was give him a big hug and thank him. He told me my father was great and good man, and he was so sad he died.

    My brother and my father stood for something. They saw a wrong and set out to correct it. They did something. They accomplished a lot. They did not spend their lives online bitching about another, hiding behind screenames. They accomplished something and set out to make a difference. They fought to right the wrongs and help the people of this parish. I am proud to call him my father and so proud to have such a great big brother.

    He was always there for us as a dad and took care of us along with mom. When rocking to fast in front of a glass door, while holding me in his arms as an infant, the chair fell backwards and through the glass he went. Mom said dad wrapped his big arms around me, held me close to his chest, and shielded me from the glass, and took the blows and cuts himself, as any good father would do. He was always there for us, never absent, protecting us, loving us, guiding us and teaching us.

    I’m so proud to have been your daughter!

    My father was a good man. My brother is too. I will defend them always, for I know.
    I was there through it all.

    Like I said, post away. None of you know even what you’re talking about.
    But like dad would tell me today…

    “Don’t sweat the small stuff. Go out and enjoy your day and remember to laugh everyday.
    Stay close to God and remember to keep your sense of humor.”

    And I have, Dad. I have.

  47. Freakin’ joke alright. I was ready tonite.Didn’t eat any tacos to choke on LO L reading Carolyn”s last “Ode to The Cehardies”. Cept it taint her last as there’ll never be a last from such a total ass. Tanks for the laughs Carolyn.Freakin’ woman needs a serious Dr.Phil adjustment.

  48. Wow.

    Gotta say I did not see this one coming.

    Is this Little House On The River Birch?

    Can we get Sis Marcello in here also? Karen Broussard maybe? Where’s Momma Coulon? Aaron’s wig maybe?

    I know this is going back, but….

    “””MCC defends four Jefferson Parish school board members ******indicted for activities as board members, charging they [were] victims of District Attorney Frank Langridge and assessor Lawrence Chehardy. New Orleans States-Item, 3/28/69″””

    Wow, 1969. That is so far back.

    Then this from the 05.09.96 TP: “””Mamoulides’ resignation brings to an end one of Jefferson Parish’s most fabled political careers. The Crowley native had worked six years as an assistant prosecutor in Jefferson when District Attorney Frank Langridge stepped down in 1972 and anointed Mamoulides his successor. He ran for the seat that year and won, then didn’t attract a serious challenger in three bids for re-election.””””

    “””Loyola University political scientist Ed Renwick agreed the resignation is a sign that the power of political machines has diminished in Jefferson Parish.

    “It used to be that Mamoulides and (Assessor Lawrence) Chehardy were able to elect the judges, but I don’t even think that’s been true in recent years. That type of politics has really lessened,” Renwick said. “If that type of power was there now, Mamoulides wouldn’t have retired today. He would run and win.” “””


    “”””Mamoulides was appointed district attorney in 1972, won election and never faced a challenge after that. His predecessor, Frank Langridge , took office in 1948 with his predecessor’s blessings and held the seat for 24 years.””””

    – 11.07.96 TP

    Wow. 1948.

    1948. That was the age of Sherifff “King” Clancy, wasn’t it? He was sheriff from 1928-56…. and supposedly very tight with Carlos Marcello.

    There was another sheriff, Marrero, who lasted 24 years (from 1896-1920), and of course Harry Lee was sheriff around 28 years or so. And Fitzgerald and Cronvich in the apx. 32 years in between. We are talking about something like 5, maybe 6, sheriffs since 1896. Now think about that. That’s power.

    The Parish Presidents: Parish Presidents Charles Spencer, 1958-60; Dan Hogan, 1960-64; Thomas Donelon, 1964-76; Doug Allen, 1976-80; Joseph Yenni, 1980-87; Willie Hof, 1987; and Michael Yenni, 1987-?; Coulon; Broussard; Idiot TheRiot (hired temp only); Young.

    Council Chairmen ****Russell Roberts, 1958-60; Cullen Schouest, 1960-64; Charles Eagan, 1964-76; James Donelon, 1976-80; and Robert Evans, 1980- (indictment?). Coulon. Broussard. Young.

    Any guesses as to whether Chris Roberts is related to Russell Roberts?

    “”””Lawrence Ayout Chehardy , the son of a Lebanese tailor, was born in New Orleans in 1921. He graduated from Tulane Law School in 1943 and entered public life as an assistant state attorney general from 1948 until 1952. He moved from Orleans to rapidly growing Jefferson Parish in 1958 and soon afterward threw himself into parish politics. Mr. Chehardy first made headlines in 1959, when he led the opposition to a $130 million bond issue for a West Bank navigation channel.

    Mr. Chehardy was appointed parish attorney in 1960 by Parish President M. Dan Hogan, and with Hogan’s backing he ran for district attorney that year. He lost to incumbent Frank Langridge in an extremely tight race. Three years later, he lost a bid for sheriff to Al Cronvich, who would become a bitter rival.

    In 1965, Mr. Chehardy was appointed by Gov. John McKeithen to succeed Assessor Vernon J. Wilty Jr., who had died in office. The appointment was a controversial one, because many observers had expected McKeithen to appoint Wilty’s brother, Roy, the top deputy in the assessor’s office.

    Soon afterward, Mr. Chehardy learned that Roy Wilty planned to run against him. That was enough to get Wilty fired, with Mr. Chehardy proclaiming: “The assessorship of Jefferson Parish **********belongs to the people and ****not to a family. No one person or group of persons owns this office.” “”””

    – 02.05.99 TP

    Now does anyone remember this ditty from the 09.29.10 Slabbed, from a poster named “Steve”?:

    “””I think it would be good to examine the land transactions which resulted in the River Birch Landfill site. The parties, from memory, were the Red Cross, Mr. Ward, the Marcello Family, and Jefferson Parish via a land swap. I would like to know how the valuation of the land transfered from the Red Cross to River Birch was set. IE was the land valued as valuable waste disposal land or as cheaper farm grade land. Same with Marcello family land. With the Jefferson Parish land swap I would like to know if the same parties which are currently involved in corrpution approved the land swap? etc. etc. etc. … But I think if you can root out corruption or fraud in the transfer of the land from the original owners to the River Birch you may be able to attack River Birch

  49. Ok, so McKeithen (who I have to high five in advance for building the Superdome and giving us the Saints but we cannot let that cloud our judgment:

    Just ask – who in Jefferson Parish (newly formed in 1958 as a council structure mind you) was powerful enough and had the contacts with the GOVERNOR OF LOUISIANA, John McKeithen, to get a practically-nearly-alomost-sitting Assessor (as sure a thing as Larry Jr. was upon his annointment at age 22 you can be sure) REMOVED and REPLACED by a 44 year old Assistant Parish Attorney?

    Did Sis Chehardy grow up knowing any Marcellos? Did her cousins, aunts, uncles or nephews?

    Lots more hits where the below came from (no puns, please, we’re talking google hits).

    “””McKeithen named Aubrey Young as his aide de camp and as a colonel in the Louisiana State Police. He removed Young in 1967 after reports surfaced of a bribery attempt and an involvement with mobster Carlos Marcello. Life Magazine indicates that when McKeithen threatened to fire Young over the proposed bribery, Young resigned.”””




    “””The political career of Edwards began on the Crowley City Council and he was then elected to the state Senate.

    He served as a legislative floor leader for Gov. John McKeithen (1964-72), the first man to serve two consecutive terms.

    Life magazine wrote about McKeithen having alleged ties to crime boss Carlos Marcello of New Orleans, and Honeycutt said Edwards realized the more the governor tried to defend himself, the deeper he got.”””


    “””For a man whose motto was, “Three can keep a secret if two are dead,” it was a mortifying blow. In its year long, extraordinarily successful BRILAB undercover operation against him, the FBI had amassed fourteen hundred reels of recorded tape

  50. Just one more tidbit, and this might fall into the realm of New Orleans / JP culinary trivia or history:

    It’s funny how ther are these brothers – one Chehardy, one Marcello, and one Mosca – who were engaged in the restaurant business together over the years.

    On two occasions James (Jim) Chehardy took over restaurants from Joe Marcello, Sal Marcello and Nick Mosca:

    – Once in JP: Jim Chehardy took over the Elmwood Plantation restaurant. He acquired the proprty from them for $825,000

    – Once in Orleans: Jim Chehardy took over La Louisiane in the Quarter, also from Sal and Joe Marcello, and that might have had some involvement by Nick Mosca and even Diamond Jim Moran.

    Both of these exchanges too place around 1993.

    The Marcellos are still in the restaurant business, including Maximo’s (whose former chief chef was recently busted for a region wide drug dealing syndicate… er, excuse me I meant “enterprise”… by the feds).

    Oh yeah, Jim Chehardy had other restuarants, but one in particular, well before the movie of the same name was released, stands out, not only because luminaries like Harry Lee and Mike Yenni (oh the starpower!) could often be seen there (including for fundraisers), but also because of its name:

    It was called “Goodfellas”.

  51. Great piece of work, Tele! Thanks!

    Carolyn’s valiant effort is telling us the “truth” as she knows it to be. For example, she assured us that “Dad made little money in politics. He made his money in real estate”

    Only a devoted daughter would overlook the obvious connection between a man who used his official position to keep the assessed value of property low and “made his money in real estate”.

    Such misuse of position is not limited to public officials in Jefferson Parish – but in JP “public service for private gain” has been so pervasive and long standing that it became both expected and accepted that it went largely unnoticed until Katrina blew the cover!

  52. Since when is it a crime to “own” something? Does not the farmer “own”his own land in order to cultivate his crops to sell? Is it a crime for a man to buy a piece of land and build a grocery store on that land to provide for his family? The original document from our Founding Fathers was that the American citizen had the right to Life, Liberty, and The Pursuit of Happiness. Originally, it was stated Life, Liberty and the Right to Own Property. Did you know that? It was later change to the Pursuit of Happiness. I only responded because people reading this may not realize that every man has a right to own property. It matters not regardless of what they do. People have a right to own their home for example, and the land it sits upon. Apparently to the haters here, my dad did not have that right. Ridiculous.

    This is so typical of what’s going on in this country today. It’s an attack on our rights and our Constitution that was given to us by our forefathers. The colonists bought land and used that land to provide for their families in one form or another.

    How absurd. The fact that he was in politics had nothing to do with it. He still had to pay for the property. LOL. Gheesh. It was legal for my father or any politician to purchase whatever they wanted to, just like any other citizen is free to do so… See, this is all jealousy. That’s all it is, and it’s unfortunate. It’s just like if someone who doesn’t own a home comes up to you, and criticizes you for owning that home. It’s all so ridiculous and unfortunately, it’s an attack on our liberties. These people just “hate” my dad. That’s all it is. They would criticize him for wearing a black suit in stead of a blue one, or vice versa. So according to some here, my father couldn’t own a piece of land. Where is that written in the US Constitution or any State Constitution?

    Good riddance!

  53. T/P 2/5/99 Freakin’ facts****** Governor McKeithen appoints Lebanese born Lawrence Chehardy Assessor in 1965 to replace deceased Vernon Wilty. Chehardy fires Asst. deputy assessor Roy Wilty,Vernon ‘s brother, when Roy plans to run in assessor election . After firing Roy Wilty Chehardy famously states…….. “The assessorship of Jefferson Parish belongs to the people and not to a family.No one person or group of persons owns this office”……… LOL . Chehardy stays in continuous power as assessor and then in 1976 Chehardy removes his name on ballot and his son enrolls , all minutes before closing of qualifying, and is automatically elected. There he remains till January 2011. That’s the assessorship for 1/2 century or approximately 45 years in one freakin’ family.*********Freakin’ Lebanese hypocrites. Mucho Gracias Telemachus

  54. Carolyn,

    Now that you have walked the plank for your father and brother, could you please tell us about you’re growing up with your sister Susan and your relationship with her. In addition, would you also include your assessment of her, both as a former Judge of the 24th JDC and now as an Appellate Judge of the Louisiana 5th Circuit.

    Thanking you in advance for your attention to this matter, I remain sincerely,


  55. Hey Carolyn, is it possible my step grand father and your daddy were compadres? He worked for NOPD in the 1950s and 1960s and (Carlos Marcello as a bagman).


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